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Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning

Mayoor School- the best CBSE affiliated International School in Noida aims at providing comprehensive education which caters to the holistic development of a child. We believe in providing a supportive and safe environment to our students by adopting methodologies to foster the emotional and social needs of an individual by bringing a balance in emotions for themselves and the world around them. It also involves learning what are emotions and feelings, understanding why and how they occur, recognizing one’s feelings and those of others, and developing effective ways to manage these feelings.

The five important traits to instil socio-emotional well-being in an individual are:

  • Self -awareness – Self- awareness involves understanding one’s own emotions, personal goals, and values and includes the self-realization of one’s strengths and limitations.
  • Self -management – Self- Management refers to the ability and skills to regulate one’s emotions and behaviours by adopting different methodologies like managing stress, controlling impulses, and preserving through challenges to achieve educational and personal goals.
  • Social awareness- Social awareness involves the skills to empathize, understand social norms and feel compassion even for people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Relationship skills- Skills like effective communication, cooperation, listening actively, constructive negotiation during conflict and seeking help to maintain healthy relationships amongst themselves.
  • Responsible decision making- Learning how to make constructive choices about personal behaviour and social interactions.

 At Mayoor School - the best CBSE School in Noida aim to provide a child-friendly environment to develop their socio-emotional skills. We believe in the holistic development of the child by integrating thinking, feeling and believing it is possible to achieve anything we want. SEL plays a very important role in one’s life as it helps in developing a positive self-image, making responsible decisions and being ethical and respectful to the people around them.

At Mayoor School - the best CBSE School in Noida the educators are certified by UNESCO to cater to student’s socio-emotional learning at all levels by inculcating the following methods in our curriculum:

  • Students to express themselves through various activities like role play, debate
  • Practice cognitive flexibility
  • Specific activities designed to build emotional vocabulary and manage emotions.
  • Reframing a positive mind
  • Nurturing of relationships.
  • Encourage expression through Art
  • Morning Meditation- Fuel up with happy energy every morning.
  • Kindness, Caring and Sharing
  • Team building activities
  • Journal writing
  • Family and Community partnership


With the changing times SEL has become the need of an hour, so here in Mayoor School- the best CBSE School in Noida we aim in making our students future-ready by focussing on their socio-emotional, physical, and intellectual and mental well-being of the students.