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Project- Water Smart

The rainy season commenced in the KG block by sprinkling joyful activities in the form of a project –‘Water Smart’

in the month of July. It was aimed to educate the children about the importance of water in our lives. Various experiments, modules, rain dance, games and worksheets engaged their interest and gave them opportunities to explore this precious resource.


‘When you Open a Book,you open a Mind’

A workshop ‘Open Book’ was conducted on 29th July & 31st July 2017 by the Headmistress Ms. Sujata Tripathi and her team for the parents of Nursery and KG consecutively. The endeavour was to create an awareness about the importance of reading books and making it an integral part of a child’s life.

Teaching techniques and aids which facilitate learning were shared with parents. The insights given during the workshop along with the live demonstrations by children and active participation by parents created magical moments. It motivated one and all towards their goal- to bring the best in the child.


A fun filled Splash Pool party was organized for the KG Block children on 12.05.17.The venue reverberated with the sounds of foot tapping music, squeals of laughter and the splish -splash of water. Bubbling with excitement and dancing with enthusiasm under the sprinklers with their colourful costumes, the children enjoyed themselves immensely. Soaking, swimming, wading in the pool, sipping lemonade with their friends and playing with the floating toys added moments of recreation for them.


Let’s Tweet… was an endeavour to invite the mothers’ of Kindergartners to take a peek into the learning hubs of their children and to celebrate Mothers’ Day together. It gave them an opportunity to witness their child’s class routine. An array of activities like-Aerobics for moms, morning meeting time, just connect, word search, Chinese whisper etc. kept the children and mothers involved and entertained. It was a delight to see the children, mothers, teachers, Headmistress bonding and creating beautiful moments together.


JUST CONNECT opened a floodgate of activities and free play for the tiny tots, who had taken their first giant step towards formal education. It helped in establishing a rapport with the children and made them feel comfortable in the warm and nurturing environment of Mayoor School.

SPLASH POOL activity has given the children an opportunity to explore and enjoy together in the water. It boosts their physical fitness, social skills and provides them with a rich sensory experience.

AEROBIC & FITNESS CLASSES are held every week for the children at the KG Block Reception. The different rhythmic movement along with the pulsating music keeps everyone in high spirits. It rejuvenates the young minds and bodies. All the children thoroughly enjoy these fun workout sessions.

TRAMPOLINE ACTIVITY brings smiles and squeals of laughter amongst the little Mayoorians. Bouncing on the trampoline, high into the air fills them with joy and thrill. It provides them with exercise, coordination, balance and a sense of body in space.

SIMON SAYS...munching bunnies, was played with the children, who behaved like bunnies and promptly took the various commands given by the teacher. It helped them to create social bonds with their peers and enhanced their vocabulary.

Orientation Session for Parents

To  welcome and introduce the new parents to the ethos and the spirit behind the school’s  methodology, an Orientation Session was held on 11 March 2017  by Mayoor School, Noida, a school established in collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer. Eminent psychologist, Dr Aruna Broota was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The event was also graced by the members of the School Management. The school Principal, Mrs. Sarita Madhok, in her address, emphasised on the combined efforts of the school and parents in honing the individual talent of each child.



To create special moments of togetherness and infuse joy and thrill to the last day of the session a Fun Feista was organized for the little Mayoorians on 3.03.17.It started with the Pyjama Party, in which children came to the school in their night suit with their beaming smiles.  They had a great time dancing to the foot tapping music, during the Jam session. Various games like- bowling alley, ring- toss, aiming the ball etc. kept them busy and entertained. They turned into loud cheer leaders, when they saw their favourite teachers and helpers participating in three legged races and musical chair respectively. It ended with the Hamper Time, in which children were given a little goodie bag.


Dazzling Divas and Dudes-a ramp walk with a theme floral-the spring season, was held for the children of KG Block on 27.02.17.The Little Fashionistas came dressed in their perfect floral costumes, teaming it with creative hairstyles and trendy accessories. They walked down the ramp with confidence and élan to the pulsating music. Together they set the stage on fire with their beauty and charm. The winners were given sashes according the various titles -best costume, confidence & attitude, the style icon, dimple cheeks, best accessories, sparkling eyes and sunny smile. The proud winner of Miss. Mayoor title was…………………..and Master. Mayoor title was……………It ended with thunderous clapping and squeals of laughter.

Young Athlete Week was organized for the KG Block children on 23.01.17 and 24.01.17 in the school playground. It was initiated  to inspire children into running in a fun way, that would set them on a path of a healthy and active lifestyle. The little athletes of Mayoor participated in many obstacle races with the theme of animals. The Marathon brought a smile on the little champs. It ended with an animal drill in which children had a great fun moving like different animals along with the music. 

Adventure Camp 

A day adventure camp was organised by Rocksport at Mayoor School Campus for Nursery and KG Class children on 27.12.16, in which about  308 children participated. It gave the perfect opportunity to the young campers to experience the joy of togetherness, bonding with friends, participating in interesting adventure activities and getting plenty of exercise. It was a pleasurable and memorable day for all the children as it left their mind and body rejuvenated.


A Traffic Drill was organized for the KG -Block children on 22.12.16. For which the children came dressed in Traffic Policeman's costume and a Santa cap. They enjoyed an energetic traffic drill, which gave them immense joy and thrill. During the Talk show, they were informed about various road safety rules and traffic signs. Their joy knew no bounds when they were instructed to whistle rhythmically and create a symphony. It was heartwarming to see them play the role of Traffic policeman enthusiastically to the hilt.


In order to add fun and excitement to Dusshera festivities, an assembly was held by class Nursery-G on 6.10.16.The children gave a thrilling performance and kept the energy soaring with their fiery dance.


To make it memorable, a Show and Tell activity on different characters from Ram Katha was held on 7.10.16.It was a beautiful sight to see the children dressed up in different costumes, speaking confidently about the characters assigned to them. It seemed as if everyone had travelled back in time, to that era .The celebrations came to an end with the Ram Katha enactment by the KG-Block teachers.


`Spreading Happiness’, was the theme of the assembly held by class KG- H on 5.10.16.The little children lighted up the stage with their rhythmic happy feet movements and dazzling smiles .They shared how everyone should radiate happiness, so that it spreads all around the world.


The main objective of the `Hands-on experience’ project (23.09.16-30.09.16) was to involve the little hands in myriads of activities. For it is believed that hands-on is minds-on. It started with various salutations, gestures and hands workout in the school lawns.  Children were made aware of the hygiene related to hands and the correct way of hand washing .Rhymes and worksheets further helped in enhancing their vocabulary.

It ended with `Sparkling Hands’ in which a healing hand spa was given to the children, where they were pampered with manicure and hand massage. Girls’ nails were painted and the boys’ hands were tattooed.  The girls’ hands spruced up with henna, bangles, rings, painted nails, boys hands with tattoos, watches and their beaming smiles added sparkles in the KG Block.

The main attraction of this project was the Bumper Prize, in which the winners got the opportunity to speak to their parents during the school hours.

KG- G Assembly

A class assembly on 'Transport 'was held by the class KG- G on 28.09.16.Many children spoke about the different modes of transport and the importance of obeying the traffic rules.It ended with an amazing dance performance by the children

Nursery-F Assembly

An assembly on Action words ,'The Action Starts Now...' was held by class Nursery-F on 27.09.16. It focused on the vocabulary related to various actions. Doing the actions in the dance form made it very entertaining and easy for the tiny tots to remember them.

Nursery -E Assembly

 'Wiggles & Giggles' for healthy body,was the theme of Nursery -E assembly.Children wiggled to foot tapping music and spread their giggles all around.The message of healthy living was conveyed by a few children, which was very inspiring.


Following activities kept the little hands and minds busy:


 Follow the leader: a game in  which children had a great fun aping their teachers and friends.

Walk the line: Children walked on the lines drawn on the floor while balancing themselves gracefully.

Greet and eat: The importance of greeting everyone and being grateful for the food was emphasized.


Mime and rhyme: Children had an amazing time singing the rhymes and then switching over to the mime(actions) of the rhyme.


Back to school: Children were welcomed after the summer vacations to fascinating conversations about the places visited by them.

Hide and seek: The tiny tots had a great fun playing the game.

Make a Jolly pair: Various articles were provided to the children to create pairs, such as lock, key, shoe, socks,

fork ,knife etc.

Mould and fold: The children showed their creativity by creating different things with origami sheets and play dough.


Walk the line: Children walked on the lines drawn on the floor while balancing themselves gracefully.

Greet and eat: The importance of greeting everyone and being grateful for the food was emphasized.

Tell me a story:
The story 'Monkeys and the Cap seller’ was dramatized by the KG teachers, for the students of Pre-Nursery and Nursery. The enactment by the teachers along with the usage of the props, masks and voice modulation further heightened the children's excitement. It was an enriching and fascinating experience for the tiny tots.

Beach you a spy: Children were thrilled to play little spies as they searched for the hidden things in the sand.

Mould & fold: The children showed their creativity by creating different things with origami sheets and play dough.

Rhyme quiz: A quiz on rhymes was held in which the quizmasters showed their brilliance by answering the questions.

Back to school: Children were welcomed after the summer vacations to fascinating conversations about the places visited by them.

Treasure hunt: The little pirates of the KG block went on treasure hunting spree and ended up collecting many objects.

Hopscotch: Children’s joy knew no bounds when they hopped on the numbers along with their friends.

Activity: Tell me a story
The story 'Monkeys and the Cap seller’ was dramatized by the KG teachers, for the students of Pre-Nursery and Nursery. The enactment by the teachers along with the usage of the props, masks and voice modulation further heightened the children's excitement. It was an enriching and fascinating experience for the tiny tots.


Magical Monsoon Morning: The first shower of monsoon in the school delighted and thrilled the Mayoorians beyond words .The sound and the sight of the rain made them spread their wings of imagination and dance with joy. Their squeals of laughter and excitement created an ethereal experience in the KG Block.


An assembly “My Beautiful world of shapes and colours” by Class Nursery-B was held on 28.04.16. Various Rhymes related to the theme were sung by all the children. It created awareness about different shapes colours and how they make our life so interesting and vibrant. It ended with a dance glorifying the beautiful world created by shapes and colours.


`Walk the Talk’ session was held for the mothers’ of class- Nursery on 18.04.16 and 19.04.16.It gave them an opportunity to take a peek into the learning hubs of their children and witness their class routine .An array of activities like - Akaar Parivaar, Band the Can, Lifting with Tongs ,Walk- on- line, Stencil game etc. kept the children and mothers’ involved and entertained .They were given a glimpse of the Holiday Homework for the upcoming summer vacations. It was a delight to see the children, mothers’ and teacher creating beautiful moments together.


To welcome the new session with open arms and radiant smiles, a class assembly by Nursery –A  was held on 13.04.16.The foot tapping dance by the children charged the atmosphere with happiness and a beautiful hope for a new journey.

Holi Celebration 

Rang Utsav-An Incredible Holi festival of colours was celebrated at the KG block on 23.03.16. The entire block donned a colourful look which reflected the colours that spring brings to our environment.

The vibrant hues of the festoons and the indelible impressions of tiny hands of Nursery Children on a white sheet and Kindergarten Children on handkerchief gave a colourful aura to the school.

It was a fun filled day on which the children savoured Gujia and sang rhymes on Holi.

It added joy and fervor in young minds.


In order to add fervour to the festivities of Christmas, a Baker’s Week was celebrated at the K.G Block .Wherein a Muffin Decoration Competition was organized on 11.12.15 for the K.G children .The students showcased their aesthetic and culinary skills by decorating it with various ingredients and produced a kaleidoscope of colourful muffins in  creative ways.

The Pre-Nursery and Nursery children decorated biscuits with salty and sweet toppings using cheese slices/spread , paneer ,sprouts ,gems ,jelly ,sprinklers, etc. to make them tempting and palatable.

For the Western Dance week ,children were taught to dance rhythmically on foot tapping western songs .They participated in it with great verve and enthusiasm.


 Carol Week celebrations added a perfect end to the festive season .It infused the K.G Block with  high notes of love and joy ,as the children sang carols during the assembly and Smart Class.


1st Dec 2015

A Scholastic annual event, ‘One Nation Reading Together’ was held at Mayoor School on 1st December 2015. All the students assembled in different venues like with their favourite books, to celebrate the pleasure and joy of reading .They learned about the importance of reading, participated in many book related activities and listened to the stories read out by the teachers .It was a thrilling experience for them. The entire school throbbed with the same goal of reading as the Principal,Vice-principal, Headmistress,teachers ,administrative staff, parents and helpers joined enthusiastically to make the event a grand success.


The K.G Block celebrated Bal Mela on 6th November 2015 to commemorate the children week, charity week and Diwali week. Fun and frolic engulfed the children as they enjoyed the foot tapping music and various savoury treats and toys. The volunteer grandparents and parents were instrumental in making the event a huge success with their boundless energy and enthusiasm. The star guests of the event were the children from S.E.T.U, who enjoyed the various stalls and received gifts from the `Little philanthropists’ of Mayoor School. The inspiring presence of the Principal and the Headmistress added a sparkle to the festivities. 

To create awareness about the importance of exercise and healthy habits amongst the tiny tots ‘Fitness and Health weeks’ were celebrated at the K.G Block. The aerobic and yoga sessions, every morning left the young minds and bodies rejuvenated.

For ‘Dusshera Week’ a Gurukul under the blue sky was created where the children were introduced to the story of Ramayan. Various activities,quiz ,rhymes were the highlights of the week. It finally concluded with the “Ram Katha” an enactment by the teachers of K.G Block.

Independence Day

Independence Day was celebrated on 10.08.15 with a great pride by the KG children who expressed their patriotism through an Intersection Hindi Patriotism Singing Competition. It was inspiring to see the tiny tots singing melodiously beckoning everyone to love their motherland and live in unity with the spirit of brotherhood.

In order to ignite the spark of patriotism in the little Mayoorians an Intersection Hindi dance activity was held on 11.08.15 for Pre- Nursery and Nursery. The little patriots danced rhythmically with high spirits charging the M.P Hall with a great love for their country.

Activities at K.G block in the month of April and May(2015-2016)

‘Happy Feet’ and swaying to the musical beat - a dancing activity was organized at the K.G Block to give the tiny tots moments of fun and relaxation with their friends and an exposure of the stage.

Strokes of a Genius’, a painting activity was held for the little Picassos ‘who gave a creative expression to their imagination on the easel with their brush and colourful palette. These activities were organized to promote aesthetic skills in the children.

Life Skill Week was celebrated at the K.G Block from 20.04.15 to 24.04.15 to give the children real life opportunities to practice fine and gross motor skills .Various activities like threading ,sorting ,sandwich making ,kneading of atta and polishing of shoes infused the children with fun ,confidence and sense of responsibility.

Children at the K.G. Block celebrated Water Week from 27.04.15 to 01.05.15, wherein  they were sensitized towards their environment ,  importance of saving water  and  were given demonstration  about various concepts related to water ,through  fun filled activities like-watering the plants ,Dhobhi Ghat etc.

The Rain Dance on 08.05.15, gave the little Mayoorians a great opportunity to get drenched in the rain with their friends. The pitter patter of the rain and the foot tapping music added to their fun and reverie.


It was a proud moment for the K.G block to reach the 100th Day milestone for the session 2015-2016. An amazing 100 day journey of learning, fun, bonding and cherishing beautiful memories.The celebrations started two weeks back with the project—The Milky Way, in which the children were exposed to a lot of information about milk and its products through a flurry of activities like-quiz, survey-Milkograph, songs and rhymes etc.It culminated on 8th September for the K.G Children and 10th September for the Pre-Nursery and Nursery children and was graced by the mothers’ with immense pride. The mothers’ got an opportunity to participate in many interesting and interactive activities along with their children. The festivity ended on a sweet note when everyone was treated with a mouth watering ice cream.

EDUCATION AND BEYOND: The children are exposed to plethora of academics and competitions, quiz, recitations,Celebrations etc. The Extra marks classes are fun filled teaching aid that enhances skill base learning and promotes experimentation, exploration and confidence in a child.

EID celebrations were held with great fervour and enthusiasm ,with boys dressed in kurta pyjama and girls in anarkali suits. Wishing Eid Mubarak and eating Sewian together added a great charm to the festivities.

Green Day celebrations commenced at the K.G block with an assembly to sensitize the children towards protecting the bounties of nature .Green Grocer Mart was set up to familiarize the children with various fruits and vegetables and the concept of selling and buying.

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