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The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

Education is a light that shows the mankind the right direction to surge. The purpose of education is not just making a student literate but adds rationale thinking, knowledgeability and self-sufficiency. At Mayoor, we believe that classroom is a dynamic environment, bringing together students from diverse backgrounds with different abilities and personalities and to meet the individual need of each student, creative and innovative teaching strategies are implemented. This teaching methodology motivates the students to understand and appreciate their own culture and history, as well as their own geographical, scientific and spiritual theory and language. By integrating the best from international and contemporary pedagogical practices, the school’s academic environment is constructed which facilitates the young learners to develop their knowledge and interest in an international perspective and become global citizens in future.

At Mayoor, students are encouraged to be independent thinkers and learn to comprehend the importance of research across all areas of the curriculum and subsequently become self-motivated and self-driven which instils in them a genuine love for the subject and are not guided by mere intrinsic rewards. Project based learning is followed by our educators which integrates technology and active participation of the students seamlessly making the topics interesting and challenging. This student-centred pedagogy stimulates self-research and develops autonomy and independent-thinking.



“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

The aim of education at the primary level is to help in the all-round development of a child’s personality and inclusion of healthy attitudes and good values at an early stage. To enhance the curiosity and imagination of the child, the pedagogical strategy followed in the Primary wing at Mayoor focuses on developing strong concepts rather than rote learning.  The cross-curricular learning and hands-on experiences have led to a paradigm shift in the learning process making it more engaging and enjoyable. It is believed that each student is unique and interactive classroom sessions help develop language skills, critical thinking and creativity of the young learners. Primary education is the stage where education touches at every point and the main objective of the Primary wing is to nurture the young minds and lead them to the enlightened pathway of success. With a vision of providing quality education, at Mayoor knowledge is imparted in a creative, unique and contemporary way to create holistically developed individuals.

Learning through play-way method is encouraged to facilitate young adopt a scientific approach and also build their imagination and broaden their outlook.  At the primary level, innumerable opportunities are provided that polishes various skills and helps to develop and tune the literacy, numeracy, inter personal skills and creativity of each child making them more confident and independent. The young learners are motivated to take decisions by using cognitive and critical thinking.

Emphasis is laid on the all-inclusive development of each child and values of co-operation, excellence, mutual respect is promoted.



Academics merged with activities play a significant role in the development of students and help in enhancing the learning process at school. At the Primary Wing of Mayoor School, a plethora of activities is offered to make learning a fun experience.

The state-of-the-art resource room enables students to practice the concepts with a much wider variety of activities and exercises based on the topics. Learning, here, occurs in a structured way; in a real context and visually attractive way that immerses the student in the learning environment and promotes practical usage of the knowledge gained in the process. At the resource room, the students are assisted to access those educational materials that aptly suit their learning styles and capabilities. Interesting activities viz. 3D layout of garden house for Area and Perimeter, Paper Folding Activities to make different angles, learn the types of joints in Human body with the help of Skeleton and Yoga, exploring about plants by leaf rubbing activity, Bubbling baking soda experiment, Go car Go for explaining the concept of Simple and complex machines, Map grid activity, Major landforms model Activity and many other activities enhance the practical knowledge of our students and help them to grasp the topics taught in the class. Results indicate that there is a close association between students' motivation towards these subjects, enjoyment of various concepts and the frequency in which multiple teaching and learning activities take place in the classrooms.

In its continuous endeavour to offer the best and the newest in the field of education to the students, Mayoor organizes Hands-On Workshops in association with SPACE providing them a wonderful opportunity to learn exciting and new concepts of astronomy and space sciences with innovative hand-on activities.  The workshop offers learning prospects in the field of Space Science and focuses on its fundamentals and applications through fun filled exercises, thus promoting group participation.

The ongoing My STEM Lab Program for the students of classes III, IV and V provides them hands-on-experience and opportunity to explore and learn the various concepts of Science. The experiments are designed to create curiosity amongst children and develop scientific temperament in them.  Most of the experiments are in the form of take-away kits and are in sync with the syllabus and the concept taught in the class.

A high-quality PE curriculum enables the students to enjoy and take part in many kinds of physical activity and subsequently develop a variety of skills and the ability to use strategies to perform successfully. It also encourages them to reflect on their own and others’ performances and find ways to improve upon them. As a result, they develop self-confidence and learn the importance of healthy and active lifestyle.

Drop Everything and Read is one activity which is being followed methodically and religiously during the zero period every day. This practice has instilled strong reading habits in the students shaping them into better readers as they take up all the reading tasks with complete focus and concentration. It has also encouraged them to read in unison and in a disciplined way. The comprehension and reflective thinking skills of the young readers have developed immensely as reading hones both these skills to a great extent.

Art and Cultural activities offer multiple opportunities for learning, entertainment, leisure, personal growth, and improving communication with others. With a plethora of art-based activities, the Art and cultural department   of Mayoor teaches the pupils from as intrinsic as holding a brush to mastering intricate bold strokes which they learn with ease and then showcase their aptitude and creativity with élan. The young Mayoorians have been performing remarkably well at Inter School competitions in the field of art and craft and have also outshined their counterparts in all major art events across various schools and brought huge laurels to the school. The wide-ranging art activities that form a major part of the school's curriculum is significantly instrumental for our students’ consummate accomplishment in that field. Be it the Art fair or SETU competitions, our students have always spellbound all with their magnitude of talent.



Assessment drives learning and is an essential part of the ethos in classroom learning. The adage, ‘Let the focus be on making the best future’ has been a deciding factor in the assessment process at Mayoor.

The well-designed assessment pattern mirrors the full range of the child’s learning and reflects the child’s attainment of fundamental objectives, particularly in terms of knowledge, concepts and skills, as well as taking account of the full range of student’s abilities.

Regular constructive feedback to parents and students about their learning provides positive criticism and initiates improvisation in terms of focus and results leading to new learning.

The continuous and comprehensive evaluation is spread over the year in accordance with the guidelines of CBSE. The entire session is divided in 2 terms. The first term has one Periodic Test and Half Yearly Exam and the second term has another Periodic Test and the Annual Exam. The weightage of Half-Yearly and Annual Exam is 60% and Periodic Assessment is 40%.

 Periodic Assessment breakup is as follows : 

(a)   Periodic test - Weightage of periodic test is 20 marks

(b)  Notebook maintenance – 5 marks

(c)   Subject enrichment activities - 5 marks

Subject Enrichment Activities comprise of various techniques like Reading/ Dictation/ Extempore etc. for language, Lab Activities/ Projects/ Map Work/ Model Making / Field trips etc.

(d)   Class participation - 5 marks

(e)   Project - 5 marks

To instill the competitive spirit and ensure the holistic development of the children, certificates are awarded for various competitions. To be a Scholar, a student must secure a minimum of 91% and above in aggregate.