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Mayoor School, Noida

Kindergarten: The Garden of Flowers

The KG block of Mayoor School is an all-encompassing canopy of learning with love. It is innovatively designed and its grandeur reflects in the colourful building which provides an unparallel architectural exposure to the children.

The interiors are vibrant and colourful. Each classroom is named after a flower; therefore it has been aptly named as -`The Garden of Flowers’.

At Mayoor, we believe that children are active learners, explorers, experimenters and artists. Therefore the young impressionable minds are provided with a rich, meaningful and balanced curriculum based on the development of the essential skills and `Multiple Intelligence '. The system stresses the importance of providing wings to their little angels.

SPLASH POOL activity has given the children an opportunity to explore and enjoy together in the water. It boosts their physical fitness, social skills and provides them with a rich sensory experience.


AEROBIC & FITNESS CLASSES are held every week for the children at the KG Block Reception. The different rhythmic movement along with the pulsating music keeps everyone in high spirits. It rejuvenates the young minds and bodies. All the children thoroughly enjoy these fun workout sessions.


TRAMPOLINE ACTIVITY brings smiles and squeals of laughter amongst the little Mayoorians. Bouncing on the trampoline, high into the air fills them with joy and thrill. It provides them with exercise, coordination, balance and a sense of body in space.


Pre Writing Strategies Room boosts children’s fine muscles and other fundamental skills by providing them with an array of activities. To make the children master the handwriting skills they are providing with various play items and games.


Maths Lab is equipped with various stimulating teaching aids to give numeral literacy to the children. Aakar parivar,Jodo gyan tools along with other games and activities help the tinytots to figure out concepts related to numbers.


Language Lab of KG Block is a reader’s pride, creating love for reading through a well stocked and age specific, insightful and interesting books. It is equipped with smart board to give audio visual stimuli to students. Great emphasis is given to story dramatization, Jolly phonics and free conversation.


Skating Activity provides a thrilling and adventurous experience to the KG Children . An expert coach guides the little skaters towards building their balance ,teamwork and makes them glide confidently on the wheels.


Adventure Camp A day adventure camp is organised by Rocksport at Mayoor School Campus for Nursery and KG Class children. It gives the perfect opportunity to the young campers to experience the joy of togetherness, bonding with friends, participating in interesting adventure activities and getting plenty of exercise. It is a pleasurable and memorable day for all the children as it leaves their mind and body rejuvenated.


Orientation Day programme is held at the beginning of every new session to introduce the new parents to the ethos and methodology followed at Mayoor School. The school takes a great pride in making them a part of big Mayoor family. This year eminent psychologist, Dr Aruna Broota was the Chief Guest on the occasion who gave insightful parenting tips to the audience.


A workshop, ‘Cruising with Rhymes’ was held for the parents of KG Block children. It emphasised on various techniques, aids and the importance of rhymes that make teaching effective and enjoyable. The 100% participation and the confident performances by the Little Sailors mesmerised all the parents.


Santa’s Traffic Drill was organized to mark the Christmas celebrations, for which the children came dressed in Traffic Policeman's costume and a Santa cap. which gave them immense joy and thrill.


Grandparents’ Day this cultural event has always been the most awaited event of the K.G block. A show with 100% participation of students captivating the attention of the audience and keeping them mesmerized with multihued cultural collection of dances, musical acts and hilarious skit. This year it was themed ‘Life Is A Circus.
The chief guest on this occasion was Mr. Sai Krishna Rajgopal, an eminent lawyer of repute who has done path breaking work in the field of intellectual property rights and the special guest was the famous Radio Jockey Naved .It is always an unforgettable and enriching experience for the Mayoorians as they are able to spread cheerful smiles on the lustrous faces of their proud grandparents.


School community Mayoor School believes that parents and teachers play the most important role in the learning years of a child. With this view school encourages a close partnership between the trinity of the learning process- the Child, the Teacher, the Parent, because they share common vision and goals. Parents are invited to attend the Orientation programme, workshop, class assemblies, class observations, thereby building meaningful interactions with teachers and thus enabling them to support and enjoy their child’s journey in school.