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Christmas Celebrations

In order to add fervour and gaiety to the Christmas celebrations – Santa Cruise was organized on 22.12.17 in the school. It was a fun filled day during which the children cruised with Santa through various activities:

  • Carol Singing
  • Games and Judo Karate
  • Movie time – The birth of Jesus
  • Feast in the school lawns


Unique charm and splendour prevailed in the KG block on Children’s Day, when the tiny tots arrived at the school with their best dress and beaming smiles. There were array of activities lined up for them to make their day special, such as- dance session, performances by teachers and painting colourful smilies together on a white cotton sheet. The main highlight of the day was the Fashion Show- Proud to Be Me. In which children reflected their individuality and clinched many tittles.

The Little Philanthropist along with the CEO and Headmistress rejoiced in the collective effort of joining hands for –The Joy Of Sharing , in which notebooks, crayons and soft toys were distributed to the Housekeeping staff.

Gurupurab Celebration at KG Block

Gurupurab celebrations were held on 3.11.17 with the emphasis on 'Kar Seva' at the KG Block. To add radiance to the day, a human chain was created to welcome the children. In order to instill the value of service to others children performed Kar Seva by laying Langar at the Plaza.

A few children helped their friends in keeping the shoes, distributing mats, collecting the wrappers and throwing them in the dustbin. They distributed teacups to helper didis. The celebrations concluded with a sweet devotional note , when they savoured halwa and poorie during Langar with their friends.

Dusshera Celebration

Dussehra was celebrated with gaiety and grandeur by the KG block children on 20.09.17 and 22.09.17. A vivid description of ‘Ram Katha’ was given to the children through a live puppet show.

It was very captivating and enjoyed immensely by them. They were acquainted with the values portrayed by Lord Rama through modules, rhymes, skit and Garba dance.

Workshop - Open Book
‘When you Open a Book,you open a Mind’

A workshop ‘Open Book’ was conducted on 29th July & 31st July 2017 by the Headmistress Ms. Sujata Tripathi and her team for the parents of Nursery and KG consecutively. The endeavour was to create an awareness about the importance of reading books and making it an integral part of a child’s life.

Teaching techniques and aids which facilitate learning were shared with parents. The insights given during the workshop along with the live demonstrations by children and active participation by parents created magical moments. It motivated one and all towards their goal- to bring the best in the child.

Independence Day, August 2017

TA special assembly on Independence day was conducted in the KG block on 11.08.17. The little patriots came dressed in white Kurta Pyjama and sang rhymes in unison, expressing the spirit of brotherhood and love for their motherland.

Hindi Recitation Competition was held on 10.08.17 in which children recited rhymes on patriotism with great fervour and enthusiasm. It evoked the feeling of brotherhood and urged everyone to live in unity.