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Community Services

About SETU (Save and Empower The Underprivileged)

To sensitize students to the needs of the underprivileged sections of society, we encourage them to offer selfless Community service. To fulfil the same endeavour, initiatives are taken from time to time through participation in various activities to facilitate learning and empower the underprivileged students of School run by NGO SETU.

Initiatives taken by MAYOOR SCHOOL for SETU school

  • My sincere thanks to CEO ma’am and fellow colleagues for giving me the opportunity of visiting SETU. On 10th August 2017, I took nine students from class 8I to SETU. Students were very enthusiastic to meet children at SETU. Under my guidance they prepared the topics which were to be conducted there. Accordingly, I prepared worksheets, as it had to be activity based interaction. I took the topic “Linear Equation in One Variable” and “Coordinate Geometry”, which are the chapters of Math’s NCERT. I introduced the chapter to them and we did threeactivities. One worksheet related to the Linear Equations, other two were related to the Coordinate Geometry. All the students were comfortable in each other’s company. They all had a very good session. Mayoorians were helping them in every aspect. Overall it was a very interactive, knowledgeable and enjoyable session. 
  • A team comprising of 10 students of class VII along with their science teacher visited SETU on 6th July 2017. Various experiments were conducted by the students for the identification of household products as acids, bases and salts.
  • Class VI-C and VI-D visited SETU along with Mrs Susmita Sarkar (TGT Maths) on 19/04/17 (Wednesday).
  • Students of Class VII visited SETU along with Ms. Sheeba Sultan on May 9, 2017. There they interacted with the students of SETU and had fun filled activities related to Prepositions.
  • A number of Maths activities related to proper, improper, mixed fractions, equivalent fractions and comparison of fractions were conducted by students of classes VI C and VI D.
  • 19th of January 2017 students of class VIII performed Science activities based on electricity, electromagnetism, force & pressure and acid base reactions. Students of SETU also participated in these activities enthusiastically. Positive response was received from the students of SETU.
  • Students of class VII visited SETU on 9th of November’16 where they presented the concepts on Triangle and it's properties.
  • The students of class VIII visited SETU for the English workshop on 20.10.2016 (Thursday). Topic was ‘Formal Letter’.
  • Students visited SETU to conduct, a role play where students of both schools had to enact scenes. The session aimed at increasing language skills and fostering teamwork.


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