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Role of Theatre and Drama in Classroom

Role of Theatre and Drama in Classroom


Mayoor School,  Noida believes that children will learn better if they enjoy learning.  They include different fun-filled activities like Rhymes, Stories, Idioms, Debate, Role Play etc. while introducing new concepts. They ensure the active participation of every child in all the activities.At Mayoor drama is all about doing, learning and understanding the goals of teaching. The basic point is to let the children understand the concepts and let them enjoy the learning.

In Mayoor School,  Noida believes that the world has become wider and yet accessible with the presence of media. With round-the-clock content streaming platforms and social media international content is being arranged and consumed everywhere exposing all the viewers, young and old alike to dramatic stories, stories that are real, aspirational stories. Students are a highly motivated and influenced section by that, many times enriching their thought process.

Mayoor School,  Noida presents what role theatre and dramatics play in classrooms and how students can benefit. Mayoor  School,  Noida welcomes the change in improving their prospects of cognitive and cumulative growth. But have you ever noticed what are they watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. ? They are inadvertently watching drama and theatrics presented in a cinematic way.

Mayoor School, Noida strongly believe that the students, as much as they need to sharpen their skills on the academic front and in other extracurriculars, also need to spend some time in activities that sharpen their cognitive skills and creative abilities in the space of understanding narratives and difficult situations.

Listening to and reading good stories help them educate themselves in the field of theatre. The roles that drama and theatre play in a classroom enable the students to extend their communication, performance, and social skills among other personality developmental sectors. Drama is an extensive display of a narrative with emotions and theatre projects those stories and displays them to the public, thus developing a connection with them that eases the performer to become more expressive as a person as well.

Mayoor School also inculcates a practice of thinking out of the box, learning something new, and best of all daring to think big and different by developing a tenacious, dynamic, and always up for leaning personality of a student budding to win over the world with its thoughts. Therefore, Mayoor School believes that theatre and drama are and should be an integral part of classrooms at all levels.