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“Teaching children is an accomplishment; getting children excited about learning is an achievement.” Robert John Meehan.

The initial years of a child are crucial for the development of the mind and their overall growth. Hence, our methodology focuses on building a strong foundation for our children, to impart specific skills that make them creative thinkers and life-long learners.

Brain research has actually shown that certain methods and approaches can truly enhance the learning process and applying innovative learning and attention-management techniques to classes is a win-win for both students and teachers. Differentiated instruction method is followed to facilitate the educators to cater to learners across varied ability ranges and learning styles. Integrating Project Based Learning that incorporates the 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking), enables the students to understand and master these skills so that they can be utilized in the workforce and everyday life.

In addition to this, we also organize multiple activities that encourage them to use their imagination and creativity. With the help of our extremely qualified teachers, we are able to enhance and nurture the intellectual inquisitiveness of children and shape their minds in the right direction. 



‘At Mayoor,  we truly believe that education is not the filling of a pot but the lighting of a fire. True value of education is to train the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks, it is to create the capacity of integrated understanding and an ability to use the knowledge intelligently. To raise new questions, new possibilities and to regard old problems from a new angle are fundamental aspects of the ethos of education that we continue to aspire since the very beginning. By focusing our attention on the connectedness of a children’s mind, body and spirit, we are embracing the real and authentic developmental opportunities regardless of their culture, socio-economic background, gender or age. Learners are constantly motivated to build on their strengths and find a way around their weaknesses.



To ensure that students cultivate skills to become cognitively and emotionally compliant, the Middle Wing of Mayoor School, Noida offers a curriculum interspersed with a plethora of activities to cater to the all-inclusive development needs of the pupils and provide them opportunities to become holistically developed individuals.

Co-curricular activities are an essential part of school life and helps in enhancing learning process of students at school. It aims at enhancing the social and intellectual skills, moral values, personality development and integrity in students.

In keeping with the above thought, the presence of clubs like Carpentry Club, Photography Club, Gardening Club, etc. for the students of classes VI-VIII promote the conduct of SUPW activities with ease and in structured way. Co-curricular activities carried out in subject-oriented clubs like Maths Club, Computer Club, etc. are designed and balanced with the academic curriculum in such a way that every student gets to learn beyond subjects.

At Mayoor, Art-Integrated activities and projects as recommended by CBSE is used as a pedagogical tool for experiential and joyful learning. It is believed that Arts in all its forms is as an integral part of teaching-learning process and helps educate students in such a way that they can apply their knowledge in real life situations. A number of art forms are used for experience-based learning of various concepts in different subjects and to strengthen the linkages between education and culture.

The school in its continuous endeavour to bring the best and the latest in the field of education to its students organizes competitions like debates, quizzes, group-discussions, etc. to develop communication skills of the students and extend their knowledge as they get other’s outlookthoughts and ideas. Also, these activities hone their public speaking skills and they become more open to interact with people around them.

Sports impacts a positive influence on physical self-worth, physical self-perception, including body image, that is directly linked to improved self-esteem. To cater to the all-round development of the students, a comprehensive PE curriculum is followed at Mayoor to enable the students to enjoy and take part in various  physical activities facilitating them to become mentally tough. These activities offer a challenging but rewarding atmosphere help them to reflect on their own and others’ performances, improvise and develop self-confidence and learn the importance of healthy and active lifestyle.

Art and Cultural Activities promote creative thinking and artistic expression through a plethora of art and cultural activities like competitions, fests, workshops, and shows. These activities not only nurture a passion for a specific art but also inculcates an aesthetic sensibility and creativity in them. Mayoorians have been performing remarkably well at Inter School level in the field of art and craft and have brought huge laurels to the school with their insurmountable talent.



Assessment at Mayoor School is a process of gathering data to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of student’s learning and plays an important role in the process of improvisation and motivation and this thought has been a guiding factor in the process. The well-designed assessment becomes a lens for understanding student learning, identifying invisible barriers, and helping us to improve our teaching approaches. Feedback which is an integral part of assessment guides students to adapt and adjust their learning strategies leading to introspection and growth.

Assessment, a significant aspect of the Middle School Curricula at Mayoor is a process of defining, selecting, designing, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and using information to increase students' learning and development. 

At Mayoor, assessment is a continuous process and a periodic exercise and in coherence with the guidelines mandated by CBSE. The session is divided in 2 terms. The first term has one Periodic Test and Half Yearly Exam and the second term has another Periodic Test and the Annual Exam.