Holiday Work

Winter Break Holiday Homework
Class V

Maths: Record the temperature of 4 metropolitan cities and NCR(min and max) for a week

S.St: Select any machine of your choice and write details about its operation, function and various uses.

Paste pictures or draw the machines. Do it in a chart or pastel sheet.

Science: Collect information on solar eclipse or lunar eclipse occurred in last 5 years in your scrap book.

Class IV

Maths: Note down the timings of any 6 TV programs of your choice.3 in G.M and 3 in P.M.

Science: Draw 'Water Cycle' on chart paper.

S.St: (a) Visit any government official in your locality and fill the questionnaire provided to you already (1-15)

(b) Give information about any dam in the questionnaire already given to you. (16 – 30)