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Pre-Primary Activities

January 2018


SPACE WORKSHOP                                                                                                                                                   

The children enthusiastically participated the third session of Space Workshop held on 13th of January 2018. The theme of the Workshop was ‘Interview with the Sun’ where children learnt about Sun which is the nearest Star, known by different names in different civilizationsThey enjoyed various activities and observed Sun through Pin-hole projector, Telescope and solar goggles. 

Show & Tell Competition (CLASS II)

Show & Tell Competition held on 17th January 2018, was an inter section competition. The topic was ‘Nature Box. Two children were selected from each section

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December 2017


Toy Sale Activity - Class 3 (22.12.17)

In order to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and to establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts, a Toy Sale Activity was conducted by Class 3. The activity focused on the practical knowledge of money concepts.


The second space workshop “The Mysterious Moon ” was organised on 09.12.17, Saturday in the premises of Mayoor School , Noida. 147 students participated in this interesting workshop.

English Handwriting Competition

On 6.12.17, English Handwriting Competition was held for class 1 students, keeping in mind the objective of creating awareness among students about the importance of handwriting.

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November 2017


ISA Activity

Class IV and V held ISA Activity on 21st Nov 2017.The topic for this year’s event was ‘Globe Trotting’.All students participated by creating captivating and colourful collages and also by decorating the class and corridor boards.They also made informative travel brochures and presented skit and comparative analysis on the chosen countries- India, China, Morocco & Switzerland.

Class Assembly

Class I-G kids presented class assembly on 17.11.17 on the topic healthy v/s junk food.

Class II F - Class Assembly ( 17th November, 2017)

The topic for the assembly was friendship which consisted of a skit and a dance. 

Class Assembly

Class Assembly was conducted for class IV-G on 15th November'2017 with a theme" Let's Save the Earth".


Maths Week was organized from 13-11-2017 to 17-11-2017 to let the children explore and learn in a fun filled way.

SPACE WORKSHOP                                                                                                                                                   

The children enthusiastically participated the first session of Space Workshop held on 11th of November 2017.The theme of the Workshop was ’Terra Magneta’ where children could explore that their home Planet Earth is a huge magnet. They enjoyed various activities like -‘ To find out the poles of the magnet, Save the magnetic Earth (maize game), and Fishing of metals.’

Children’s Day Celebration (Class II)  – 14th November, 2017

Class II celebrated children’s day with full enthusiasm. In the morning, children were told about Jawaharlal Nehru and why do we celebrate children’s day on his birthday. The children also enjoyed the movie ‘Despicable Me’. They were given sweets and frooti during their tiffin break. The teacher performed a skit, a role play and danced on the beat to entertain the children. Later there was music for the children as well to dance with their friends. A special card was also given to them as memoir from the teacher.

Class Assembly

Class V G held the Class Assembly on the topic "Laughter is the best medicine' on 8th of Nov 2017.

Inter Section (MS Paint) Computer Competition (Class 2)

An Inter Section Computer Competition was held on 6th of Nov 2017 using MS Paint software.

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October 2017


ISA Activity 2017-18 (Class – 3)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, keeping this in mind class 3 chose ISA topic as ‘Sports Fiesta”. The whole week was a panorama of sports activities. The schedule comprised of –

a)    Class Activity

b)    ISA Board Display

c)    Visit to Noida Stadium on 5th October

d)    Matches between classes on 6th October

Class Assembly II – E   (13/10/2017)

 Class Assembly was presented by II-E. The topic of the Assembly was "Swachchta He Sewa".

Story telling Competition- Class 1                                                                  Date – 13.10.17

Story telling is an immensely exciting activity to brush up speaking skills of the children so class 1 planned an inter section story telling competition for children. Theme of the competition was “moral story”. 


Class V children made colourful Torans for Diwali and decorated the classrooms with it.

Rangoli Making Activity (Class II)

On 11th October, 2017 children of class II decorated the floor of their classrooms with beautiful rangolis using flower petals and leaves. 

Heritage walk Class IV (4,5,& 12 th Oct)

Heritage walk to Humayun's Tomb commenced at 9:45 AM. Students witnessed Isa Khan's tomb first.They had an insight into the octagonal monument surrounded by octagonal sunken garden. They learnt about the significance of a mosque and water bodies near a Tomb. 


Monologue is a form of dramatic entertainment or comedic solo by a speaker. It was an inter section competition, the semifinal round was held on 03.10.17 and the finals were held on 09.10.17. The topic chosen for the Monologue was Crack Ad (Comedy and Satire).

MAGIC  SHOW (CLASS  I  & II) 10th October 2017, Tuesday

Day 10th October 2017, started with a spectacular event of Magic Show, organised by Scholastic India, for our little ones of Classes 1 & 2 by Mukesh  Pandey, a renowned magician.


It was a path breaking event in the course of our children’s learning. This activity imparted in them the knowledge of sports of the world as they learnt about the different sports of the world.

The theme for the same was “SPORTS FIESTA”. Various sports that had been highlighted in this fiesta like Cricket, Football, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and Hockey. Different sports were allotted to different classes. The activities conducted during the week were –

Activity 1:


Activity 2:


Activity 3

Display of ISA Board and booklet -

Venue: Class II

Date- 03.10.17

Visit to Noida Stadium

Venue: Noida Stadium

Date: 04.10.17


Matches  between classes.

Venue: Playground

Date: 06.10.17



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September 2017



Paper Craft Activity was organized for the children of class II. They got paper plates which they painted with different shades of blue, made paper boat and pasted on the paper plate, they also made Sun, giving it a complete scenery look.

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August 2017


Inter Section Powerpoint Competition

An Inter Section Powerpoint Competition was held on 31th of Aug using MS Powerpoint 2013 software. Two students from each section participated.

Class Assembly of 4- E was conducted on 17/8/19 on the topic 'Our Rights And Duties'. 27 students participated in the same. Information about our Fundamental Rights and Duties was emphasised along with their relation.



Like every year, this year also class1 Mayoorians celebrated different “Festivals of the world” under ISA activity. Class1 kiddos celebrated different festivals like Tomatina, Halloween, Diwali , Water festival and Hawaii yoga festival with full zeal .  

Inter House Competition 

 Topic: Tribes of India  (21-8-17)

Tribes to each House was given. Student were told to prepare themselves on the allotted tribes. Two students of each house were selected in the House Meet. They were trained by House teachers and House wardens. On the Final day of presentation they dressed themselves according to tribe, prepared the dance of the tribe and used the props also. 

Hindi Extempore Competition

Class 3 organised Interhouse Hindi Extempore Competition. It was conducted in two phases. First as prelim round on 4-8-17. Three finalists were selected from each house.There were 15 finalists in all for the Final round which held on 18-8-17. Children were given topic on the spot.


CLASS 4th and 5th (GIRLS)
Inter house FOOTBALL competition was held on 18.08.2017 boys.
12 students from each house were selected in preliminary rounds which were held on 03.08.17.

CLASS –III Independence Day Celebration

The students of class 3 organized a special assembly to celebrate the 70th Independence day.  Patriotic song  by the choir and dance by the children showed their patriotism. The highlight of the programme was a small film which showed the sacrifice of people who laid their lives and made the country independent.


Inter House Maths Quiz was conducted on 4th August, 2017. Three students from each house were selected (1 from class IV and 2 from class V). The selection was done on the basis of a preliminary round which was conducted in the House Meet on 6th July, 2017.

Class 3 D - Assembly 

Students of class 3 D of Mayoor School Noida celebrated Janmashtami with zest and fervour on Wednesday, 9th August 2017.

Class 3 - Dodgeball Competition

8th August 2017 was yet another day full of fun, energy, enjoyment, and sportsman spirit at Mayoor. We had the inter-house dodgeball competition for class 3. The competitions were held in open air – on school ground. 

Inter House kabaddi competition was held on 08.08.17.

12 boys from each house were selected in preliminary rounds which were held on11.08.17 to 12.08.17.


On Thursday 03/08/17, Mayoor School Noida organized a magic show to surprise the children. Around 300 students of class 3 enjoyed the show.


The students of class V-E conducted an assembly on 2nd August 2017 on the  topic 'Save Water Save Life'.

RAKHI MAKING                 

On Wednesday, 2nd August, 2017 the students of Class II made Rakhi. They used colourful material like ribbon, sequins and other decorative items to make beautiful Rakhis. 


1boy &1 girl from each house were selected in preliminary rounds which were held on 26 & 27 August.

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July 2017



Class 3C assembly was held on 19thJuly 2017 on the topic ‘Seasons.’ All the children who participated were dressed up according to the season they spoke about.

Rain Dance (28th July, 2017) Venue – Playground       

Rain Dance was organized for the children of Class II, the children wore colourful swimming costumes, sprinklers and showers were fixed in the playground. Children tapped their feet to the music, while enjoying the shower. 

Hindi interhouse vicharaabhivyakti

Final round for Interhouse "vicharabhivyakti" competition of class-5 was conducted by Hindi department on 21.7.17 in M.P. Hall.

Class I - Rain Dance Report

To see those millions of  smiles on the faces of our little Mayoorians we organised a rain dance party on 28/07/2017. It was a fun-filled event where children enjoyed the rain like sprinkles of water falling from everywhere possible around them. Hearty - foot tapping music added to the fun extravaganza. 

Book Week in Primary Wing

Mayoor School, Noida held the Book Week, organised by the English Department from 24th to 28th July 2017.

Inter Section Banner Making Competition

An Inter Section Banner Making Competition was held on 25th of July using MS Word software.

Class Assembly  II - C                                                                                                   

“Theme of the assembly – Eat Healthy to Stay Fit.” Date – 26.07.17

The assembly was conducted by the children of class II-C. A very relevant theme for today’s time and understanding of the children.

Assembly - IV D

The students of class IV D conducted the assembly on 26 July. Theme for the same was ‘Public Etiquettes’. 


Students of classes IV and V attended the Art and Craft workshops during their visit to Kiran Nadar Museum. 

Inter House Disaster Management Competition

Inter House Disaster Management Competition for class V was held in the 2nd week of July. 

Rain Water Harvesting Activity (19.07.17)

Children of Class II did Rain Water Harvesting activity on 19.07.17. This activity helped the students to understand why do we need to save water.

Class Assembly V-D

The Class Assembly for Class V D was held on 12/07/17, Wednesday. The topic of the Assembly was ‘HOPE AND POSITIVITY’ on the theme of ‘Be hopeful and Positive in all the difficult and challenging situations’. 

Number Games Activity (Class-III)

Activities provide an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing. Number Game Activity was conducted on 11th July’17 by all the sections of Class- III with 100% participation under the guidance of a teacher. 

Class IV C Assembly

Assembly was conducted by class IV C students on 6.7.17 (Thursday). Topic of that assembly was YOGA IN HEALTH. 

हिंदी कविता अनुवाचन प्रतियोगिता

 ५ जुलाई,२०१७ को कक्षा दो के छात्रों के लिए हिंदी कविता अनुवाचन प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया था | इस प्रतियोगिता का विषय था -प्रकृति | सभी छात्र-छात्राओं ने प्रकृति का महत्त्व बताते हुए बहुत ही सुंदर ढंग से कविताएँ सुनाईं | 

CLASS –III  Event: Science Week

Science week was an enjoyable and educative experience for children after rejuvenating themselves during summer holidays.

Science week extended from 3rd July to 7th July and each day had a planned schedule.


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May 2017


V-C Assembly

Class v-c conducted a morning assembly on the topic kindness.

Intra Section English Creative Writing cum Handwriting Competition was held from 8.5.17 to 12.5.17 in all sections of classes IV and V. Students participated enthusiastically.

Inter House chess competition

Classes IV-V (Boys/Girls) 2017-18
Inter House chess competition was held on 15.05.17.

Class Party was organized for the students of class II on 12.05.17. The theme of the party was Hawaii. 

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

To inculcate the habit of cleanliness and orderliness in our children and to instill the value of doing on your own class 3 organized a cleanliness drive on 12-5-17 where in children cleaned their desks, chairs, cupboards and surrounding areas. 

Show and Tell Competition(Date- 2.05.17)

Class I

Show and tell is a key part of child’s learning development, as it helps them to organize information and builds confidence. So to boost up confidence and sharpen the English speaking skills, a show and tell competition was organized for class 1 kids. The topic given to them was "My favourite toy".

Kids performed very well and lived up to the expectations.

Inter House English Group Recitation Competition

 Inter House English Group Recitation Competition for students of classes IV on 8th of May 2017. 

The theme was ‘Beauty of Nature.’ 

Cooking without Fire - Class I

Date – 6th May , 2017

The relationship between a mother and her child is unlike any other relation in the world.To strengthen the bond between the mother and the child,“Cooking Without fire” activity was organized for Mayoorians of class  1 .


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April 2017


Morning Assembly (Class  II – B) 28.04.17

"The theme of the assembly was - Save The Environment.

Skipping competition for girls classes 4 -5

Inter house skipping competition for girls was held on 24.04.17.
1girl from each house was selected in the preliminary rounds. Which were held on 17.04.17.

Inter house lawn tennis competition was held on 10.04.17

1boy & 1 girl from each house were selected in preliminary rounds which were held on 3.0417-4.04.17.

KARATE- 2017

Inter house karate competition was held on 17.04.17.
1boy & 1girl from each house were selected in preliminary rounds.



The students of class 4B got an opportunity to present an assembly on the topic ‘A Hole in the Fence” on 26th April. The students portrayed a message that words let out in anger could not be taken back and they hurt others a lot. 


Practicing handwriting is an incredibly important exercise for children, enabling them to develop fine motor skills, confidence and most importantly their very own style. To focus more on this, handwriting competition was organized on 26-4-2017. 


Colouring Competition was held on 12th April, 2017. It was an intra-section competition. 

ENVIRONMENT WEEK (17th April – 21st April)

Save Trees Save Earth

Nature walk was organized for class II children to explore the weather, different types of plants, trees and know the importance as well in our lives.

Save Water Save Earth

Children also drew water cycle and were told about the importance of water and how to save water.

Save Power

Everyday there was a power cut for half an hour, to make the children aware about it’s importance and how to save it. 

Cass 3 conducted two activities on the occasion of Earth Day Week. 

First activity was Litter Free Lunch Week(competition) which lasts for three days in continuation from 18th to 20th April 17. 

Second activity was Inter Class Drawing and Colouring Competition which held on 19th April 17. Topics were Stop Pollution or Save Environment(any 1 was to be chosen)

A Skating Show on 20th April, 2017 involving the students of Classes II to V. The budding 260 skaters from the age group of 7 years to 10 years zoomed on their skates and amazed the audience with their talent on quads, inline and adjustable skates.


Class V B conducted their assembly on 5th April. This was the first assembly for the session 2017-18. The topic of the assembly was “Time and Discipline”. 

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February 2017


Farewell to Class V

Class IV students bid an emotional farewell to the class V students in the 'Graduation Ceremony' held on 17th Feb in the amphitheatre. 

SUPW Presentations-Class IV & V (8th Feb)

SUPW presentations of different clubs such as Life Skills, Gardening Club, Best out of Waste, Yoga and G.k Club were held in the Amphitheatre in the zero period on 8th Feb 2017.

National Zoological Park, Delhi - Class III

Class 3 went to Delhi Zoological Garden on 07/02/2017 on an educational trip under ISA activity. The children immensely enjoyed the trip whereby they saw many animals like white tiger, hippo etc. 

SUPW Clubs Presentations of Class III were held on 1st , 2nd and 3rd February,2017 with the scheduled assemblies. The activities conducted were as follows:

Rhythm and Music (Vocal),Fireless cooking, Mathematics Club, Dramatics Club, Glass/ Tile Painting


Classes III-I & J conducted their annual class assembly on the theme Classroom Rules. 


Assembly started with prayers. After the news, the children talked about the advent of spring and the festivals celebrated during this season worldwide. The assembly ended with a song on spring. There were SUPW presentations of Spell Bee, GK Quiz, Vocal music and Instrumental clubs. 

SUPW Presentations-class IV & V (1st Feb)

SUPW presentations of different clubs such as  Public Speaking, Spell Bee, First Aid, Cooking and Baking and Needlecraft were held in the Amphitheatre in the zero period on 1st Feb 2017. 

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January 2017


Primary School Election (24.1.17)

Mayoor School, Noida conducted a mock election in the primary section, as instructed by CBSE, to create awareness amongst the students regarding the same. 


Election awareness activity was conducted in class III. Elections for the post of class monitor were conducted in all the sections of Class III.They were selected on Friday 20/01/2017and they delivered a speech and canvassed with posters of their election symbols in their hands on 23/01/2017.


An inter section sst quiz was organized by Social science department for class 4. The topic covered the 6 selected lessons of the syllabus. 

SUPW Presentations-class IV & V

SUPW presentations of different clubs such as the Maths Club, Science Club and Music Club were held in the MP Hall on 18th January in the zero period. 


Classes- 2G &H (20th January 2017) The  theme of the assembly was "Solar system and it's Planets.


The final round of English Storytelling Competition was held on 18th January’17. It was an inter section competition. Two best performances were chosen from each section for the final round. 


Now that the session is coming to an end, we want our children to have a day off from their studies and relax. A couple of activities of sports, music, dance, art and craft were planned for them in this regard and a Fun Day was celebrated on 16-1-17.

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