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Mathematics in Everyday Life

Mathematics in Everyday Life

“Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.” This quote by the great writer and mathematician Shakuntala Devi epitomizes the very essence of what the bright minds of Mayoor School, Noida, are taught when it comes to mathematics. The students are performing mathematic calculations during their day in some form or another. From counting their pocket money to solving the universe’s biggest mysteries in their classrooms, the students seek the help of this language unbound by geography or culture.

Mathematics derives from the Ancient Greek máthma, which means "that which is learned." It has various scientific disciplines which help us comprehend the world by identifying patterns. For the students of Mayoor School, it is the prime language used to describe scientific accomplishments and efforts.With such close ties with mathematics, it is not a surprise that Mayoorians don't even get out of bed before they perform basic arithmetic. When setting alarms or using the snooze button, they compute the new time to wake at. Some of them even hop on a bathroom scale and think about their new fitness regime. The budding chefs of the school look over recipes that ask for ounces, cups, and teaspoons — all of which need measurements and Maths. And the upcoming interior designers of Mayoor School ensure that the proportions of their furniture and carpets correspond to the size of their spaces.

You might want to take a look at the adventurers of Mayoor School, who while fuelling up for daily excursions, frequently evaluate their mileage, recalculate when faced with diversions and weigh the additional cost in miles, time, and money. The cricket fans spanning across classrooms are well-versed in statistics, whether it is the win-loss ratios, batting averages, or earned run rate. The school's football enthusiasts are familiar with gains and passing statistics. Mayoor School's talented roster of athletes have methods of tracking their progress, from time to miles to elevation.Whether Mayoorians purchase coffee or samosas, basic maths concepts are at work. Such purchasing decisions need a grasp of budgets and the cost and affordability of things ranging from groceries to houses, which have been instilled in each student.

Oof! That is a lot of mathematics in each Mayoorian's day-to-day life. This not only makes Maths an important subject in our school, but it is also one of the most vital things to learn about in life. The approach towards Maths in Mayoor School, Noida, promotes the development of thinking and problem-solving abilities using numbers and geometric structures, useful in the children's future occupations such as engineering, banking, finance, software, and accounting.This brings us to the essence of this blog. The modern era is characterised by skill development and invention. The more mathematical our approach, the better our chances of success. Hence, the beliefs of Mayoor School students have become more reasonable as a result of mathematics. It is a tool in their hands that allows them to make their lives simpler and easier.As Mayoorians, we recognise and appreciate the subject's beauty, and embrace it wholeheartedly.