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Fit India Movement

Mayoor School, Noida which has a collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer celebrated “Fit India School Week ” from 25 to 30 November 2019 in solidarity with the “Fit India Movement” launched by the honorablePrime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, that aimed to encourage the youngsters and students to include sports and physical activity in their daily routine,

To instill in thestudents the understanding for regular physical activity and higher levels of fitness enhancing their self-esteem and confidence,an array of activities on fitness-related topics was carried out for the students.

Activities undertaken during the Fitness Week Celebration





  1. Morning Assembly – Aerobics for all
  2. Activities on Fitness and Healthy Nutrition for Students and Staff


  1. Activities related to Fitness and healthy lifestyle like Indigenous games, dance, etc. for teachers and parents.
  2. Mental Fitness Activities (Debates, Symposium,etc. on Fit India Movement)


  1. Morning Assembly –Yoga for all
  2. Poster making Competition for all Students on the theme “Fit Body – Fit Mind – Fit Environment


  1. Physical Activities like Dance, Aerobics, Yoga, etc. for all Parents and students.
  2. Essay/Poem Writing Competition for all Students on theme “Fit India School


  1. Fitness/Sports Quiz for all Students


  1. Energetic and foot-tapping Zumba for all students, teachers and parents.


Students displayed great zest and keen interest in the activities which were held to equip the young students to face the challenges of the modern day life with optimum energy and positivity by being physically fit. Parents and teachers participated enthusiastically in indigenous games to celebrate the Unity in Diversity of our Nation and to maintain and strengthen the fabric of tradition of our country.Allthe activities were conducted in an organized mannerand 100% participation was ensured to indulge school children in active field time than passive screen time.

Stating that a holistic and intrinsically healthy lifestyle is most essential than ever, Principal, Ms. AlkaAwasthiurged everyone to support the fitness movement and develop Sports Quotient by participating in sports, games,yoga and dance.