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May 2017


V-C Assembly

Class v-c conducted a morning assembly on the topic kindness.The students performed a short skit depicting the topic kindness works where anger fails.The story portrays how a king of planet neptune suddenly becomes arrogant and angry due to which the people of his kingdom are scared of him and in this anger he hits his own daughter and realises his mistake.The assembly was followed by awarding of certificates by the coordinator primary wing for inter house competitions and  Olympiads.

Intra Section English Creative Writing cum Handwriting Competition was held from 8.5.17 to 12.5.17 in all sections of classes IV and V. Students participated enthusiastically.

Inter House chess competition

Classes IV-V (Boys/Girls)
Inter House chess competition was held on 15.05.17.
1boy &  1girl from each house were selected in preliminary rounds which were held on 
The result of the competition is as follows:-
1st Ranveer Singh Khurana 5I krishanu house
2nd Mehul Kapoor 5C Varun house
3rd Najeeb -ur-rehaman-Khan 5F Amber house
4th Devaj  4A Vasudha house 
5th Dakash sharda 4 B

1st Lavanya Sharma 4J  Krishanu house
2nd Bhavya Goyal   5F Varun house
3rd Lakshi Singh 5I Amber house
4th Parthvi  5H Vasudha house
5th Aneesha 4F Salil house

All the students enthusiastically participated in the competition.

Class Party was organized for the students of class II on 12.05.17. The theme of the party was Hawaii. Children were dressed up in floral prints with hats/caps and sunglasses. They had a wonderful lunch with their friends in group.

Tear and Paste Competition was also held in which children participated and enjoyed pasting tiny bits of paper and made a beautiful scenery.

No party is complete without dance. The party ended with the dance.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

To inculcate the habit of cleanliness and orderliness in our children and to instill the value of doing on your own class 3 organized a cleanliness drive on 12-5-17 where in children cleaned their desks, chairs, cupboards and surrounding areas. The joy of self accomplishment was clearly visible on their beaming faces. 
Children also enjoyed Mother's Day Activity in which they made certificate for their mother on 12-5-17 and were told to paste their mother's photograph on it and award her on 14-5-17 as a token of love

Show and Tell Competition(Date- 2.05.17)

Class I

Show and tell is a key part of child’s learning development, as it helps them to organize information and builds confidence. So to boost up confidence and sharpen the English speaking skills, a show and tell competition was organized for class 1 kids. The topic given to them was "My favourite toy".

Kids performed very well and lived up to the expectations.

Inter House English Group Recitation Competition

Mayoor School, Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College, Ajmer held the Inter House English Group Recitation Competition for students of classes IV on 8th of May 2017. The event was organized in a professional manner which was appreciated by all.

The theme was ‘Beauty of Nature.’ The five teams belonging to Amber, Krishanu, Salil, Varun & Vasudha House participated in the competition. Each team had a narrator who impersonated the poet or poetess. Beautiful props and costumes were used. The teams were judged on the basis of introduction, narration, voice modulation, props used and overall synchronization.

The young children performed with great enthusiasm and perfect coordination. The responsive audience watched avidly and cheered them on. Salil House bagged the Ist, Krishanu House the 2nd  and Vasudha House the 3rd positions respectively. 

Cooking without Fire - Class I

Date – 6th May , 2017

The relationship between a mother and her child is unlike any other relation in the world.To strengthen the bond between the mother and the child,“Cooking Without fire” activity was organized for Mayoorians of class  1 .

Mom, with their little ones prepared cuisines like fruit salad, Veg sandwiches, Healthy Bhelpuri to display their culinary skills  and ideas. Cooking together helped kids and families learn to eat together. They developed team spirit and love for home cooked food, importance of hygiene and healthy eating habits. 

Name Class Position

April 2017


Morning Assembly (Class  II – B) 28.04.17

"The theme of the assembly was - Save The Environment.

The morning assembly was conducted by the children of class II – B. The topic for the assembly was Save The Earth. It started with thought of the day, a wonderful skit on GO GREEN, the importance of trees in our lives and how Earth was back in 1950, what all changes effected the Earth and how we can preserve the resources for our future generation. It was followed by a Dance performance then pledge by all the students to take care of the mother Earth. The CEO, Sarita Madhok appreciated the efforts put in by the students.

Skipping competition for girls classes 4 -5

Final Result 2017-18
Inter house skipping competition for girls was held on 24.04.17.
1girl from each house was selected in the preliminary rounds. Which were held on 17.04.17.
The result of the competition is as follows:
1st Tanishka chauhan VC Amber
2nd Devanshi Batra IVG Krishanu
3rd Hansika Singh VE Vasudha
4th Tanisha singh VF Salil
5th Harshita Chauhan VE Varun

All the students enthusiastically participated in the competition.Inter house lawn tennis competition was held on 10.04.17

1boy & 1 girl from each house were selected in preliminary rounds which were held on 3.0417-4.04.17.
The result of the competition is as follows:
1st Shashwat Agarwal V H. Amber
2nd Akshit Agarwal IV H Vasudha
3rd Bassam Qutub VH Krishanu
4th Arnav Rathi VD Varun
5th Samriddh Khanna VF salil
Girls :
1st Saanvi Sharma VH Amber
2nd Vanisha Singh VG vasudha
3rd Anushka Gupta IV A Krishanu
4th Niyati Jain IVF salil 
5th Nitya kaushik VG Varun

All the students enthusiastically participated in the competition

KARATE- 2017

Inter house karate competition was held on 17.04.17.
1boy & 1girl from each house were selected in preliminary rounds.
Which were held on 3.04.17--4.04.17.
1st Bismaad VD Amber
2nd purushottam Aneja VJ krishanu
3rd Ribhav Sharma VJ Salil
4th Dhairya Kasana VG vasudha
5th Parth Sarthi IVF Varun
1st Zaina Ahmed VC Vasudha
2nd Siddhi Agarwal VD Salil
3rd Anushka Verma VE Varun
4th Huda Abid V C Krishanu
5th Naira Usman IV I Amber

All the students enthusiastically participated in the competition.



The students of class 4B got an opportunity to present an assembly on the topic ‘A Hole in the Fence” on 26th April. The students portrayed a message that words let out in anger could not be taken back and they hurt others a lot. 


Practicing handwriting is an incredibly important exercise for children, enabling them to develop fine motor skills, confidence and most importantly their very own style. To focus more on this, handwriting competition was organized on 26-4-2017. A manuscript was given to the children. The criteria for selection was neatness, word formations, spacing and speed.

Three best entries from each section of class 3 were chosen as the winners from their respective sections.


Colouring Competition was held on 12th April, 2017. It was an intra-section competition. The students participated in the competition very enthusiastically. They coloured the picture with their beautiful imagination. They transformed the entire drawings into colourful pictures. Best three creations were selected from each section.

ENVIRONMENT WEEK (17th April – 21st April)

Save Trees Save Earth

Nature walk was organized for class II children to explore the weather, different types of plants, trees and know the importance as well in our lives.

Save Water Save Earth

Children also drew water cycle and were told about the importance of water and how to save water.

Save Power

Everyday there was a power cut for half an hour, to make the children aware about it’s importance and how to save it. 

Cass 3 conducted two activities on the occasion of Earth Day Week. 

First activity was Litter Free Lunch Week(competition) which lasts for three days in continuation from 18th to 20th April 17. These three days all the classes were judged (surprise checks) by our three judges(associate teachers). A format was followed in which classes were judged on the basis of litter free lunch boxes, awareness about environment,not using polybags/wrappers/foils etc, 

Result- Class 3-I stood FIRST 


Second activity was Inter Class Drawing and Colouring Competition which held on 19th April 17. Topics were Stop Pollution or Save Environment(any 1 was to be chosen)

Result- Vaanya Agarwal of 3-B------First

Ridhi of 3-G--------Second

Adya Raj of 3-D======Second

Ayaana Wali od 3-J--------Third

Radhika Khanna of 3-I------Third

100% participation was observed. Pictures have been attatched for Drawing and Colouring Competition herewith. Board is to be displayed on 21-4-17 showing best drawing sheets in Class 3's corridor.


A Skating Show on 20th April, 2017 involving the students of Classes II to V. The budding 260 skaters from the age group of 7 years to 10 years zoomed on their skates and amazed the audience with their talent on quads, inline and adjustable skates.

The school Principal Ms. Sarita Madhok declared the show open. Welcoming the participants, she reiterated the immensely crucial role played by sports in the holistic development of the students and the need to nurture a sports ethos in today’s world

The vote of thanks was extended to the staff, students & a special thanks to the parents by our Primary Coordinator Ms. Suman Aswal. 


Class V B conducted their assembly on 5th April. This was the first assembly for the session 2017-18. The topic of the assembly was “Time and Discipline”. With the help of a small skit children tried to give a message that discipline is the key to success. Children also emphasized on the importance of time. A beautiful poem was also presented.

All the children participated in the assembly and their efforts were appreciated by Suman ma’am.

Name Class Position

February 2017


Farewell to Class V

Class IV students bid an emotional farewell to the class V students in the 'Graduation Ceremony' held on 17th Feb in the amphitheatre. They presented bookmarks to class V as a token of affection. Class V students wore graduation caps and posed for pictures with their teachers. The students going to the middle wing will be really missed by the students of class IV and all the teachers.

SUPW Presentations-Class IV & V (8th Feb)

SUPW presentations of different clubs such as Life Skills, Gardening Club, Best out of Waste, Yoga and G.k Club were held in the Amphitheatre in the zero period on 8th Feb 2017.

The children started with an introduction of 'life skills.' They performed a skit wherein various situations, where soft skills are required, were highlighted. They talked about basics such as road crossing, operation of basic home appliances, communication, button fixing, table laying, etc, to the more complex skills of empathy and non violent conflict resolution. They wound up by stressing that the most important skill is the ability to learn.

The Gardening Club students highlighted the activities done during the year. They told about the plants grown in our school and also told about the uses of medicinal plants. Through a short poem they told about the importance of plants.

Best out of Waste Club made creative and useful products like pen holder, paper mache baskets, aluminium foil rolls, butterfly, tortoise, ants, flowers etc. They used waste products like old CDs, plastic bottles, aluminium foil rolls, newspapers etc. They learnt how to convert and recycle waste products into creative products. For Paper Craft, children made beautiful & creative craft products like newspaper baskets, paper strip animals, desk organizers, book marks, baskets, fairies, gift wrapping, etc. These skills improve their fine motor coordination and boost their self esteem..Clay modeling is an interesting activity for children. It helps with creative problem solving. Also manipulating clay is therapeutic. It is a great exercise for developing motor skills. Students created many beautiful clay sculptures like tortoise, elephants, human faces, trees, even Lord Ganesha.

Yoga club demonstrated a variety of asanas to the accompaniment of soothing music.

G.K Club students had a plethore of questions to keep the audience on their toes.

The presentations were captivating and children participated with zeal.


National Zoological Park, Delhi - Class III

Class 3 went to Delhi Zoological Garden on 07/02/2017 on an educational trip under ISA activity. The children immensely enjoyed the trip whereby they saw many animals like white tiger, hippo etc. The day ended with lunch at India Gate lawns in the pleasant spring weather.   

SUPW Clubs Presentations of Class III were held on 1st , 2nd and 3rd February,2017 with the scheduled assemblies. The activities conducted were as follows:

Rhythm and Music (Vocal)

The young buds of supw ‘music (vocal) and rhythm’ together gave a mesmerizing performance. The children of the Rhythm club put their little fingers on tabla, congo, bongo and filled the whole hall with the sweet melodious beats of Keherwa taal.  The students of Supw Vocal club sang a sargam geet in raag Bhupali with full confidence, striking the right notes.

Together the students of both the clubs created a magical atmosphere leaving the audience spellbound and engrossed into the world of music with their enchanting performance.                       

Fireless cooking:  The total strength of this group is 13.and all children participated. The display was marked by explaining culinary terms, quiz and demonstration of some dishes made by children. Emphasis on hygiene and nutritive aspect was also laid, table manners and aesthetic appearance of food was explained.

The Science Club: SUPW files were displayed which were completed by the science club children. The students performed four experiments and the audience (students and staff) enjoyed it.

The experiments were:

·         Music with water

·         We  breathe out hot air     

·          Water displaces air

·         Things with broader base float easier

It was a very thrilling experience for everyone.

Mathematics Club: The display of supw “maths club” took place on 1st February 2017. There was 100% participation of children. Children demonstrated different fun activities that they have learnt in the maths club. Some of the activities shown by the children were symmetry, tangram & measuring length etc. followed by mental maths quiz.                                                        

Dramatics Club: On 1st February Class III SUPW dramatics club presented the skit- Tenali Ram Ka Imtehaan. It was beautifully presented. All the children of dramatics club participated in it. All of them delivered their dialogues very confidently with proper voice modulation.

Paper Craft

Students took lots of interest in paper craft activity .They made beautiful and creative cards, pen stands, book marks, paper baskets, fairies and learnt the art of gift wrapping. These skills improved their fine motor coordination and boosted their self esteem. All the creative work done by the students was showcased by them with great pride and enthusiasm.

Glass/ Tile Painting

Students made beautiful tile painting with lots of enthusiasm. They learnt the technique of using acrylic colors on tiles. Glass painting was done on OHP sheets with glass colors. Students created beautiful lanterns with OHP sheets. The fun filled activity improved their coordination and fine motor skills. Collection of paintings and lanterns made by the children were displayed on the supw presentation day.     


Classes III-I & J conducted their annual class assembly on the theme Classroom Rules. Program started with the prayer followed by news and thought of the day. Afterwards there were small skits performed by the children showing different classroom situations. It was followed by thematic dance and pledges. Overall assembly was spell bound and with a strong message for children to follow classroom rules.

100% participation was observed.


Assembly started with prayers. After the news, the children talked about the advent of spring and the festivals celebrated during this season worldwide. The assembly ended with a song on spring. There were SUPW presentations of Spell Bee, GK Quiz, Vocal music and Instrumental clubs. The assembly concluded with a few encouraging words by our Primary Coordinator Ma’am, Mrs.Suman Aswal followed by the National Anthem. 

SUPW Presentations-class IV & V (1st Feb)

SUPW presentations of different clubs such as  Public Speaking, Spell Bee, First Aid, Cooking and Baking and Needlecraft were held in the Amphitheatre in the zero period on 1st Feb 2017. The variety of activities displayed was appreciated by all.

Presentation for Public Speaking Club was conducted with the theme' Child Labour'. The presentation was conducted in a professional manner with 100% participation of students. Students gave excellent performance.

Spell Bee Club children displayed how they spelt palindromes, anagrams, compound words, etc. It was an interactive session with enthusiastic participation from the audience.

First Aid Club demonstrated how to deal with emergencies and what to keep in mind when faced with sudden medical problems. They also shared useful tips.

Cooking and Baking club discussed what they had learnt over the year and offered mouthwatering delicacies like fruit chaat, gol gappa, fruit cream, etc. Apart from the great taste, the presentation was visually appealing as well.

The Needlecraft Club children showed others how to do basic stitches like hemming, chain stitch, etc and also how to sew buttons. It was felt that every child should know how to do simple stitches and sew buttons.

Overall it was an interesting and educative experience.

Name Class Position

January 2017


Primary School Election (24.1.17)

Mayoor School, Noida conducted a mock election in the primary section, as instructed by CBSE, to create awareness amongst the students regarding the same. The candidates were actively involved in campaigning and gave effective pre election speeches as to why they should be elected for the post. Young Mayoorians involved themselves sincerely in the process and cast their votes keeping in mind the importance of a good leader for the future.


Election awareness activity was conducted in class III. Elections for the post of class monitor were conducted in all the sections of Class III.

Four candidates were selected to take part in the election; they followed all the steps to participate in an election and learnt how and why elections are conducted and what the procedure is for the same.

They were selected on Friday 20/01/2017and they delivered a speech and canvassed with posters of their election symbols in their hands on 23/01/2017.


An inter section sst quiz was organized by Social science department for class 4. The topic covered the 6 selected lessons of the syllabus. There were four rounds. Buzzer round, identify the picture, rapid fire and find it out(on political map of India). Questions were pertaining to different aspects of the states of India that is, lifestyle of people,  vegetation, landforms, industries, famous places and minerals etc.

SUPW Presentations-class IV & V

SUPW presentations of different clubs such as the Maths Club, Science Club and Music Club were held in the MP Hall on 18th January in the zero period. The young Mayoorians showcased their talents in an innovative way which focused on various interesting activities, apart from academics.

The students of Maths Club demonstrated a few tricks on Vedic Maths, polygons, cubes etc. Models of Geo Board, Calendar, Cubes, Symmetrical designs made of water colours were also kept for display.

Music Club presented an instrumental recital with tabla and casio along with singing. The well coordinated and melodious numbers were mesmerizing and spoke of the socially relevant message of the ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan.’ Students also sung patriotic numbers. Instrumental music students played the classical Raag ‘Yaman Kalyan’ and were accompanied with tabla in Teen Taal.

Science Club   children gave a quick review of the activity done by them like cleaning coins using vinegar and baking soda, making white and colorful chalks using plaster of paris, etc. Few experiments were demonstrated like making rocket balloon based on the principles of Newton’s third law of motion and making Newton’s disc which tells that white light is made up of seven colours. The children also recited a poem on “how to think like a scientist”. Few amazing facts were told and finally the presentation concluded with questions for the audience.


Classes- 2G &H (20th January 2017)

"The  theme of the assembly was "Solar system and it's Planets.

All the children participated with great fervour & enthusiasm . The children depicted themselves as planets . The knowledge imparted during the assembly was how the  movement of planets in their orbit effects day and night , seasonal changes ,arrival of New Year. The educational message transformed into a fun session through shaking their legs on rhythmic beats based on planets.


The final round of English Storytelling Competition was held on 18th January’17. It was an inter section competition. Two best performances were chosen from each section for the final round. The students narrated interesting stories with the theme as humour/horror. Their presentation and confidence were praiseworthy. Following students were chosen as the best performers:

Vaanya Agarwal (II A) - 1st Position

Adya Raj (II C)                 - 2nd Position

Aadrika Narula (II G)   - 3rd Position


Now that the session is coming to an end, we want our children to have a day off from their studies and relax. A couple of activities of sports, music, dance, art and craft were planned for them in this regard and a Fun Day was celebrated on 16-1-17.It had given the children yet another venue to broaden their horizons. Our skilled teachers had provided guidance, direction and opportunity in engaging them in a number of fun filled, interesting activities.

Name Class Position

December 2016


Maths week was celebrated in class 1 from 27-12-2016 to 30-12-2016.

Day 1- Shopclues - The students were educated about how to shop different items. They were told about MRP.

Day 2- Clock making- The students were educated about "o"clock by making a clock with paper plates and ice cream sticks.

Day 3- Making of scenery with cut outs of different shapes- Students made a scenery with different shapes enthusiastically.

Hindi Story Telling Competition

Class 3 organised Hindi Story Telling Competition final round on 23-12-16. Two finalists were selected in prelim round from each section. Twenty children participated in the final round in all. Each child told a story with the best of his or her ability and skill. They all narrated moral based stories. The result is mentioned below

Ist Postion- DAKSH III-A




A day Adventure Camp for Class 2 students was organised on 29th of December. Around 210 students participated in all the activities whole heartedly and enthusiastically. Their excitement and happiness knew no bounds while performing all the activities under the guidance of their instructors. Their fear for some activities vanished within no time seeing their friends doing the same. These adventurous activities will surely make them a ‘Bravo’.

Inter Section GK Quiz

An Intra Section GK Quiz was conducted for Class 2 students on 27th of December. The pattern of Quiz was in a form of MCQ. Students were asked questions based on their GK curriculum and Current Affairs related with Politics & Sports.

It will add their inquisitiveness towards the Global happenings, in turn they will know more and more to enhance their knowledge. 


Class 2 students had a very successful Maths Week from 20th December to 23rd December.There were many funfilled activities related with Maths like Fun with Shapes, Bingo Game, Hunt the Numbers(an outdoor activity) and finally the Maths Quiz. All the students took part in Maths Week and thoroughly enjoyed the week and had great fun.


Inter House Spell Vocab Competition for class 4 was held on 8th December 2016 in the MP Hall. The children learnt a lot of new things by participating in various rounds like the Adverb Charads, NOAD Round, Verb Bank, Books and Authors Round and Rapid Fire Round. The first position was bagged by Varun House followed by Salil House in second position. The position was shared by both Vasudha and Amber House.

II F Assembly

Students of II F conveyed an important message of 'Ekta Main Bal' through a skit which depicted how the seven colours stay together and form a beautiful rainbow. They also danced energetically on a peppy song about rainbow. Primary co-ordinator Ms. Suman Aswal appreciated the efforts put in by the students.


Students of class 1F performed in their assembly on 2/12/16. Through this assembly they shared six important things we all need to keep in our mind in case they come across a stranger. They also performed on the song “Stranger Danger what to do………”. It was an informative and fun filled experience for the students and they enjoyed being a part of this assembly.

Name Class Position

November 2016


Assembly V I

Class V-I conducted an assemly on 24-11-2016 thursday. the topic for it was value of time. Students recited a hindi poem samay bahut hi mulyavan hai fom their hindi sallybus. this was followed by a short skit on the topic  in which a student tends to be layed back towards all his important work and does not value time due to which he loses an oppurtunity to get selected for a race in school and repents later. The assembly concluded witha doha of saint kabir das "kaal kare so aaj kar aaj kare so ab". In the end principal Mrs Sarita Madhok guided the students with her speech. 

Assembly IV J


The class assembly of Class IV J was conducted on 30.11.2016 in the M.P hall.

The assembly emphasized on the power of determination. Through a short skit children were very successfully able to pass on the message that if we are are determined to do a task no one can stop us. 100% participation despite the bad weather and the sudden change in the venue proved the determination of the children.

Computer Intersection Competition was held for Class III in KTURTLE software on 28/11/16.

Students were asked to draw pictures using KTURTLE commands in the specified period.


Following students were the winners:

1st Position: VYOM AGARWAL

2nd Position: MD. ADNAN ALI


3rd Position: MD. ALI ZAFAR

3rd Position: RACHIT SINGH






























To imbibe the spirit of learning and competition amongst students class 3 held an Intra section English Extempore Competition in the M.P Hall  on 25th  November 2016 . There were 20 participants in all.

Every participant was given time to prepare the speech on the topic allotted at that moment. All the students spoke on the allotted topics with confidence. The judgment was based on the content, expression, oratory skills and diction.

The judges for the event were Ms..Anitha and Ms.Anamika

The students who emerged victorious are as follows:

I st  position-  Akshat Gupta (III I )

2 nd position-  Ansh Chadha (III D)

3 rd position-  Abhay Shekhar( III C)


Hindi Group Song Competition held on 24th Nov'16 was an inter section competition. Each section sang a different song based on the theme " Mere Dost". There was 100% participation and all the students sang delightfully and melodiously. Class II H bagged the 1st position followed by Class II E and I which bagged the 2nd and 3rd  position respectively.

Wildlife author Deepak Dalal visits Mayoor School, Noida

Mayoor School, Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer invited wildlife author Deepak Dalal for an interaction with students of class IV and V on 25th Nov 2016.

Through a combination of discussions and video recordings, he motivated the children to be aware of problems facing wildlife, particularly birds and he actively encouraged them to contribute towards saving wildlife. He spoke about life of caged birds and the travails of migratory birds.

The children were enthralled with the stories of ‘Talon, the falcon’ about a caged peregrine falcon and ‘A flamingo in my garden,’ about a Mumbai flamingo which goes missing.

The students were well informed about wildlife and asked many pertinent questions. They conveyed their awareness of problems faced by animals and birds and were motivated to become future crusaders for saving forests and wildlife.


Mayoor School which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer  organized the event, ‘One Nation Reading Together’ at the school premises on 25 November 2016. All the students assembled in different venues with their favourite books, to celebrate the pleasure and joy of reading . The entire school throbbed with the same goal of reading as the Principal, Vice-principal, Headmistress, Teachers, Administrative staff, parents and helpers joined enthusiastically to make the event a grand success.It was appreciated and enjoyed by one and all present.



The SETU colouring competition was held on 23rd Nov'16.  Students of all the sections of class 2 participated whole heartedly for the noble cause. The creativity was at its best as the students made beautiful drawings and spread the colours of their imagination so vibrantly.


SETU drawing competition was held with the same excitement and galore as ever. Children of class III also participated in the competition with topics like

·         Respect for Elders

·         A fair scene etc    

Showing their flair in drawing and art three best entries were selected from class III.  Namely

Sukanya Rawat (III-A) – 1st Position

Lavanya Arora (III- I) – 2nd position

Nandini Goswami (III- H) – 3rd position

Aaria (III-D) – 3rd Position


The students of Class III went to the National Rail Museum on 24th November, where they saw and learnt more about the development of the Indian railways from the East India Company’s time when steam engines were used till today’s time when all the modern technology and engineering combined together gives us one of the longest railway connectivity in the world.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the ride on the joy train as well. Overall it was a good learning experience for children.

Heritage walk – Class V

Mayoor School Noida in collaboration with Mayo College Ajmer organised a Heritage walk for students of class V to Qutub Complex Delhi. Students were enriched with the historical background and facts of this complex and its significance. They soaked in the rich environment of different monuments in the complex and understood its architecture, a rich amalgamation of Mughal and Hindu designs. This was followed by activities of puzzle solving and a questionnaire.  The overall experience was enriching and enjoyable.

Class 4 visit to National Bal Bhavan

The students of class 4  enjoyed a trip to the National Bal Bhavan on 18th of November. The trip helped them to switch to a refreshing mode from a monotonous routine. They had a jolly train ride inside the campus which also involved a beautiful picturesque of all the Indian states followed by a visit to the Jawahar Aquarium. They also gathered information about the past from the museum and had fun with the variety of birds in the sanctuary. The students returned to school with loads of sweet memories. 


Morning Assembly was conducted for class IV-I on16.11.2016. The Theme for the assembly was" INVENTIONS".

Students eloquently shared their ideas on Inventions and their importance to the society. They shared how invention shape our daily lives and have added comforts to each human being. It is because of inventions that world has exponentially advanced from early nomads to the modern scientific human being.

The efforts of children were highly appreciated by Coordinator. She encouraged children to be innovative and bring many more inventions into this world so that human being by-and-large are benefited.


The students of class IVH presented an assembly on the topic “Who Are You – the potato, the egg or the coffee beans?” on 4th November (Friday) in the amphi theatre. The motive of the assembly was to make the students aware of the three types of people in the world. The assembly started with a prayer followed by a story enactment, poem recitation and ended with national anthem.

Inter House cricket match was held on 9.11.16.

15 students were selected from each house.

1st Salil House
2nd Amber House
3rd vasudha House
4th Varun House
5th Krishanu House
All the students participated enthusiastically.


Class II E has conducted assembly on 3th November ’16. The assembly was about SAVE WATER. The assembly started with Morning Prayer, thought of the day and continued till National Anthem. This topic was chosen to create awareness among children about conservation of water. The students were confident. Guests of German Exchange Programme were also present to witness the assembly. Later, while addressing the students, they appreciated the efforts of the students of II E.

Computer Intersection Competition was held for Class II in MS-PAINT software on 04/11/16. Students were asked to draw a complete colourful picture in the specified period.

Following students were the winners:






Name Class Position

October 2016



Class V H conducted their assembly on 19th October. The topic of the assembly was Health- The pathway to prosperity. With the help of a small skit children tried to give a message that health is the most essential thing in life. We need to take care of ourselves by not only eating healthy food but by also doing regular exercise and keeping our environment clean. A beautiful poem was also presented.

All the children participated in the assembly and their efforts were appreciated by Principal ma’am.


Selection round was held on17.10.16
One boy ,one girl selected from each house. Final held on21.10.16
100mtrs Race

Shorya partap singh 4 G Krishanu house Ist
Atharv Singhal 5E Salil house llnd
Aarav Parashar 5E  Varun House lllrd
Ishaan Jha 5D Amber House. lVth

Gurkshtij Singh. 5I Krishanu house lst
Aarav Parashar 5E Varun house llnd
Ishaan Seth 5C Amber House lllrd
Atharav Singhal 5 E Salil house lVth


Navya Gupta 5B Salil House lst
Bhoomi Kinra 5 F Krishanu house llnd
Reha Dhingra 5 D Vasudha house lllrd
Aanya Bhatia 5 B Amber house lVth

Aanya Bhatia 5B Amber house lst
Bhoomi Kinra 5 F Krishanu house llnd
Reha Dhingra 5D Vasudha house lllrd
Aadya          4J     Varun house lVth

All the students participated enthusiastically

Story telling Competition - Class 1

“Great stories happen to those who can tell”

To boost of the confidence and enhance the speaking skills of the children we organized a inter section story telling competition. There were two rounds preliminary  round followed by final round which was on 27.10.16.

Theme of the competition was “moral story” and children came up with really good stories. Children were so confident and charismatic that they made audience and judges spell bound. The competition was very hard but all the students did a great job.


MANSIDAK SINGH – 1st position (class 1-G)

ASHI JAIN- 2nd position (class 1- F)

ARYAMAN KOTHARI – 3rd position ( class 1-A)

Space worksop

A fun filled and educational worshop related to the phenomena behind rocket science was conducted in Mayoor School premises on 22.10.16 . The learnt the various related concepts with the help of fun filled activities. They made a model of a rocket and enjoyed its launching too.Asthis was the first worksgooof the series all the children were very excited and are surely looking forward for the next workshop to be held in November.



ISA activity is held every year in Mayoor School. All the children of the school participate in this event. This year the topic given to class III students for ISA activity was ‘Exploring Wildlife’.Animals are close to every individuals heart especially small children who not only enjoy being with them but also depicting them.

The activity started on 7th October with the making of masks of different animals like lion, tiger, zebra, jackals, elephants etc. Children also foraged information about some unusual animals like ring tailed lemur, zebra duikers, blonde hedgehog, caracal etc. They wrote a few lines about the unusual animals on A4 size sheets and also presented the animals’ picture.  All the class boards were beautifully decorated with hand puppets, masks and information on unusual animals.

On 21st October ‘Animal March’ was conducted in Amphitheatre. Every child wore his/her mask and dressed up as an animal and performed on the stage where they spoke a few lines about the animal they were dressed as. It was a very informative and edifying activity which the students enjoyed thoroughly. 100% participation was observed.

English Spell Bee Competition

The final round of English Spell Bee Competition was held on 19th Oct'16. It was an inter class competition. There were 3 rounds in it viz dictation, unjumble the letters and fill in the missing letters. Top two students (who qualified in the prelims held on 18th Oct) from each section participated  and gave stiff competition to each other. Following were the winners:
Aayushmaan Tiwari (II B) - 1st Position
Vihaan Aggarwal (II I) & Harshit Verma (II A) - 2nd Position
Shaurya Vohra (II B) - 3rd Position

Class Assembly of IV G

The students of class IV G conducted assembly on 5th of October 2016. The theme of the assembly was PERSEVERANCE. The students presented a beautiful poem ‘Try and try again’ with full enthusiasm. The students also presented a hindi poem ‘Desh ke veer sipahi dekho maa ka karz chukate hain’. Through this poem the students paid tribute to the perseverance and dedication of the soldiers.





DATE OF VISIT  -  5th , 6th and  7th OCTOBER 2016

Mayoor School Noida organised a Heritage Walk to Humayun’s Tomb for all the students of class fourth.

The students were eager to learn about the Heritage site. They enthusiastically listened to the brief introduction given by our guide Jaya about the Mughal period. The children even noted down some facts and figures about the life of Humayun. A handout on Humayun’s tomb was distributed among the students and a colouring competition was also held.

It was an enjoyable and informative trip for both the students and teachers.


Obstacle Race has been organized for class 2 students on 5th October, 2016, it was an intra-section competition. Children cleared all the hurdles and reached the finish point. All the sections performed very enthusiastically.


It was a day full of fun, when the children of class 3 took part in the obstacle race organized for them. Obstacles were kept mid-way the track, both boys and girls ran on the respective tracks assigned to them. First three boys and three girls (from each section) to reach the finish line after crossing all the hurdles were winners. 

Class 3 E - Assembly                

Topic: Incredible India
It was a journey across India where in children explained how India is globally accepted for its achievements. It also highlighted how various modern facts and sciences like shunya, astronomy and yoga have originated from India. The assembly concluded with a foot tapping song and dance .

Name Class Position

September 2016


Magic Show

On Tuesday  27/9/16,  Mayoor School Noida organized a magic show to surprise the children. Around 300 students of class 3 enjoyed the show.

The magician was lively and showed many tricks. The children were kept enthralled for about 40 minutes. The magic tricks were appropriate and entertaining. The magician connected with the kids and involved them in his tricks.

The children were mesmerized by the mysterious tricks the magician performed. They wondered at the tricks and showed enthusiasm to learn some of them.

The programme was full of laughter, surprise and excitement which was enjoyed very much by the children.

 Best out of waste

An interesting activity for class III ( Best out of waste ) was organized at Mayoor School Noida on 23/9/16 .Students created beautiful photo frames with waste materials. Completing the craft successfully gave them a great sense of accomplishment and pride.


Practicing handwriting is an incredibly important exercise for children, enabling them to develop fine motor skills, confidence and most importantly their very own style. To focus more on this, Hindi handwriting competition was organized on  06-09-2016 . A manuscript was given to the children. The criteria for selection was neatness and word formations.

ISA Activity 2016 -17

Class 1:Theme- Festivals Of The World

Tiny tots of class I with full zeal and zest participated in ISA activity, ‘Festivals of the World.’ The event was conducted over a week from 29.8.16 to 2.9.16. Children celebrated different festivals like Holi (India), Carnival (Brazil), Halloween (USA), Tomatino (Spain) and Lantern (Thailand). Students participated in different activities like dancing and watching PowerPoint presentation related to the festival followed by a questionnaire.

Children were thrilled to be the part of this activity and enjoyed themselves a lot. 

Morning Assembly on the topic"Time Management" by Class III D

It is said that childhood is a training ground for the real world. Teaching students how to manage their time effectively is the best gift that we, as adults, can offer.

With the same objective, the assembly of 8th September’16  was planned by the students of Class III D. There couldn’t have been a better beginning to the assembly with morning prayer, thought of the day and news headlines. The importance of time management was wonderfully showcased in the form of a play. The children also performed many exercises and a fun dance. The message of the assembly was successfully portrayed that effective time management can be done by using daily planner and focusing on our priorities which can result in more quality time to relax and enjoy life. In addition, good time management skills help reduce stress.

To learn life management, it is important to learn time management was the gist of the assembly.

Name Class Position

August 2016



It was a path breaking event in the course of our children’s learning. This activity imparted in them the knowledge of sports of the world as they learnt about the different sports of the world.

The theme for the same was “SPORTS FIESTA”. Various sports that had been highlighted in this fiesta like Cricket, Football, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and  Aerobics. Different sports were allotted to different classes. The activities conducted during the week were –


Activity 1:


Activity 2:


Activity 3:


Display of ISA Board-




Matches  between classes.




Visit to Noida Stadium

Date: 29.8.16


Class -4 F Assembly

Class IV F assembly was conducted on 24 Aug 16.The topic of the assembly was ‘How to study’ and get good marks in the forthcoming exams. Children presented a skit and gave tips on how to learn. It was concluded by a small poem written by class student Roohi. The students participated with great enthusiasm and it was appreciated by all.

Assembly of Class IV E  (Date: 10-08-16)

Topic: Role of SardarBhagat Singh in Indian Independence

After giving a small introduction about The Independence day Students presented a small skit on SardarBhagat Singh starting from the incident of JallianWalaBagh. They started from his childhood and showed his role in Independence of India. They expressed that what India to be free from British rule at any cost. All students participated in this assembly. They were confident. In the end they presented dance on a song sung by Ms. Lata Mangeshkar.

 ISA  Activity on ‘Freedom Fighters of the World’

Mayoor School Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer

 conducted ISA activity on 17th August 2016. The topic for it was ‘freedom fighters of the world.’ All sections of classes IV and V were given three selected continents and countries, one for each section. Students were supposed to find out about different freedom fighters of these countries and continents and make a collage, charts and cut outs of the same. These were displayed on boards. Students of class V performed a skit based on racial discrimination faced by Africans in America. A poem Jhansi Ki Rani by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan was recited by the students of class IV. They also enacted the verses and portrayed the life of Lakshmi Bai, the queen of Jhansi and her revolt against the British rule. All students and teachers enjoyed the performance. 

INTERSECTION COMPUTER COMPETITION  was held for class IV on 4.8.16. They had to make a banner in MS Word 2013 on the given topic. The winners are

First – Yatharth Soni IV-E

Second – Ritvik Mishra IV-A

Third – Archisha IV-C and Parthvi AgarwaI IV-G

INTERSECTION COMPUTER COMPETITION  was held for class V on 9.8.16. They had to make a presentation in Powerpoint 2013 on the given topic. The winners are

First – Rishit Vohra V-F

Second – Rushil Goyal V-D

Third – Vitthal Agarwal V-A and Arshia Mohanty V-I


Class 3 conducted Hindi Handwriting Competition on August 12,2016 in all the sections. Children were enthusiastically trying to show their best calligraphy. They were supposed to copy a paragraph from their Hindi book-Vitaan page 103. Best five sheets were chosen and teachers exchanged them to select the best three entries as position holders in each section.


Children thoroughly enjoyed making rakhis on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. A sense of love and affection was quite evident in each of their actions when they adorned rakhis with beautiful accessories. After all, those efforts were for someone special! This one was filled with fun and frolic.


The sandwich making activity  held on 16th Aug' 16 was one fun filled affair for the students of Class II. Their creativity and culinary skills were at its best as they decorated their sandwiches with such perfection and maneuver.

ASSEMBLY ON INDEPENDENCE DAY was conducted by class 1-b on 11-8-16. It was a special assembly in which children were dressed as different freedom fighters and gave a message of brotherhood. Children of Mayoor school took a pledge to become a good and responsible citizen of India. The assembly started with a skit followed by a patroitic dance performance which the children enjoyed and performed enthusiastically.At the end there was an interaction session  by principal ma'am with the students followed by national anthem.


Practicing handwriting is an incredibly important exercise for children, enabling them to develop fine motor skills, confidence and most importantly their very own style. To focus more on this, handwriting competition was organized on  08-08-2016 . A manuscript was given to the children. The criteria for selection was neatness and word formations.


Monologue is a form of dramatic entertainment or comedic solo by a speaker. It was an inter section competition, the semifinal round was held on 1-08-16 and the finals were held on 9-08-16. The topic chosen for the Monologue was humour/ satire. The students were very confident and came up with nice and funny acts which were enjoyed by the listeners too.

The winners  of the final round were as follows:

Name of the winners



Vaanya Agarwal



Aadya Raj and Aadrika Narula

II – C & G


Bhavni Seth

II – E


Health is wealth! Keeping it in mind, class III-B made nutritional salads on Friday, 05.08.2016. They had a lot of fun preparing and dressing it. They very enthusiastically learnt the nutritional value in each of the ingredients. Later, in the break, the students enjoyed their delicious salads.


Students of class V E conducted an assembly on 3rd August 2016. The theme of the assembly was Positive Attitude. The assembly started with the thought in English and Hindi followed by National and Mayoor News. The students presented a skit and a song on the theme positive attitude. All the students participated in the assembly with full enthusiasm. 

Assembly – Class 3C

On 4th August assembly was conducted by students of class III-C on the topic “TEAM WORK”. They enacted a story of Rabbit and Tortoise and gave the message of working together as a team. It was conveyed to the students that team work divides task and multiplies success. Children also tapped their feet on the foot tapping song “TOGETHER WE ASPIRE, TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE”.

Name Class Position

July 2016


Library week (25th July to 29th July 2016)

Following activities were conducted in the Primary wing during Library week:

Class I :        Cartoon Movie (Peppa Pig &The Library)

Class II : Cartoon Movie(Peppa Pig &The Library)                                                  Documentary (How to take care of your library books)

 Bookmark making, designing book covers for Ruskin Bond stories & reading those stories, reading other stories and writing the summary.

Class III : Library without walls

Word search, Sequence circle story, Read a story, Menu card making and Word chain activity.

Class IV : Visit to British Council Library on 26th July.

Class V  : Book Exhibition

                             (Favourite books of Teachers) /

                              Author Talk with Ms Namita Mehra on 28th July.

Students of classes IV and V took part in intra-section creative writing competition where they wrote a story/paragraph/ poem or dialogue on the given topic.

Students actively participated in all the activities. They enjoyed the week filled with fun and knowledge. 

Class 3 celebrated Science week from 25th July to 29th July. It was a good experience for them and they enjoyed a lot. They learnt about different scientific facts and observed some funny scientific experiments.

Also, they were given some fantastic puzzles to solve which they solved with a lot of enthusiasm.


All the children of class IV-C  enthusiastically  participated  in the class assembly on the theme ‘STOP POLLUTION’. The National and the International news, sports news , Mayoor  news and thought for day was very confidently read by the children. This was followed by a small skit where the children showed the different types of pollution and its ill effect. A small speech was given by the children on different ways to stop pollution. Placards were displayed on different ways to stop pollution. Last but not the least  different ways in which our school is playing important role to stop pollution was also highlighted. At the end all the children participated in the song ‘THE EARTH WE ARE LIVING IN TOGETHER. 


Date : 28th July,2016         Topic : Celebrating Monsoon         Conducted by: Class II C

On Thursday, 28th July, 2016 the primary morning assembly was conducted by the students of class II C. The assembly started with the prayer song followed by the thought for the day. Then the students presented a skit on the theme ‘Celebrating Monsoon’ and a dance on the song “drip-drop rain” using umbrellas as the prop.The skit depicted the importance of rain water and how it could be utilised optimally. All the students participated with enthusiasm and danced with a great zeal.

Then Principal ma’am addressed to the students and teachers giving her valuable feedback and suggestions. Certificates for Hindi Recitation competition were also given in the assemby by the Primary Coordinator.

The assembly ended with the national anthem.

Show and Tell Competition - Class I

To boost up confidence and sharpen English speaking skills, a show and tell competition was organized for class 1 kids. The topic given to them was "My favourite toy".

Kids performed very well and lived up to expectations.


Class 1A – First

Class 1D – Second

Class 1I – Third

The Inter house English Elocution Competition  for class IV and V was held in the 3rd and 4th period on

22 nd July in the M P Hall.

There were 4 participants each  from all the five houses and they gave their speech on different topics.

The judges , Suman ma'am and Sushma ma'am appreciated the participants .

Result: Class IV

1st-  Krishanu house

         Yatharth Soni IV E

2nd- Vasudha house

          Hansika Singh IV D

3rd -  Amber house

          Keisha Kalyan IV C

Class V

1st-  Krishanu house

         Vyom Bhat V F

2nd- Amber house

         Armiya Sultan V G

3rd - Vasudha House


         Maira Alam V B 

Assembly - Together we can change the world

The assembly on 20th July was conducted by class V D.The topic was Together we can change the world.Children portrayed different situations of the class in the form of a skit to give the message of peace , harmony and togetherness and encouraged everyone to bring positive changes in the surroundings . A beautiful poem and a song with the same message were also presented .All the students participated in the assembly and their efforts were appreciated by the Principal ma'am.

Class 4 D assembly on 27.07.2016  (Topic : Fitness)

Children spoke about the meaning of fitness, how to exercise, when to exercise and what are the benefits of keeping fit.Assembly was concluded by the display of some exercises.

Class teacher: Renu Singh

Rain Water Harvesting Activity - class II

Children of Class II did Rain Water Harvesting activity in the third week of July. Children brought small labelled buckets from home. During the rain, the rain water was collected in a big bucket and then transferred to the other small buckets. Later this water was reused to water the plants. This activity helped the students to understand why do we need to save water and how can the same be done.

Tear & paste competition class3

The tearing out and pasting activities help, develop and strengthen fine motor skills and hand co-ordination in children. Tear and Paste Competition for class III students was conducted on 22nd July 2016 to inculcate an interesting art form and to encourage the children to use the paper & glue constructively. A beautiful picture was given to the students; they used colourful papers to complete the picture.

Inter house kho-kho competition was held on 08.04.16 girls and 11.04.16 boys.

12 students from each house were selected in  preliminary rounds which were held on 04.04.16 and 05.04.16.

The result of the competition is as follows.

1st Position-Salil House
2nd Position-Vasudha House
3rd Position- Varun House
4th Position-Krishanu House
5th Position- Amber House 


1st Position-Karishanu House
2nd Position- Salil House
3rd Position- Vasudha House
4th Position-Amber House
5th Position- Varun House 

All the students enthusiastically participated in the competition

Inter house kabaddi competition was held on 15.07.16.

12 students from each house were selected in  preliminary rounds which were held on 05.07.16.

The result of the competition is as follows.

1st Position-Amber House

2nd Position-Varun House

3rd Position- Salil House

4th Position-Vasudha House

5th Position-Krishanu House

All students enthusiastically participated in the competition.

Inter House Disaster Management Competition

Inter House Disaster Management Competition for class V was held in the 2nd week of July. Students were asked to make presentation on various types of natural disasters. The selection of the best entries was done by the house incharges on the basis of creativity and research done by the students. The best two entries per house were displayed on the corridor board.

INTER HOUSE POSTER MAKING COMPETITION was held on 8th july 2016 for classes IVth and VTh . students made very creative and colorful posters .


Sr. no








IV - A


















IV - B






IV - E













V- F






V - B






V – B  
















Number Games Activity(Class-III)

Number Games Activity was conducted on 15th July, 16 by all the sections of Class-III in Activity Periods with 100 percent participation. It included the following activities:

Ø  Forming numbers, rounding numbers, number names, mental maths using Number Cards

Ø  Expanded Form Activity using Spin Wheel

Ø  Abacus Activity

Ø  Clap and Tap Multiplication Game

Ø  Locating numbers on Ganit Mala

Children enjoyed playing all the Maths games and had great fun.


Children of class III did an activity of making club card for entering the club of their choice. Herein emphasizing on utilizing their time wisely and being an active member of a club of their choice was the objective. The activity was also used as a startup to the literature text that the students were about to get in touch with.


Tear and Paste Competition was held for class 2 on 5th July,16. It was an intra section competition. The students participated in the competition very enthusiastically. They creatively decorated the pictures given to them with bits of paper and transformed the entire drawings into colourful pictures. Best three creations were selected from each section.

Name Class Position

May 2016



DATED : 6TH MAY, 2016

Our motto today ‘SAVE EARTH’. We take upon our shoulders our beloved Prime Minister’s mission of Swacch Bharat as EVS activity. Class 3 undertook cleanliness drive today whereby children cleaned their class rooms and the corridor leaving the class 3 floor of the building sparkling clean before going for the summer break. A sincere and applaudable initiative by the future citizens of the nation.

Maths Activity (Class V)

Students of class V conducted a maths activity “hop and Shop” on 5/5/16. As the name suggests the main aim was to explain how things are bought and sold in the market. The students were divided into different groups and market scenes were created wherein different shops were there like cloth shop, stationary shop, and toy shop. Some students were customers. Calculations of discounts were also done. Overall children enjoyed the activity. Principal maam and HOD Maths MS.Vinita visited all the classes and encouraged the children. The result is as follows:

1st positon-Class V I

2nd positon-Class V A

3rd positon -Class V G

Name Class Position

April 2016


Class 1 Movie Time

Students of class 1 went to see movie, Kung Fu Panda 3 on 25/4/16 in Spice Mall. Children had a fun filled and wonderful time. Later on students also shared their views about the movie with their classmates.

Tree Plantation Activity of class 1

Students of class 1 participated in Tree Plantation Activity on 22/04/16 to celebrate World Earth Day. Students came out to the playground area section wise and planted  trees. Each section was divided into three groups were in each group was delegated a task. It was an enriching and inspiring activity for the students.


“Lunch does taste better when nothing is left to waste.”

Students are encouraged to bring food in cloth napkin instead of foil. They  were asked to bring food in reusable containers that are taken home each day. In this scenario very little trash is generated.

THE INTER HOUSE ENGLISH GROUP RECITATION COMPETITION for students of classes IV & V was held on the 21st of April. The theme was animals, birds or insects and the teams were allowed to use costumes and props. Each team had a narrator dressed up as the poet or poetess. The student impersonating the poet spoke about his/ her life, education, source of inspiration and also revealed an interesting fact. The students were animated and enthusiastic.

The winner was Krishanu House followed by Salil House which won the 2nd prize and Varun  House which was adjudged third. The audience enjoyed the show and cheered their classmates.

Class II celebrated environment week from 18.4.16 to 22.4.16

Students promised to take care of the Earth and promised -

* I will not litter or pollute

*I will work to make the world a better place for everyone.

Activities done in this week are as follows:

1) book mark making on 18.4.16

2)poster making with a promise on 19.4.16

3)nature walk with slogan wil be done on 22.4.16

Students coloured the poster and made a book mark by reusing the old greeting cards or cartons etc.Children were encouraged to keep the class litter free.

Hindi Recitation Competition (Class II)

The  ‘Hasya Kavita Pratyogita’ was an inter section competition. The semi final round was held on 18-04-16 and the finals were held on 19-04-16. The students came up with nice and funny poems which were enjoyed by the listeners too.

The winners  of the final round were as follows:

Name of the winners



Advika Narula



Parnika Sinha and Soham Parashar

II –C & II- A


Ritobaan Chakrabarty



Drawing Competition

“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment."  —David Attenborough

With this thought in mind CLASS III organised a drawing competition ( Topic- Earth Day ) on 19/04/16 to make the children understand the importance of conserving resources & nature and how can they enhance the quality of life if they learn to manage the resources well. 
The children enjoyed drawing and filling colours in what and how they thought they can contribute in conserving resources and saving Mother Earth from the evil eyes of pollution, wastage of resources etc.

Intra class colouring competition for Class II was held on 5th April'16. The students were provided with oil pastel colours and an interesting drawing on a sheet which they thoroughly enjoyed colouring and spread their own imagination by using different hues and shades.Best 3 from each section were selected and were conferred with 1st,2nd and 3rd positions. 

Class IV A  Assembly

On 6th April, 2016, Class IV A presented an assembly on the topic 'Teamwork' which was shown through a skit which laid stress on the fact that all 7 colours are needed to form the rainbow. Apart from prayers, news & thought, there was a rain dance also. The assembly concluded with the national anthem.


Assembly of class II B was held on 7th April'16. The topic for the same was "Don't Pluck Flowers". The students presented a skit through which they conveyed the important message that how important plants and flowers are and that instead of plucking and spoiling them we should conserve and grow more and more of them.




The assembly started with the school prayer. After a brief introduction of the  proceedings , children read out the National , International , Mayoor  and Sports news followed by The Thought for the Day. The children then performed a skit to show the importance of healthy living followed by a parody based on the bollywood song,’Har ghari badal rahi hai roop zindagi --------- -- --.’

The   certificates and medals were given away to  meritorious students.

The National Anthem marked the closure of the assembly.


Class 1 A had the assembly on 21/4/16 on Earth day.Children spoke about importance of Earth and how to save our planet.They danced on the song "we belong to this earth".100% participation was there.

ASSEMBLY OF IV-B on 27th April 2016


The students celebrated Earth Day with a mixture of educational and fun activities. A special assembly marked the event.
Cheerful students presented different activities in the morning assembly. Children learnt the importance of preserving planet earth. They were informed ahead about the importance of Earth Day.

Assembly Report Class- III B

Date: 28/04/16


Assembly of Class- III B was conducted on 28/04/16. Students started the assembly with morning prayer followed by Mayoor News, thought and a moral based skit. The skit showed that a fish named ‘Angelina’ was very unhappy with the way her tail looked. She wanted to change her tail into a beautiful one. An ‘Octopus’ who was a doctor too told Angelina that how he transformed his weaknesses into strength. Later Angelina too realized the same when she was able to save the life of Dr. Octopus and her’s by cutting the net using her tail.  All the students participated and performed well. The Primary  coordinator Ms. Suman Aswal  appreciated the assembly.


Name Class Position

March 2016



29th February - 4th March

After working hard for evaluations, it was time to wash off our children’s tired heads into a rolling ball and freshen their 
minds with breeze of new fun filled activities which are as under - 
1.) Cooking without fire-
The children took to simmering up their culinary skills and prepared sumptuous sandwiches in different shapes like smiley’s, 
hearts, triangles etc.
2.) Picnic -
The nurture of nature was aptly required for our young lads. Children were taken out in the school premises for a picnic. After 
the games they enjoyed their special picnic tiffins brought from their homes.
3.) Movie -
There’s nothing more despicable then to not appreciate art and theatrics. The children enjoyed the movie “Despicable Me” 
thereby having fun and appreciating the movie experience.
4.) Best Out of Waste -
During this activity the students displayed creative imagination and made items of their choice out of waste material, and 
made good use of reusable items and commodities.
5.) Sports Activity -
In this week they gave a vent to their piled up energy by playing various friendly games exercising both body and mind. 
Having pulsating grey cells, the children couldn’t keep their minds off some ‘Science Experiments’. They explored various 
science based activities and enhanced their knowledge even further with hands on practical application. 
6.) On the last day of “FUN FILLED WEEK” children conveyed adieu to each other in a class party on a musical note.


The assembly of V A ( Jago Grahak Jago)was held on 30 March’16  in the amphitheatre. They performed a play on purchasing a T.V. ,health drink and pressure cooker and explained the importance of ISI mark ,FPO mark and Agmark . They also explained the importance of checking expiry date and manufacturing dates on goods.They gracefully danced on the song Hawan karenge.

Name Class Position

February 2016


Spell Bee Competition Class II

English Spell Bee Competition was held on 3rd Feb'16. It was an intra class competition. Difficult words were dictated to the students. The students were well prepared and gave stiff competition to each other and most of them wrote the words sans mistakes. There was a hundred percent participation in all the sections. Best three participants were chosen to be winners from each class and were conferred with 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.

Name Class Position

January 2016


English Storytelling Competition

The final round of English Storytelling Competition was held on 20th January'16. It was an inter section competition. Two best performances were chosen from each section for the final round. The students narrated interesting stories with the theme as humour/horror. Their presentation and confidence were praiseworthy. Following students were chosen as the best performers:
Mohd Aalim Ansari (II E) - 1st Position
Jhanya Singh (II J) - 2nd Position
Garvit Arora (II B) / Agamya Wadehra (II H) - 3rd Position

Intersection Science Activity of Class V was organised on 19-01- 2016.Students of all the sections presented models of simple and complex machines in an interesting manner.Students presented complex machines like microwave,geyser and bell. Simple machines like wheel and axle ,pulley lever and inclined plane along with the models were explained .

Mayoorians visit Bal Bhavan


An educational trip to National Bal Bhavan was organised for class 2 students on Tuesday, 19th January 2016 where children enjoyed watching Aquarium,Mobile Planetarium, Mini Zoo , Science Park, Library, Art & Craft Gallery. They also visited National Museum  where they enjoyed watching permanent exhibitions like Sun Gallery , Hamara Bharat and Gaurav Gatha. The excursion came to an end with the toy train ride. It was a perfect outing for little Mayoorians.

Mayoor School, Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer organised an educational trip for class III on 15th January 2015
to Bal Bhavan.
Children saw pictures of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Indian history, India’s struggle for independence, various art forms. They visited fish museum and
sun gallery where they learnt about solar system. The students even got an opportunity to visit art and craft gallery to admire the display of different types of paintings like Madhubani and kalamkari. Children also went to Science Udhyan, where there were many science equipments. They enjoyed the toy train ride and were excited to see the mini zoo.
Overall it was a fun filled experience and children had a great time.

Name Class Position

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Presidential election: Meira Kumar files nomination; Sonia Gandhi, top opposition leaders present, Rahul tweets in support
Posted On 28 Jun 2017

New Delhi: Opposition presidential candidate Meira Kumar filed her nomination papers on Wednesday for the July 17 race amid which she will go up against NDA's R..