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Middle & Senior Wing Activites
Middle & Senior Wing Activites

May 2017


 The English Department of Mayoor School ,Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council , Ajmer  organized an Inter House English Play Competition based on the works of  William Shakespeare on  May 18, 2017  to commemorate the life of the greatest  playwright of all times.

 Scenes from famous plays like Macbeth, Othello , Julius Caesar , Hamlet and  Romeo and Juliet were enacted. All the five houses – Amber , Krishanu ,Salil ,Varun And Vasudha  had selected significant scenes from the plays which depicted  the complete story. The participating students were from classes IX and X  . All the students participated enthusiastically and brought alive the era of Shakespeare .Both the Amber and Salil Houses were declared the winners. The best actor (male) award was bagged jointly by Yash Aggarwal and Yajush Priyam and the best actor (female) award went to Nimisha Pandey.

The CEO of the school, Mrs. Sarita Madhok appreciated the hardwork of the students and teachers and also thoroughly enjoyed all the enactments. The audience which comprised classes IX and X cheered the actors with loud applause.  

Inter-section turncoat activity

An Inter-section turncoat activity was held on 17 May 2017 in MP Hall. Turncoat is a form of debate where the speaker literally debates against oneself. The speaker starts by taking a stance on the topic and switches sides after a specific duration of time. The students were able to speak on the topics given to them and it helped them develop speaking skills, confidence, and poise in speaking to groups. Additionally, turncoat taught the participants how to organize thoughts, express ideas, reward and recognize participants for accomplishments they have made in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. Overall it was an amazing experience for the students and they enthusiastically participated. First position was bagged by Iba Zehra, Second position was taken by Pawani Shukla and Third position was given to Arnav Singh.

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April 2017


To appreciate the literary style and works of some of the greatest poets, an Inter -House literary Quiz based on selected Indian and world poets was conducted on 28th April 2017 for class IX-XII by the English Department. It was indeed a brain storming session with the enthusiastic and overwhelming response of the participants and the audience alike. A wide array of questions ranging from their life history to their famous works, to the idioms and phrases to poetic devices and various genres kindled the minds of the quizzers.

Vasudha house won the tie breaker to become winner, Salil house the close second followed by Krishanu in the third position.


Astronomy Club has fascinated students ever since the inception of the club with its innumerable activities related to the celestial world.

On 27 April, 2017, Mayoor School, Noida celebrated the Astronomy Day under the aegis of the ‘Astroport’. A plethora of activities were conducted to commemorate this day and to provide an opportunity to the students to explore the universe in their own way. The Chief Guest for today’s celebration was Ms. SaritaMadhok (CEO, Mayoor School, Noida). A number of activities were conducted and displayed very wellsuch as make your own Comet, Hydro Rocketry, Directions during day-time, Safe Solar observation, weigh yourself on different planets, crater making and Universe in 3D. Also, each and every activity was explained by the student members of Mayoor School, Astronomy Club explicitly.

The students of Classes VI to VIII had witnessed the activities and enjoyed the experience thoroughly. The rocket launched by Ms. Sarita Ma’am was also appreciatedby one and all. Overall, it was felicitated by one all. 


The computer department held inter-section competition in music mixing on 26th April '17 in the Senior computer lab in the guidance of Ms. Divya Chopra and Ms. Manika Verma. Students mixed different songs into a single track using FL Studio/Virtal DJ. The event was judged by Mr. Deepak Kumar. The names of the winning teams are as follows:

1st position: Aryan Jain , X-A and Mohd. Talha , X-A

2nd position: Vansh Pandey, X-D and Divyank Sengupta X-D

3rd position: Moksh Pathak, X-C and Shaurya Sabharwal , X-C


The students of class 8 A and 8 B conducted an assembly on 25th April '17 on the topic ‘HUMAN RIGHTS.’ They apprised the audience with their human rights .Bubbling with enthusiasm , the students gave message to never forfeit their rights through the poem on human rights. Nukkad natak highlighted the need to raise  voice against exploitation and to fight for our Fundamental  Rights as ‘Human rights are not a privilege conferred  by government. They are every human being’s entitlement by virtue of his humanity.’


Inter-Section English Radio show Competition was held on 21 April 2017 at the MP Hall. Ms Anita and Ms Monisha were the judges. Students participated with full enthusiasm. The show was a success with class 8-G as the winner followed by 8-D as runners up.


The activity named 'Decorating paper bags by writing earth day slogans' was conducted in all sections of class 6  on 19th April as a part of earth week celebrations in Mayoor school. All the students participated actively and made beautiful paper bags with earthday slogans written over them.


Eco Friendly Packaging Activity was conducted in zero period for class VII to mark the celebration of Environment week. Some of the materials used by students were choir and shell of coconut, jute, grass, flowers, newspaper, ice cream sticks, wooden shavings, cloth etc. The activity encouraged students to live a greener lifestyle and make them aware about their environment. It was “Learning by Doing” experience for the students and they participated in the activity with full vigour.


The Hindi department organized an ‘Ashu Bhashan Pratiyogita’ on 20th April,2017 in M.P Hall during the zero period. The event was open for the participants of classes VI- VIII who represented their house with full enthusiasm. The event was adjudged by Mrs. Rashmi Pandey and Mrs.Renuka Kulhari. The students’ efforts were appreciated by the judges and the audience enjoyed the lovely start to the day. The event was conducted by Mrs.Somlata Tyagi and Mrs.Ratna.


Students of Class IX-A and IX-B conducted the morning assembly on 11.04.2017. The topic for the assembly was ‘Hakuna Matata' a word in Swahili language which means 'No Worries'. The idea was to impart message to all students that no matter if we undergo several failures in life we must not lose hope and despair as there is always success followed by repeated failures. One has to introspect oneself to find out the ways leading to success. Students narrated this idea of being a successful failure through skit based on the lives of people like Thomas Alva Edison and Albert Einstein who achieved great successes after repeated failures in their lives followed by a Quiz on such other persons' lives. It was a very thoughtful assembly.

Convenors of the assembly: Ritu Prasad and Kanika Kalra


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March 2017

Orientation Session for Parents at Mayoor School

To  welcome and introduce the new parents to the ethos and the spirit behind the school’s  methodology, an Orientation Session was held on 11 March 2017  by Mayoor School, Noida, a school established in collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer. Eminent psychologist, Dr Aruna Broota was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The event was also graced by the members of the School Management. The school Principal, Mrs. Sarita Madhok, in her address, emphasised on the combined efforts of the school and parents in honing the individual talent of each child. 

पर्यावरण संकल्प दिवस


मयूर स्कूल, नोएडा में पर्यावरण संकल्प दिवस के अवसर पर अनेक प्रकार की क्रियाकलापो का आयोजन किया गया जिसमें  विद्यार्थियों ने बड़े उत्साह एवम  उमंग के साथ आकर्षक पोस्टर बनाये और रोचक नुक्कड़ नाटक प्रस्तुत किया,  साथ ही सभी विद्यार्थियों के द्वारा शपथ ली गयी. इन क्रियाकलापो के माध्य्म से पर्यावरण संरक्षण हेतु विद्यार्थियों को जागरूक करना तथा स्वच्छता का महत्व समझाना विद्यालय का मौलिक उद्धेश्य  है. ये सभी कार्यक्रम  माननीया प्रधानाचार्या के दिशा निर्देश मैं संपन्न  हुए.


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February 2017


Students of Class VIII C and D presented an informative and entertaining show on the topic 'Blood Donation' during morning assembly held on 24 January 2017.Various misconceptions related to the issue were clarified through a Radio Show.The aim to sensitise the students for this noble cause was successfully achieved.


The SUPW assembly of Maths club was scheduled on 31st January 2017. The students whole-heartedly participated in the presentation. The presentation started with the importance of Mathematics in our day-to-day life followed by self composed poems of the students of Maths Club. Thereafter the students showcased their learning which included concepts like Symmetry, making of objects  using geometrical shapes, tan-o-chain, geometrical designs using compass, graphs , making of three-dimensional objects using rods and connectors and greeting cards using mathematical shapes . The students also presented a beautiful self composed song. The efforts put in by the students were well appreciated by Principal ma’am and it helped the students boost their morale.  The students were quite thrilled and happy as the complete show was a great success. 


The ISA  Club of Mayoor School , Noida organized a Maths activity based on the application of maths in real life on 29 December 2016 in the school premises. The  main  theme of the activity was to demonstrate the application of conic sections in real life.Students displayed different models based on this. Whisper chamber, Flatiron building, application of locus  and optical property of ellipse were displayed very beautifully.

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January 2017

On 24th January 2017, the students of class VII took out an Election Awareness March in the school campus. The focus was on spreading the message of active participation of the voters. Holding the banners the students walked to generate awareness about the process of voter registration and importance of voting. The students along with their teachers enthusiastically participated taking around the banners with the following slogans:-

·         For our tomorrow, we take the action today

·         Let’s reclaim democracy, lets reclaim our country

·         Be bright, vote for what is right

On the whole it was a learning experience for the students as well as awareness for the transport staff, housekeeping staff and maintenance staff. 



Mayoor School , Noida  had organized a group discussion on Importance of voting rights on 23rd January 2017. . Classes 9-11 , had participated in the same . Six speakers spoke on the importance of voting rights  and the need to promote Universal sufferage  and adult franchise .Democracies ant the need to have voting rights was stressed upon . The speakers thoroughly redearched into the history of voting rights and discussed how it became an integral part of our life . The session ended with a positive conclusion on our electoral process that have largely contributed to India’s success as a democracy .


Mayoor School, Noida which has collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer held a Quiz on forthcoming Legislative Assembly Elections on 23rd January 2017.This activity saw enthusiastic participation by the students of class VIII and tested their knowledge about various aspect of election and governance. They were divided into four teams who fought with each other displaying their quick thinking skills and presence of mind. The three rounds had MCQs, questionnaires and one word answer type.It was an interesting session that enhanced the awareness and understanding of Elections in our country.


Painting Competition for classes IV – XI

Mayoor School, Noida held a Painting Competition for classes IV – XI on 19th January, 2017 to celebrate Election Day. The topics given were very relevant and students came up with very thoughtful and creative ideas. The topics included: Poster designing on Proud to be a Voter; Vote for a Better India; Every Indian’s Vote Count; Be a Responsible Citizen – Ready to Vote; Vote Hai Hamara Adhikar, Na Karen Ise Bekaar.

The selected entries will be displayed in an exhibition on 25th January the Election Day, and the winners will be announced on the same day as well. This competition saw enthusiastic participation by the students of all classes.


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December 2016

The Maths Intersection activity “ Advertising Mathematical Concepts” for class VII was conducted on 28th December 2016. The students whole-heartedly participated in the competition. They showed how various mathematical concepts can be incorporated in advertisements. The various concepts presented were profit and loss situations, ratios, discounts etc.  The efforts put in by the students were well appreciated by our esteemed judges and it helped the students boost their morale. There was a tie for the first position which was grabbed by VII – D and E. The second position was taken by VII F and third position was shared by VII G and H. The students were quite thrilled and happy as the complete show was a great success.  

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December 2016

The Maths Intersection activity “ Advertising Mathematical Concepts” for class VII was conducted on 28th December 2016. The students whole-heartedly participated in the competition. They showed how various mathematical concepts can be incorporated in advertisements. The various concepts presented were profit and loss situations, ratios, discounts etc.  The efforts put in by the students were well appreciated by our esteemed judges and it helped the students boost their morale. There was a tie for the first position which was grabbed by VII – D and E. The second position was taken by VII F and third position was shared by VII G and H. The students were quite thrilled and happy as the complete show was a great success.  

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November 2016


The Constitution Day was celebrated at Mayoor School, Noida on 26th November 2016 to spread awareness about the Indian Constitution and to unstill sense of patriotism among the students.

A special assembly was organised which began with the  Principal Mrs. Sarita Madhok addressing the students of classes IX to XII about significance of Constitution Day an importance of being Sovereign, Socialist, Democratic and Republic Nation.

 The Principal and the students took a   pledge by reciting the Preamble of the Constitution. 

  • A Poster making competition was organized by the Social Science teachers of class X where the understood the principle of free and fair elections in a multiparty system in a democratic country.
  • Students from classes IX to XII were shown a short film on the making of the Indian Constitution. The film depicted an enactment of the making of the Indian Constitution along with glimpses of some debates and discussions which had taken  place for the  establishment of some special features of the Indian Constitution like Federalism, Minority Rights, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Directive Principles of the State Policy etc.
  • Finally the day ended with a inter class Quiz competition on the Indian Constitution in two categories VI to VIII and IX to XII.


Mayoor School which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer  organized the event, ‘One Nation Reading Together’ at the school premises on 25 November 2016. All the students assembled in different venues with their favourite books, to celebrate the pleasure and joy of reading . The entire school throbbed with the same goal of reading as the Principal, Vice-principal, Headmistress, Teachers, Administrative staff, parents and helpers joined enthusiastically to make the event a grand success.It was appreciated and enjoyed by one and all present.

Inter House Speech Competition

Mayoor School, Noida, English Department organised an Inter House Speech Competition for classes IX - X on 17thNovember 2016. All five houses of the school displayed their oratorical skills by replicating some of the most celebrated and influential speeches of the world. Each house was represented by two contestants; one of them delivered a speech by world political leader and the other by a famous literary character.

From Mark Antony’s speech in Julius Caesar to Hamlet to Henry V; from Martin Luther King Jr. to Obama to Narendra Modi; it was a delight to hear young students deliver speeches with confidence and élan. It was well fought by the houses in which Krishanu House clearly emerged the winner as both speakers of the house were adjudged the best speakers of the day.

 Inter- house Geography movie Quiz was conducted for classes 9 to 11 on 16/11/16 in which participants from all 5 houses participated. It was a brainstorming session where all really enjoyed including participants and the audience. The rounds of Quiz was based on both ppt slides and Hollywood movie clips. Krishanu bagged the first position followed by Salil.

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September 2016

SEEDHI BAAT- Inter house Social Science competition

An interhouse social science competition was held on September 8, 2016 in M.P. Hall. Students of classes X and XII participated in the competition. There were two students from each house. The students had a discussion on the topic, “ what is more important, social equity or economic equity”. The judges for the event were Ms.Nisha Singh and Ms. Nidhi Saran. Shreyas Khandekar (X F) and Rhea Gupta (XI B)  was judged first. Second position was bagged by Prerika Jain (IX A) and Pranavy Yadav (XI E) of krishanu House. There was a tie for third position which was shared by Harshita Awana (IX G) and Shreesh Mehrotra (XI C) of Amber House and Hiba Ali (XI E) and Ananya Singh (X B) of Varun House. The audience for the event were commerce and humanities sections of class XI and they were quite attentive throughout the event.

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August 2016


Mayoor School, Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer organized a Field trip to Nehru Planetarium for the students of class VIII on 17th August 2016.The students were captivated by the magnificent Planetarium building. It was fun to know about the moon and atmosphere of various planets and recognize various constellations. It was indeed a flight through universe and an enriching experience for the students.

MUN (Model United Nations conference) 

Mayoor School, Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer organized its Second edition of MUN (Model United Nations conference) with one committee, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the executive board with 37 participants as delegates. The  agenda for the discussion was Oil Crisis and its Global and Social Impacts.     The Executive Board consisted of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Rapporteur , a Secretary General and a Deputy-Secretary General. 


The School Round of The DK Quiz 2016  was held on Tues, 23.08.16 for classes 7 to 9 in M.P Hall at Mayoor School, Noida. It was organised by the Quizcraft Global in collaboration with Eureka Bookstore. Around 134 students participated with 2 members in each team  in the first round of the Quiz. Six top teams made up to the Stage final round. Ishaan Sai of Class 9 & Deeptansh Sharma of class 8 was declared  the winner & the School Champion. They would participate in the Inter-School Grand Finale to be held on 14 October, 2016. The Quiz really proved to be a brainstorming session in which the participants were found filled with great zeal and enthusiasm. Quizmaster Mr. Aditya Mubayai from Dk hosted the Quiz who was a person as motivation for students.

An Inter House Debate competition was organized by the English department on 11th August,2016  for the classes IX-XII on the topic ‘ Sports Persons Accused of using Performance Enhancing Drugs Should be Banned for life’. Students came up with the brightest ideas and lighted up the ambience with impeccable expression. 
Ananya Singh of class X-B was awarded the Best Speaker speaking Against the Motion while Swatantra Chakravarty of the same class was awarded the Best Speaker Against the Motion. Yashi Mishra XI-C was adjudged as the Best Interjector. All the participants gave best insight to the motion and the completion was a tough one. Varun House won the Best Team award closely beating  krishanu.

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July 2016


Mayoor School, Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College, General Council Ajmer celebrated Book Week from 25th to 29th July 2016 organised by the English Department. During the week long celebrations, students from classes I to XII participated with full fervour. Their zeal and zest was showcased in various competitions like Creative Writing, Poster Designing, Group Discussion, Role Play, designing book covers and Spell Bee which were organized for the occasion to tap and hone their innate talents. Renowned cartoonist Ajit Narayan conducted a workshop for the students of class VII in which they participated with great enthusiasm. Namita Mehra, author of cooking with Indian Spicebox, held a fun filled session for the students of class V. A visit to the British Council Library was also organised for the students of class IV. 


Mayoor School, Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer organised a visit to National Science Centre, Delhi on 20th July 2016 for the students of Class IX. Around 184 students visited the centre escorted by their class teachers. The visit was related to their science activity and a part of the syllabus. 


The Art department of Mayoor School Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer organized a T-shirt Painting Competition for the students of Classes IX-XII on 15th July’2016. The topics for the painting competition were Fantasy of Life, Virtual vs. Reality and Yoga to stay healthy. The senior students participated enthusiastically and exhibited their creativity and imagination. Their endeavour was appreciated by one and all. 


The Art department of Mayoor School Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer organized a Card Making Competition for the students of Classes VI-VIII on 20th July’2016. The topics for the Card Making Competition were Beauty of Nature and Celebration of Life.The middle school students displayed their creativity and imagination to the best of their ability. The cards made by the students were quite beautiful encapsulating the beauty of Nature and Life

A session on Career counselling was conducted at Mayoor School, Noida for children of SETU for Classes 9 & 10 on 16-07-2016 under the able guidance of Mayoor School PGT teachers for motivating and enhancing the knowledge of children as regards career options and guided them to choose a right choice. A team of 5 expert teachers-

Sushma Garg, Nisha Singh, Harshit Gera, Kajal Kapoor and Ashwani Yadav guided these children by their motivating guidelines for choosing career options in various areas in English. Commerce, Science, Humanities and Physical Education respectively. The Session was overall organised by our very dedicated PGT English teacher Mrs Jyotsna Verma. 

An Inter House Social Science debate Competition was held for Classes-VI-VIII on 15thJuly, 2016 in the M.P Hall. The topic was- Is history a valid tool to plan future? The students from all the 5 Houses expressed their views very strongly for and against the motion. The Interjectors also asked very valid questions which were answered well by the speakers. It was a very enjoyable and effective debate. Students of Class -7 were the audience.

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