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Senior Activities

December 2017


Mayoor School welcomed the winter chill with great warmth and gusto with the much awaited  Winter Carnival on Sunday, December 24, 2017.The fun filled Carnival encapsulated a plethora of activities. From exciting games to joy rides to sumptuous food to foot-tapping music...it had everything to entertain and enthral everyone present. 

Inter Section powerpoint presentation on NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS

An Inter Section powerpoint presentation on NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS for class IX was organised on 22nd of December, 2017. The morning had set the mood for remembering the great scientists whose work had brought tremendous difference in our lives and understanding of science.

Judges for the event were Mr Harshit Gera and Ms Richa Srivastava; convener for the event was Ms Shikha Gupta. Participating teams were enthusiastic and well prepared. IX G and IX A shared the third position. While IX B secured the second position, IX D stood first.


The English Department of Mayoor School, Noida organized an ISA Activity –Intersection English group recitation competition for the students of Class IX on 22 December 2017 on the topic ‘Poets and Poetry: Exploring World Poetry ’. Students participated enthusiastically and recited poems written by Sarojini Naidu, William Blake, Tennyson, sonnets of Shakespeare, etc. The Vice Principal of the School, Mrs. P. Kaur, enlightened the event with her gracious presence. The students enjoyed the event thoroughly and got a glimpse of various distinguished Indian poets and their achievements.

Social Science Activity - Class VI

The activity was held on 30 November 2017 and was judged by ma'am Ritu Prasad and Arti Agarwal. The activity was appreciated by the judges as the students  had displayed the intricate details of states in their board and their hard work was  reflected in their work which helped them gain the first position.

Inter Section Futuristic Science Activity - Class VIII

Science Department organized FUTURISTIC SCIENCE activity for class VIII which was held on 15 December 2017 within the school premises. The activity spanned almost all the branches like cosmology, education, nanotechnology, climatology, astronomy, agriculture, astronomy, health and medicine etc. Students portrayed various advancements as well as their hypothesis and models in different branches for the welfare of the human being. The winners were acknowledged by GENIUS FUTURE SCIENTIST Badge and certificates by our esteemed judges. With an endeavor to promote scientific attitude among budding young students, this activity was one of its kind.

Class Assembly VIII I

On 5th December 2017, class 8 I presented a morning assembly. After the prayers, students shared the NEWS update. The thought for the day and a thoughtful song on the topic- “The Clouds Cannot Hide The Starry Sky. The students also staged a small skit on the famous personality Walt Disney. The students were very happy with the encouragement and appreciation given by CEO ma’am.

Environmental Quiz 

A quiz on Environment was conducted on 1st December 2017 for Middle school at M.P. Hall. Five teams were selected, one from each house. Each team consisted of three members from classes VI to VIII. The quiz consisted of five rounds. The first round was a general question round; second round was based on abbreviations; third round was based on Environment conservation movements and environmentalists; the fourth round was a visual round and the fifth round was a rapid fire round. All teams participated enthusiastically in the quiz. The last round of the quiz was for the audience, in which they participated actively.

The winner of the quiz was Team A (Krishanu House) with 42 points. First runner up was Team E (Vasudha House) with 39 points and second runner up was Team D (Varun House) with 30 points.

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November 2017

Mayoor Celebrates The Bliss Of Reading Together

To celebrate the pleasure and joy of reading, Mayoor School, Noida organized the Annual event, ‘One Nation Reading Together’ at the school premises on 24 November 2017. The main objective of the event was to revive the art of reading good books and motivate everyone to seek pleasure in the vast and beautiful world of books. 

Inter House Famous Speeches Competition

Mayoor School, Noida, English Department organised an Inter House Speech Competition for class IX  on 24th November 2017. All five houses of the school displayed their oratory skills by replicating some of the most celebrated and influential speeches of the world. From Cassius speech in Julius Caesar to Portia  in  Merchant of Venice  ; from Shashi Tharoor to Subhash Chandra Bose to Abraham Lincoln ; it was a delight to hear young students deliver speeches with confidence .It was well fought by the houses in which Vasudha House clearly emerged as  the winner. 

Mayoor Hosts Inter School Painting Competition

Mayoor School, Noida hosted an Inter School Painting competition, ‘Setu Siksha Jyoti Painting Competition’ organized by the Setu Foundation on 22 Nov, 2017 in the school premises. Setu Foundation is a Delhi based charitable organization operating in NCR for the upliftment of less fortunate children. The CEO of the School, Mrs. Sarita Madhok extended a warm welcome to all the participating students. The objective of the competition was to create awareness towards the education of the children from the weaker sections of the society.

The French Puppeteer (Ms. Sabrina Antastio)

Students of Class VI-VII witnessed the French Puppeteer Ms. Sabrina Antastio- on November 22, 2017 who had come for the release of her DVD "Le Nouvel Horizon: Learn French with Setu." She was very delighted to visit the school for an hour and interacted with the students studying French.

It was an interesting opportunity for the students to interact with the human sized puppet in French especially when they are studying from the book where her character is explaining all the essential points in learning the language.

Mayoor Hosts Annual Sports Meet 2017

Mayoor School, Noida organised its Annual Sports Meet for Middle and Senior school on 16 & 17 November 2017 amidst cheer and excitement  in the school grounds.The opening ceremony was initiated with March Past by the students of the five Houses –Thereafter, balloons were released and the Sports Meet was declared open by the Chief Guest, CEO of the school , Mrs. Sarita Madhok.

Vasudha House was declared the Best House. The whole hearted participation of the Middle and Senior students made the event a grand success.

Inter House Western Dance Competition

Mayoor School, Noida organized the western dance competition on 14 November 2017 for the middle and senior students. The students participated enthusiastically and presented their dances on racy and popular songs. First position was bagged by Vasudha House and second position was bagged by Amber house.

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October 2017

Incredible India “Tourism Quiz’’- 2017

Quiz on “Tourism India” was held on 25.10.17 where students of Class IX participated in teams. The Quiz was based on multiple rounds such as Multiple Choice, Questionnaire round, Visual and Buzzer round.. It was really a brainstorming session where students enthusiastically participated and were deeply involved. This Quiz was really motivating and inspiring one.

Inter House English Debate

Inter House English Debate Competition for Classes VI-VIII was held on October 12, 2017. The houses exhibited their debating skills on the topic “Cyber bullying should come under Freedom of Speech”. The competition was judged by Mrs. Sunita Dahiya, Co-ordinator (Middle Wing) and Mrs. Shalini Mohan. All the five teams exhibited great oratorical skills but finally Salil House bagged the First Position followed by a tie between Varun House and Krishanu House on the Second Position.

Poster Making And Slogan Writing Group Activity (Class VII)

Poster making and Slogan writing group activity was conducted for class VII on the topic "Clean Diwali, Green Diwali on 12 October 2017. Students participated in the activity with full zeal and vigour.

Mayoorians Celebrated "Clean Diwali, Green Diwali"

Mayoorians celebrated "clean Diwali, green Diwali" in the school by making rangoli using organic and natural colours. It was conducted on 12/10/17 as a group activity in their respective classrooms.

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September 2017

Indo French Exchange Program

A Presentation on Indo – French Exchange Program was conducted by Frehindi Education for the students of classes VII, VIII and IX at M. P. Hall on 4 September 2017. The resource person Mr. Haru Mehra shared various activities to be conducted during Indo French Exchange and how it helps to connect and understand the culture and lifestyle of people of other countries. It aimed at bridging the gap between the students of different regions. The students enjoyed the interactive session.

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August 2017

Visit To Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art (Class VII)

The students of class VII A, B and C visited Kiran Nadar Museum of Arts on 29 August 2017. The museum is established at the initiative of avid art collector Kiran Nadar. It exhibits and showcases Modern and Contemporary works from India and the Sub-Continent. The resource person Ms. Saumya, an artist herself took an interesting workshop for the students, teaching the skill of Patachitra, a folk form of painting.

The students of class VII D, E and F visited Kiran Nadar Museum, Noida on 30th August 2017 to attend the Art workshop. The resource person Ms Saumya gave a presentation on Bhil Art. The students were given the art material like Sheets and colours. Some samples of Bhil Art of earlier times were shown and the students were asked to recreate them. It was a memorable experience.

The students of class VII G, H and I visited Kiran Nadar Museum, Noida on 31th August 2017 to attend the Art workshop. The visit to the museum was extremely inspiring for the students as they came to know about the traditional, folk and modern art forms. The concentration was more on folk art which is related to our culture but is getting lost because of the technological developments. Students were given idea about Gond art of Madhya Pradesh, parts of Andhra Pradesh. After viewing their style, students were told to use their own discretion to draw patterns. 

Inter House Talk Show “Seedhi Baat”

An inter house talk show “Seedhi Baat” was conducted on 28th August 2017 at MP hall of the school. 10 Participants (2 from each house) enthusiastically discussed on the topic “GST a game changer or retail danger”. Ms. Nisha Singh and B. Nitesh choudhary were the judges. Amber house was adjudged the winner followed by Salil house. Best speaker was Cheryl Kanungo of Amber house.

Inter-House Hindi Debate Competition 

Inter-House Hindi Debate Competition was held on 25th August 2017. Students of Class 9th and 10th participated enthusiastically. The topic was “Hamara Samaj Purani Paramparao or Rudiyo se grast hai." Aarushi Agarwal awarded for Best Speaker (For the motion) of Varun House, Manvi Dhiman awarded for Best Speaker (Against the motion) of Vasudha House and Anukruti Sachan was Best Interjecter of Salil House. Vasudha House Selected for the Best Team. The activity enjoyed by the students and the teachers.

Inter-House Social Science Debate 

The Social Science department of Mayoor School, Noida organized Inter House Social Science Debate for the classes VI-VIII on 24th august 2017 on the topic ‘Is Censorship Needed in Media’. The participants came up with brilliant ideas woven in apt expression and appropriate diction. Ishi Srivastava VIII-A was adjudged the Best Speaker – For the motion, Shreya Rohatagi VIII-F fetched the title of Best Speaker Against the Motion while Divyansha Sachdeva VIII-I proved herself the best Interjector. Varun House secured the first position as a team, followed by Krishanu and Salil Houses for the second and third position respectively.

Dk Quiz

The School round of DK Quiz was held at Mayoor School, Noida on 23rd August 2017. About 70 teams from classes VII, VIII and IX participated in the event. It was hosted by the Quizmaster Adittya Mubayi. First, the preliminary written round was conducted. Best six teams qualified for stage rounds. There were many interesting rounds like Iron Grid, Need for Speed etc. The winners of School Round were Gaurish Mittal and Ruturaj Pathak of class IX and the runner up team was Ritwik Bhandari and Hamza Nazfi of class VII. Many students earned Audience Prizes also. It was an enriching and learning experience for the students.

Patriotic Fervour

Enactment of incidence from the life of patroitic leaders were done by students of different houses on 22nd August 2017. The leaders assigned to them were Mangal Pandey, Shivaji Maharaj, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose. Keeping the essence of patriotism in mind students enacted the scenes thus mesmerising the audience. Krishanu House was the team to bag first position, followed by Vasudha House in second position and Varun House in third position.

Class Assembly VIII-G & H

The students of class VIII-G & H conducted the morning assembly on 22 August 2017. The theme for the assembly was ‘Bend but Don’t Break’. All the students participated enthusiastically. They presented a skit, poem and interpretation of the theme. It was enjoyed by all.

Visit To Rashtrapati Bhawan

Mayoor School Noida  organized a visit to Rashtrapati Bhawan for class  VIII in the month of August . Rashtrapati Bhavan, home to the President of the world’s largest democracy, is emblematic of Indian democracy and its secular, plural and inclusive traditions. It was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker and stands on a 330 acre estate. The students were briefed about the artistic design of the building .They got a chance to visit Darbar Hall, Ashoka Hall, Marble Museum, North Living Room etc. On the whole it helped the students to an inside view of the Rastrapati Bhawan and to know about its rich heritage.

Inter-Section Robotic Mannual Competition

On 17 August, an Inter-Section Robotic Mannual Competition was held at Mayoor School. The theme of the competition was Robo Racing.  1st Position was bagged by Team 4 of  (Atharv Singhal - 6B, Arjun Krishna  - 6B , Kushagra Shukla - 6B) and Team 6 (Vidhvan Sharma – 6G, Abdul Sakir -6B, Altamash -6G) got the 2ndPosition. Though it was a tough competition but students performed beyond expectations. The students were very excited and thrilled. 

Inter House Geography Quiz (Classes VI To VIII)

On 10th August 2017, an Inter House Geography Quiz was organized for the classes VI to VIII. The quiz was based on the geographical topics such as mountains, water bodies, islands, landmark sites, environmentalists etc. The first position was bagged by Krishanu House, second position went to Salil House followed by Amber House. 

Inter-House English Debate

The English department of Mayoor School, Noida organized Inter House English Debate for the classes IX-XII on 4th august 2017 on the topic ‘Though We stay Connected in the Digital World, the Bridges are crumbling’. The participants came up with brilliant ideas woven in apt expression and appropriate diction. Aarushi  Agrawal X-G was adjudged the Best Speaker –For the motion, Palomi Gupta XI-F fetched the title of Best Speaker Against the Motion while Yashi misra XII-C proved herself the best Interjector. Krishanu House secured the first position as a team.

Inter House English Debate for the classes IX-XII

The English department of Mayoor School, Noida organized Inter House English Debate for the classes IX-XII on 4th august 2017 on the topic ‘Though We stay Connected in the Digital World, the Bridges are crumbling’. The participants came up with brilliant ideas woven in apt expression and appropriate diction.  Aarushi  Agrawal X-G was adjudged the Best Speaker –For the motion, Palomi Gupta XI-F fetched the title of Best Speaker Against the Motion while Yashi misra XII-C proved herself the best Interjector.  Krishanu House secured the first position as a team.

Inter House Science Quiz (Classes VII & VIII)

An Inter-House Science Quiz was held on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 for the students from Grades VII and VIII. Students of all the five Houses- Krishanu House, Salil House, Varun House, Vasudha House and Amber House participated in the quiz with full enthusiasm and excitement.

Class Assembly VIII E & F

On 1st August 2017, the students of class VIII E & F had presented their assembly with great zeal and enthusiasm. The topic of the assembly was ‘CONQUERING OUR FEAR’, the students presented a skit, where they showed the various negative thoughts of our mind such as stress, anxiety, frustration, shyness and sometimes these thoughts dominates our mind and body and controls us to exhibit our potential.



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July 2017

Class Assembly IX-G & IX-H

On 25 July 2017, classes 9G &9H organized an assembly on Self-Confidence and the Importance of the Conservation of Under Ground Water. The assembly titled ‘Wear your Inner Crown’ highlighted the significance of Self-Confidence in our lives. 

Inter-House Shabd Chetna

Inter-House Shabd Chetna competition was organised by the Hindi Department.

On 25th July 2017 in the MP Hall of the school.

Inter House Kabaddi Competition

Intramurals of kabadi class VI to VIII and IX to XII for both categories boys and girls were held from 18/07/17 to 28/07/17.

Water Conservation Quiz

A Quiz was conducted on 21st July 2017 for class VII to create awareness about the water conservation among the students. Screening test was taken and 14 students were selected from whole class VII. Seven teams comprising of 2 students each competed for the Water Sense Hero Badge

Team A with Ishaan Agarwal and Adishree Sahoo emerged as Water Sense Heroes.

Inter House Mathematics Quiz

The Inter House Math Quiz was organized on 19th July, 2017. The contestants from grade 8th participated in the quiz with full enthusiasm. All the houses participated in the quiz. Each team consisted of three students. The questions were based on general mathematical skills. 

Class Assembly - Class VIII

Students of classes VIII-C and VIII-D presented an assembly on 18th July 2017. The topic of the assembly was ‘Environment Conservation’. During the assembly a skit on conserving the environment was presented followed by a beautiful song.

Inter Section Flash Competition

An Inter Section Flash Competition was held on 12th of July. The software used is Adobe Flash, it is a software to make animations. Two students from each section of class 8 had participated in the competition. Students made animation on one of the topic “SOLAR SYSTEM” or “PHOTOSYNTHESIS”. Rohan Paramanand (VIII H) and Sumit Tahiliani (VIII H) bagged the 1st Position, Aman Sharma(VIII B) and Kartik Rajput(VIII B) secured 2nd Position and 3rd Position was secured by Ayush Aggarwal(VIII C).

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May 2017

 Report On Shakespearean Play    

The English Department of Mayoor School ,Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council , Ajmer  organized an Inter House English Play Competition based on the works of  William Shakespeare on  May 18, 2017  to commemorate the life of the greatest  playwright of all times.

Inter-Section Turncoat Activity

An Inter-section turncoat activity was held on 17 May 2017 in MP Hall. Turncoat is a form of debate where the speaker literally debates against oneself. The speaker starts by taking a stance on the topic and switches sides after a specific duration of time. 

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April 2017


To appreciate the literary style and works of some of the greatest poets, an Inter -House literary Quiz based on selected Indian and world poets was conducted on 28th April 2017 for class IX-XII by the English Department. It was indeed a brain storming session with the enthusiastic and overwhelming response of the participants and the audience alike. 


Astronomy Club has fascinated students ever since the inception of the club with its innumerable activities related to the celestial world.

On 27 April, 2017, Mayoor School, Noida celebrated the Astronomy Day under the aegis of the ‘Astroport’. A plethora of activities were conducted to commemorate this day and to provide an opportunity to the students to explore the universe in their own way. The Chief Guest for today’s celebration was Ms. Sarita Madhok (CEO, Mayoor School, Noida). 


The computer department held inter-section competition in music mixing on 26th April '17 in the Senior computer lab in the guidance of Ms. Divya Chopra and Ms. Manika Verma. Students mixed different songs into a single track using FL Studio/Virtal DJ. The event was judged by Mr. Deepak Kumar. The names of the winning teams are as follows:


The students of class 8 A and 8 B conducted an assembly on 25th April '17 on the topic ‘HUMAN RIGHTS.’ They apprised the audience with their human rights .Bubbling with enthusiasm, the students gave message to never forfeit their rights through the poem on human rights.


Inter-Section English Radio show Competition was held on 21 April 2017 at the MP Hall. Ms Anita and Ms Monisha were the judges. Students participated with full enthusiasm. The show was a success with class 8-G as the winner followed by 8-D as runners up.


The activity named 'Decorating paper bags by writing earth day slogans' was conducted in all sections of class 6  on 19th April as a part of earth week celebrations in Mayoor school. 


Eco Friendly Packaging Activity was conducted in zero period for class VII to mark the celebration of Environment week. Some of the materials used by students were choir and shell of coconut, jute, grass, flowers, newspaper, ice cream sticks, wooden shavings, cloth etc.


The Hindi department organized an ‘Ashu Bhashan Pratiyogita’ on 20th April,2017 in M.P Hall during the zero period. The event was open for the participants of classes VI- VIII who represented their house with full enthusiasm.


Students of Class IX-A and IX-B conducted the morning assembly on 11.04.2017. The topic for the assembly was ‘Hakuna Matata' a word in Swahili language which means 'No Worries'.

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March 2017

Orientation Session for Parents at Mayoor School

To  welcome and introduce the new parents to the ethos and the spirit behind the school’s  methodology, an Orientation Session was held on 11 March 2017  by Mayoor School, Noida. Eminent psychologist, Dr Aruna Broota was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The event was also graced by the members of the School Management. The school Principal, Mrs. Sarita Madhok, in her address, emphasised on the combined efforts of the school and parents in honing the individual talent of each child. 

पर्यावरण संकल्प दिवस (3.3.17)

मयूर स्कूल, नोएडा में पर्यावरण संकल्प दिवस के अवसर पर अनेक प्रकार की क्रियाकलापो का आयोजन किया गया जिसमें  विद्यार्थियों ने बड़े उत्साह एवम  उमंग के साथ आकर्षक पोस्टर बनाये और रोचक नुक्कड़ नाटक प्रस्तुत किया,  साथ ही सभी विद्यार्थियों के द्वारा शपथ ली गयी. इन क्रियाकलापो के माध्य्म से पर्यावरण संरक्षण हेतु विद्यार्थियों को जागरूक करना तथा स्वच्छता का महत्व समझाना विद्यालय का मौलिक उद्धेश्य  है. ये सभी कार्यक्रम  माननीया प्रधानाचार्या के दिशा निर्देश मैं संपन्न  हुए.

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February 2017


Students of Class VIII C and D presented an informative and entertaining show on the topic 'Blood Donation' during morning assembly held on 24 January 2017.Various misconceptions related to the issue were clarified through a Radio Show. The aim to sensitize the students for this noble cause was successfully achieved.


The SUPW assembly of Maths club was scheduled on 31st January 2017. The students whole-heartedly participated in the presentation. The presentation started with the importance of Mathematics in our day-to-day life followed by self composed poems of the students of Maths Club. 


The ISA Club of Mayoor School , Noida organized a Maths activity based on the application of maths in real life on 29 December 2016 in the school premises. 

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January 2017



On 24th January 2017, the students of class VII took out an Election Awareness March in the school campus. The focus was on spreading the message of active participation of the voters. Holding the banners the students walked to generate awareness about the process of voter registration and importance of voting. 


Mayoor School, Noida had organized a group discussion on Importance of voting rights on 23rd January 2017. . Classes 9-11, had participated in the same. Six speakers spoke on the importance of voting rights and the need to promote Universal sufferage and adult franchise .Democracies ant the need to have voting rights was stressed upon. 


Mayoor School, Noida which has collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer held a Quiz on forthcoming Legislative Assembly Elections on 23rd January 2017.This activity saw enthusiastic participation by the students of class VIII and tested their knowledge about various aspect of election and governance. 


Mayoor School, Noida held a Painting Competition for classes IV – XI on 19th January, 2017 to celebrate Election Day. The topics given were very relevant and students came up with very thoughtful and creative ideas. The topics included: Poster designing on Proud to be a Voter; Vote for a Better India; Every Indian’s Vote Count; Be a Responsible Citizen – Ready to Vote; Vote Hai Hamara Adhikar, Na Karen Ise Bekaar.

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