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Circulars Notice
circulars notice
  • Diwali Circular
  • Agenda: Safety of Students
  • Circular - Escort Card
  • Circular No 2: Safety of Students
  • Safety of Students
  • Teacher’s Day Celebrations
  • Teacher’s Day & PTM
  • Circular for Parents
Dear Parents,


Kindly note that school will remain closed from 16 Oct to 22 Oct 17 for Diwali celebration. The school will reopen on Monday 23 Oct 17.

Mayoor school
Minutes of Meeting with Parents held on 04.10.2017
Agenda: Safety of Students


A meeting of a few parents was called by the CEO regarding enhancement of security measures by Mayoor

  • The parents were apprised of the additional security steps implemented in the School i.e. installation of CCTV cameras in front of washrooms, corridors and Activity Rooms in the Primary Wing and other Wings..
  • Lady Housekeeping staff posted in the girls and boys washrooms for the entire school day.
  • Additional lady guards employed by School on round duty and posted in the Primary, Middle and Senior Blocks.
  • Metal Detector and Scanner to check security at the Main Entrance Gate.
  • Parents suggested that School should put Mothers on Bus Duties on a rotation basis as and when required by School.
  • The number of lady attendants for buses is being increased.
  • Safety Audit Reports were perused by parents.
  • All files pertaining to POCSO, POSH, Minutes of Meetings held with teaching staff, Admin Staff, Police verification of Transport Staff, etc. were shown to Parents.
  • Parents were taken on a round to the Primary Block.

The Parents were very appreciative of the steps being taken by Mayoor to ensure Safety of their wards in all areas of the Campus.

The Meeting was attended by


Ms. Sarita Madhok


Ms. Paramjeet Kaur

Vice Principal

Mr. Bijender Singh


Mrs & Mr. Rajiv Parashar


Mrs. Suramyan Tripathi


Mrs & Mr. Manmeet Singh Dewan



Circular—Escort Card


Dear Parents,


Children of Classes I-V (travelling by school bus) will not be handed over to the parents/guardians without showing the Escort Card.

P.S . Escort Card will be handed over to the students on 6/10/2017 by the Class Teacher. This will be applicable w.e.f 9/10/17, Monday.

Sarita Madhok


Untitled Document
Circular No 2: Safety of Students


Dear Parents,
25th September, 2017

In the last few days we have received communication from many of our Parents expressing their anxiety on the issue of safety of their wards in the School Campus.

As a follow up of the Circular ‘Safety of Students’ dated 11th September2017, we wish to share with you the additional measures being taken up by us to further enhance the security of our Students in the Campus.

1. A Safety Audit of the Campus has been done by an external professional agency. In addition to this, an Internal Safety Audit has also been done by our Teaching Staff. We are now working on the Safety Audit Reports to carry out repair work, wherever required.
2. We have placed an order for 2 CCTV Cameras in each bus with GPS facility. Previously also we had GPS facility in all our buses for which some of our parents have already opted.
3. We have hired additional Male and Lady Guards in various areas of the Campus.

  • One Lady Guard has been posted at Gate No. 1.
  • A Lady Guard & Aaya will be on gate no 4 to escort children of Class I & II.
  • 2 Guards (One Lady, One Male) in the Primary Wing to monitor all areas.
  • The Lady Guard will maintain a register marking entry of School Maintenance/ Other Staff.
  • One Guard for each Block will be on round duty at all times.
  • Number of Maids & Lady House Keeping Staff increased.

4. If Buses arrive early children are not allowed to enter the school building until teachers are there.
5. We have placed an order for Metal Detectors to be used for entry to the Main Gate.
6. We already have separate washrooms for the Drivers & Helpers.
7. Lady House Keeping Staff to remain outside washrooms at all times from Pre-Nursery to class II. This practice will be followed in other washrooms also.
8. Students of Classes Pre- Nursery to II being taken to washrooms in groups by Maids 3/ 4 times a day. For other Classes in the Primary Wing, Children sent in Pairs.
9. 55 more CCTV Cameras have been ordered. These will be installed at vulnerable places in the Campus as well as outside washroom areas.
10. We already have POSH Committee (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) as well as POCSO Committee (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) in the School to investigate into cases pertaining to indecent conduct/ abusive language / bullying etc.


POSH Committee Members

POCSO  Committee Members

Ms. Paramjeet Kaur

Vice Principal

Ms. Paramjeet Kaur

Vice Principal

Ms. Sujata Tripathi


Ms. Sujata Tripathi


Ms.Deepali Srivastava


Ms. Nisha Singh

Senior Co-ordinator

Dr. Monica Bradoo


Ms. Sunita Dahiya

Middle Coordinator

Ms. Jyotsna

SETU Foundation

Ms. Ashwini Yadav

PGT-Phys. Edu



Ms. Sanyukta Sharma

Class I & II Co-ordinator



Ms. Madhuri Tewari




Ms. Monica Gaur


  • The School Counsellor & School Doctor will also be conducting Workshop and Presentations for Students for their awareness as well as for sensitizing the staff.

11. We will also be arranging for an Agency to conduct a Psychometric Test for the School Staff.
12. We have fixed iron gates which are locked to prevent entry of Outsiders/ Parents etc to the Senior & Middle Academic Blocks as well as KG Block & Primary Block.

  • We request Parents to report directly to the Front Office/ Reception Area of the Admin Block whenever they visit School. We expect Co-operation & Compliance from all our parents in this regard.
  • Parents must get an ID proof without which entry will not be permitted.
  • The entry of the parents / visitors will be allowed only from gate no. 1

13. For Parents/ Escorts of Students of Primary Block who are availing School Bus Facility, We are preparing an Escort Card to be used for picking up their wards from the Bus Stop in the afternoon. Students of Classes I to V will be issued the Escort Cards by the respective Class Teacher on Wednesday 6th Oct, 2017.
14. Every school bus will have two Fire Extinguishers.
15. We have only Lady House Keeping Staff in the Campus except for Two Male House Keepers employed for external areas.
16. We are appointing a Vigilance Officer to monitor CCTV Cameras as well as to monitor security of the Campus.
17. The new list of Telephone Numbers of Drivers have already been uploaded on School App for your convenience.
18. The Parents who have opted for Private Transport facility are requested to ensure Police Verification of the Drivers of Cabs and the Cab Owners. It is mandatory as per DM’s directives.
19. Children of Pre-Primary & Primary using private transport are escorted by teachers during dispersal.
20. As per CBSE Circular No. 8/2017/121740 (Annexure 1) dated 23rd February 2017, One parent must volunteer to travel in the School Bus on rotational basis, to oversee conduct of Transport Staff and verify that journey is comfortable for their wards.

  • We request parents to volunteer for duty on Buses on routes where Teachers do not travel.
  • Some of our Parents have already volunteered for their services with regard to Safety of Students. While we appreciate their support, we would like other parents also to give their time to support the School.

Kindly make a note of The School Helpline Numbers in case of an Emergency:
1. 0120-4618300/301- Front Office
2. 9871329666- Administrator
3. 9871328666- Transport Manager


We would be glad to have suggestions from you in improving the overall Security of the School. Looking forward to your support in all our endeavours.

Sarita Madhok

Circular: Safety of Students

Dear Parents,
11th September, 2017

In the wake of the shocking incident of the brutal death of a 7 year old child in one of the prominent school of NCR, we wish to share with you the safety measures being taken by us to strengthen the existing security of our students in the School:-
  • The School has a Safety Committee comprising of School Heads, Teachers’ & Admin Staff which takes care of Safety audits from time to time. We would like to involve parents in the Committee who could play an active role in supporting the school.
  • The School buildings are designed in such a way that all classroom doors have a glass panel which acts as a deterrent for any crime/ misconduct etc.
  • All corridors/ labs have CCTV cameras which are functioning properly. We also plan to install CCTV Cameras outside the washrooms as well.
  • There are no male Housekeepers, only lady housekeeping staff is deputed inside and outside both girls’ as well as boys’ washrooms.
  • We plan to hire more lady guards for security in the Primary Block.
  • The number of lady attendants for buses is being increased.
  • Further we wish to assure you that any construction work required in the campus is carried out only after 2:00 p.m., once the students leave school.
  • Further, We are also installing CCTV cameras in the School buses.
  • Our teachers are on duty during break time and dispersal time at the end of the school day. This makes the students aware that someone is always watching over them.
  • We are diligent in carrying out scheduled and unscheduled safety drills for disaster management.
  • At Mayoor, We have a ‘no touch’ policy. No member of male staff- teachers/ Transport/ Admin etc. is allowed to touch any child- while boarding/ deboarding of buses or at any other time etc.
  • We have a Log Book wherein attendance of students is recorded in every period including Activity Periods.
  • Workshops to sensitize Teaching Staff are organized from time to time so that a child in distress could be identified and appropriate action could be taken.
  • Our transport/ maintenance staff do not have access to the academic blocks.
  • Workshops are also conducted for the Transport Staff to sensitize them to the concerns of parents and students. Their training includes Yoga, Meditation and courteous behavior.
  • We strictly follow guidelines of the Transport Deptt. valid licenses of Bus Drivers and Police Verification data is in place.
While we are taking the above measures concerning the safety of our students and take efforts to eliminate the possibility of an accident. As a parent on your part, please ensure that your children are empowered to deal with any situation. Invest time in teaching them how to be safe as Safety is everybody’s business and concern.

Mayoor School, Noida Circular

  Teacher’s Day Celebrations

Dear Parents,                                                                                               4.9.17


·      Students of classes XI & XII will come to school at 7:45 am

        Tuesday, 5th September 2017 for Teacher’s Day Celebrations.

·      Departure from school will be at 9:00 am

·      Kindly check the School App for information about Bus Routes.



Sarita Madhok


Mayoor School, Noida Circular

        Teacher’s Day & PTM

Dear Parents,                                                                                                            4.9.17

·  The school will remain closed on Tuesday 5th September, 2017

   for Pre-Nursery to class X  on account of Teacher’s Day.

·               PTM for Pre-Nursery to class V will be held on

                Saturday 9th September, 2017 from 8:30 am to 11:30 am.



Sarita Madhok


Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                                                       19.8.17I

In an effort to maintain an open communication, we wish to share with you that yesterday afternoon an unfortunate incident took place in the school premises when the scaffolding of the under construction sports arena erected by the building contractor gave way resulting in injuries to the labour force who were immediately transported to the hospital for treatment. As a precautionary measure the construction always starts after school hours. The school had already closed when this incident took place.


The contract for the construction work along with the material of the Sports Complex had been given to a private firm, Shobhi Engineers & Interior Decorators. The school has initiated an action against the firm.


Since lot of unfounded rumours are flying around and to quell them, we would like to assure the parents there is no cause of alarm. More so, the safety of the students shall continue to be our prime concern. The school shall function as usual from Monday.



Sarita Madhok


Mayoor School, Noida

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