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Dance is a conversation between body and soul. It is a performing art that refers to the art of moving the body rhythmically and usually in accordance with music. Many opportunities are given to the students through this medium for emotional expression, social interaction or a means of exercise to express themselves through movements evolving from distinct dance forms. From salsa to hip- hop to contemporary dance, various genres are taken up to articulate the significance of dance education and broaden the horizon of learning and offer experience in application to a real - life setting.


From conventional role play approaches to improvised dramatic settings, Theatre as a performing art has suggested that drama creates enthusiasm among participants. To foster the love for drama as an effective learning tool, artists are moulded in the framework to perform, enact and experience in a way in which time, space and presence can interact and emotions are imaginatively shaped to create the aura. From time to time, students are encouraged to demonstrate the mastery of certain skills which includes reflective narration, thought-tracking and voice over through highly selective use of language and gesture.


Music, of all the arts, has the greatest influence over the passions and the legislator ought to give it the greatest encouragement. Listening to music, singing or playing an instrument, Music claims universal interest. During the learning years in school, stress is laid on music to pave a way for developing motor skills to active engagement, increased coordination to develop language and reasoning at a higher level. Music provides children with a means of self-expression and necessitate the students stretch their thoughts and feelings as an outlet to discover the inner and the outer realms in terms of physical, emotional and social learning. Music has gained momentum as a great therapeutic tool to calm both body and mind in unison.


The future of our nation depends upon our ability to create and be creative. To challenge Students perceptions about the world around, art exploration provides a platform in today’s increasingly information cantered world. Various art forms taught in school provide avenues to develop cognitive abilities for creative thinking and accelerate learning strategies. Learning different art forms act as an outlet for children to explore and allows imagination to thrive in a creative environment.