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Community Services

The following students of Class 6C and 6D went to visit SETU along with Mrs Susmita Sarkar (TGT Maths) on 19/04/17 (Wednesday).
1.Saksham Goel 6D
2.Dhwani Sharma 6D
3.Paawani Tandon 6D
4.Ria Sharma 6D
5.Sia Anand 6D
6.Rushil Goyal 6C
7.Samyak Kataria 6C
8.Ishan Jha 6C

Fraction was taught with lot of activities related to proper, improper, mixed fraction,equivalent fractions and comparison of fractions. SETU students did activities enthusiastically under the guidance of students of Mayoor School, Noida. They enjoyed a lot.


A batch of 8 students from Mayoor School visited SETU on 19th of January 2017 for the science activity. Students performed various activities based on electricity, electromagnetism, force & pressure and acid base reactions. Students of SETU also participated in these activities enthusiastically. Positive response was received from the students of SETU.                                                                             



Students of class 7 along with the teacher in charge Ms Teena Sharma went to SETU on 9th of November’16 where they presented the concepts on Triangle and it's properties learnt by them in a very confident manner. At the same time, students from SETU were able to share their knowledge.The students from our school were Mannat Sharma, Yash Srivastava,Harman Singh,Tisha Verma ,Prisha Dwivedi, Aarshi Sharma, Agam Singh, R. Vinushh.



The students of class VIII accompanied Ms Babita Rajput for the English workshop to Setu on 20.10.2016( Thursday). The topic for the workshop was ‘Formal Letter’. The class began with the role of media in the present scenario. They were asked about the problems faced by them and then they were made to learn the role of Editor. They were briefed about a format of the letter to the Editor. The students of Mayoor School along with Setu students discussed a problem of increase in pollution, to its causes and suggested a few measure top this problem. They drafted a letter to the Editor highlighting the need to stop pollution.It was a great learning experience for the students of both the schools. They were quite thrilled and refreshed after the workshop.

Cleanliness Drive at Mayoor School, Noida on 30th September '16

Mayoor School, Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer organised a ‘Cleanliness Drive’ in the school premises and vicinity  on 30th Sept 2016.


Young children were motivated to clean their school campus. Armed with placards, brooms and dustbins, the children considered the work of cleaning up as interesting activity and enthusiastically participated in the drive. The colourful placards inspired them to ‘Go Green’, ‘Keep the school clean, feed the rubbish bin’, ‘Keep clean and green’, etc. Within minutes, the small dustbins were emptied into larger ones so that no area of the school was left uncovered.

The school staff was also out at full strength to clean the areas surrounding the school, outside the gates. They collected rubbish strewn on streets and the roadside so that the area in the immediate vicinity of the school looked spic and span.

Mayoor School, Noida created awareness amongst young children and school staff including Transport and Maintenance Staff about the importance of living in a clean world and the children in turn passed on the message to other children and adults as well. Such drives are an integral part of school life so that our children grow up to be responsible adults.

SETU visit on 31st Aug 2016

Mayoor School, Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College, Ajmer arranged a visit for the children of class V of SETU, an NGO for the welfare of underprivileged students and adopted by Mayoor School, Noida. The session was conducted by Ms Mahua Shrivastava(PRT, English). Students of both schools sat together. The topic was ‘kinds of nouns’.

Apart from a revision of concepts, two activities were conducted to reinforce their knowledge. The activities were enjoyed by the students who participated eagerly. To conclude, a role play was held where students of both schools had to enact scenes. The session aimed at increasing language skills and fostering teamwork.

SETU VISIT - Maths Department (Middle Wing)

The students of class VIII accompanied Ms Smriti Mishra for the Maths workshop to Setu on 10.08.2016( Wednesday). The topic chosen for the workshop was ‘Solid Shapes’. The class began with the discussion of the various 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects. Thereafter, the students were shown different 3- D shapes. A quiz was conducted based on solid shapes using flash cards. Two activities were conducted wherein the students had to make their own solid shapes using coloured sheets and Rods and Connectors. The students of Mayoor School along with Setu students performed these activities together will full dedication and diligence. The session ended with a game called “ Meow Game” based on Mathematical tables in which Ayush Jha of Mayoor School was the runner-up and Rohit of Setu was the winner. The students of both the schools were quite thrilled and refreshed after the workshop.     

SETU VISIT - Social Studies Department (Primary Wing)

9 Students from Class V went to Setu School on 28th July 2016. The students did various activities related to Natural Disasters and Globe. A brief description related to Natural Disasters was done and students from both the schools made the photo collage on various Natural Disasters. Students from both the schools enthusiastically participated in the activities. It was a very educative and learning experience for the children.

A session on Career counselling was conducted at Mayoor School, Noida for children of SETU for Classes 9 & 10 on 16-07-2016 under the able guidance of Mayoor School PGT teachers for motivating and enhancing the knowledge of children as regards career options and guided them to choose a right choice. A team of 5 expert teachers-

Sushma Garg, Nisha Singh, Harshit Gera, Kajal Kapoor and Ashwani Yadav guided these children by their motivating guidelines for choosing career options in various areas in English. Commerce, Science, Humanities and Physical Education respectively. The Session was overall organised by our very dedicated PGT English teacher Mrs Jyotsna Verma. 

Mayoor School, Noida organised an English activity for class 8 for an educational interaction with the students of SETU school. Ms Shalini Mohan along with eight students of Mayoor School from class 8 went to SETU school on 13th July 2016. It was an interesting workshop wherein the students participated in poster making and picture composition. It was indeed a learning experience at both ends. We look forward to such interactions.

Mayoor  School contributed towards Swacch Bharat Abhiyan

Mayoor School, Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer aimed to clean the school premises under the Clean India Campaign initiated by the Honourable Prime Minister of India. In keeping with the teachings of Gandhi Ji of keeping the surrounding clean, the students of all the classes participated enthusiastically and cleaned every nook and corner of the school building and its milieu. Equipped with brooms, garbage bags etc the students picked up all the paper and plastic wrappers that they found on the ground. This campaign was taken beyond the school boundaries by class XI and XII boys and school staff. They helped clean litter on the adjacent roads and sidewalks. Various competitions like poster making, role plays, group discussions, etc have been planned to help in the effective inculcation of the much-needed value of cleanliness. The importance of cleanliness and hygiene was emphasised by the Principal in her speech at the launch of this Campaign in the school. The community service was a satisfying experience for them. It will surely develop a sense of responsibility towards the cleanliness of the nation.For most people, volunteering is an extra; something that's nice to do, but not absolutely necessary. Although plenty of students do community service, the number of students who volunteer is dropping at a rapid rate. Consider this: college student volunteerism peaked in 2004 at 31.2%, and in 2010, got down to 26.1%. Nearly three-fourths of students are missing out on an incredibly enriching experience that can benefit them not just personally, but professionally as well.

Mayorial visit to Orphanage

--- Setu Visit                                                                                                                                         Date: 14-01-16

Ten students from class-4 went for Setu visit. The students explained the importance of trees and various historical monuments of Delhi with the help of interesting aids. It was a very enriching and educative experience.

--- Neha Srivastav, along with 10 students of 8 E from Mayoor School had gone for Setu visit on 26 November 2015. A workshop on story writing was conducted for the students of grade 8. They all participated enthusiastically and the activity went off well. The students were able to frame stories on their own using their creativity and imagination. We started with the essentials of story writing and picture composition. They were told about the use of connectors and VCOP (vocabulary, connectors, openers, punctuation).  Students were very receptive in framing their own stories. 

Overall it was a good learning exercise for the students of setu as well as our students who volunteered willingly.

--- Students of class V went with Mrs Anitha Sharma to Setu on 27.08.15.It was an interactive session with the students there. Mayorial were already well prepared with a skit based on adverbs. The students were divided into groups to perform the skit and the students enjoyed playing various roles which helped in enriching their spoken skills also. The students also interacted with each other. Not only this Mayorial also shared toffees and chocolates with the children there.          

 It was an enriching experience altogether.

---The students of class five along with the teacher went to SETU on 29th July 2015 during school hours.

The purpose of the visit was to teach the SETU children on the topic “Test of Divisibility” and “Factors” through activity. Eight children of Mayoor School mentored the children of SETU during the activity.

The list of children who went to SETU is mentioned below. 


Name of Children




5 - D



5 - D



5 - D



5 - D



5 - B



5 - B



5 - B



5 - B

Date of Visit 29th July 2015

Teacher Incharge: Sakshi Verma Biswal


---“A smile costs nothing, but gives much…It takes but a moment, but the memory of it usually lasts forever…”

In its first ever attempt towards promoting a social cause to sensitize the children about the less privileged sections the students of Class V of Mayoor School visited the Vineyard Orphanage in sector 12 on 2nd May’15.

The young Mayoorians spent some time with the less privileged children and reached out to them and shared their feelings with each other. They donated sports equipment, toys, other gifts and eatables to the inmates. They put up an enthralling cultural performance for the children. Their singing and dancing made everybody feel very joyful. Mayoorians showed their love and compassion towards the children through their performance. They wanted to make the children happy and forever optimistic. The kids learned the true essence of love and empathy. It was a much appreciated gesture by the budding Mayoorians. 

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