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Md.Heesham of class IV-E and Sukanya of class III-A won II Prize in Xpression MS Paint  in the "NEXUS"-Inter School IT Festival  organised by Delhi Public School, Greater Noida on 20th October'16


The colours of a fresh garden salad are extraordinary,

no painter’s pallet can duplicate nature’s artistry.

Our young chefs, Katherine Lourdunathan and Bhawni Seth, from class I-E and II-E respectively believe that “A salad is not a meal. It is a style.” They participated in the interschool competition held at Ahlcon Public School, New Delhi and won I prize in the event VIVIDHA- Little Chef Salad Decoration Competition on 12 August ’ 2016. The theme of this event was “Go green” and our young chefs presented ‘Concrete world vs. Green world’ using various raw and boiled vegetables and fruits with nice flavours. They were also judged on the basis of nutritive value, presentation and cleanliness.             

 ACHIEVEMENTS 2015-16 (Primary Wing)                         

A number of Mayorial have secured outstanding ranks in various Olympiads.

1.Pratyush Verma and Ananya Arya class V won I prize in Tux Paint event at the Inter School Computer Competition in DPS Greater Noida.

2.Ram Manav Soni and Md Heesham  class III  secured  II prize in Cartoon Making in Paint Event held organised by Ahlcon Public School, Mayur Vihar.

3.Navya Mathur and Vedica Vatsa of Nur. bagged the II position in a Telly Talk Show hosted by Vishwa Bharti Public School, Noida.

4.Namish  of class IV and Hamza Naffi of V  won the II Prize  in the Spell Bee Competition held at Pragyan School, Greater Noida.

SPORTS  ACHIEVEMENTS 2015-16 (Primary Wing)

1.In the Delhi State Open Roller Skating Championship,  Anushka Gupta V-A won a Gold & Silver Medal, Anant Gupta VII  and Bhor Dixit  III won Bronze Medals  respectively.

       2. Shivansh Pateria III bagged a   Silver Medal while Rajaa Fatima IV and Afia Ali III    

       fetched two Silver Medals each in CBSE  Roller Skating Championships held at DPS    

       Ghaziabad. They have been selected for Nationals.

3.Four Students of Mayoor School were selected as National Level Players in   Football.

4.In a Swimming Tournament held at YMCA, Greater Noida,  Aarushi Kumar  V,  Tanvi Singh VI and Tanya Singh VI  won a Silver Medal each in the 4 x 50 mtr Relay.



Delhi State Roller Skating Championship:(26/27-09-15)

1.    Shivansh Pateria of 3D got 1 silver and 1 bronze

2.    Bhor Dixit of 3H got 1 bronze

Skating Championship:

Venue – Noida Stadium (03/04-10-15)

1.    Shivansh Pateria of 3D got 2 gold medals

2.    Afia Ali of 3J got 2 silver medals

3.    Aryan Manocha of 3B got 1 bornze

 4.   Bhor Dixit of 3H got 1 bronze

Interschool Computer Festival at DPS Indirapuram

Anoushka Sareen class XI C won first prize in photography

Cooking without Fire Competition in Cambridge School

Cambridge School, Noida organised a competition –‘Cooking without fire’ for grade 1 on 4th Nov 2015. Mayorial grabbed the 2nd position.

Our kids Vaanya and Aadya opted for the beach theme and prepared a mouthwatering dish named ‘Salsa on the beach’ to display their culinary tastes and ideas.

This beach had an octopus stuffed with a dip, a fish made up of marshmallows and strawberry jam.

Interschool Computer Competition (SIlico Battles) in Ahlcon Public School, Mayur Vihar on 3.11.15

Ram Manav Soni (III-A) and Md Heesham (III-G) won second prize in cartoon making in Paint event. Pratyush Verma (V-A) and Vitthal Agarwal (IV-A)) won third prize in MSW Logo event.

Interschool Computer Competition in Apeejay School, Noida named "CODE'15"

Akshay Shukla of class XII-A won Second Prize in Group Discussion event

Interschool Computer Competition in DPS Greater Noida

Pratyush Verma (V-A) and Ananya Arya (V-E) won first prize in Tux Paint event.

Inter School Roller Skating Championship 2015

Inter School Roller Skating Championship 2015 was held at Noida Stadium on 3rd and 4th October.

Rajaa Fatima        IV A      1 Silver

Yateen Sharma     V E       2 Bronze

Anushk Gupta       V A       1 Bronze

CBSE East Zone Skating

The competition was held at DPS Meerut(Bagpat Road)on 17.10.15
Rajaa Fatima of class IV  A got 2 silver medals in 500m Speed Squads & 1000m Speed Squads. She performed very well and selected for CBSE National.CBSE National will be held in Gujarat in 1st week of January 2016.


1.     SKATING  (Delhi State Open Roller Skating Championship) 30/09/2015 &31/09/2015

·         Bhor Dixit                        III.H                 (Bronze Medal)

·         Anushka Gupta                 V.A                  (Gold & Silver)

·         Anant Gupta                     VII.E                (Bronze Medal)

2.     SWIMMING  (YMCA, GREATER NOIDA) 01/09/2015 & 02/09/2015

·         Aarushi Kumar     V.F         (Silver in 4x50 mtrs. Relay)

·         Tanvi Singh         VI.B                 -DO-

·         Tanya Singh        VI.F                  -DO-

·         Shloka Shukla     VI.D                -DO-

·         Shloka Shukla     VI.D        (SILVER IN BREAST STROKE 50 MTRS.)

·         Shloka Shukla     VI.D        (SILVER IN FREE STYLE , 50 MTRS.)

· Kartik Malhotra       X .E        (Silver in 100 free style

· Kartik Malhotra       X.E         (Bronze in 100 mtrs. Breast stoke)


·         Khushi Chetwani    XI.C  REPRESENTED    DELHI (SEPTEMBER)

·         Harshit Siwach       XI.A  REPRESENTED  UTTAR PRADESH

·         Raghav Budhraja    XI.A  REPRESENTED  UTTAR PRADESH

·         Md. Yusuf               XI.D  REPRESENTED  UTTAR PRADESH


·         Hitakshi Ghai              XI.C  REPRESENTED GAUTAMBUDH NAGAR

·         Riya Tyagi                  X.E         -DO-

·         Priyanshi Goyel          X.B         -DO-

·         Aastha Garg              VIII.A      -DO-

·         Tripuresh Thapiyal      X.D         -DO-

·         Sidhant Sen               X.C         -DO-


·         Nimisha Pandey  VII.H  REPRESENTED GAUTAMBUDH          NAGAR

Inter School group song competition:2015

Group song competition was held in Ahlcon International School. Priyani Samanta of class III E secured the second position

 “Vasantotsav”, Indian Folk Song was held on 21/08/15 at Ahlcon International School where the children of class IV and V participated and bagged the third position.


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