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‘More important than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given.’- Bertrand Russell

Learning at Mayoor doesn’t restrict itself to acquisition of knowledge and skills. Laying emphasis on values, beliefs, wisdom and habits to bring lasting positive changes in human life and behaviour, we intend to contribute to society in a meaningful and constructive way. Our teaching methodology seeks to broaden students’ horizon by engaging and challenging them through varied activities, making them successful both academically and socially. Students are also motivated to develop questions, make choices, form opinions and reflect on their work, thus developing self-worth and an ability to assess and take ownership for their own progress. 



At senior level, we aim to produce an environment that  not only gives them power of concentration, but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate, an environment that encourages each child to develop qualities of discipline, organisation, motivation and the enjoyment of toiling hard bearing the fruits of self esteem and a feeling of self worth. With a commitment to continual growth and meeting high expectations, learning experiences are revised that challenge assumptions, foster creativity and promote independence.

Far away from the maddening race of reaching to the top, we strive to ignite even the tiniest sparks of possibility into the flames of achievement. Educators here strive hard to push the youngsters to realise their true potential and reach their desired goals.



The Senior Wing of Mayoor School, Noida promotes holistic learning by connecting theory to practice through hands-on experiences that build students' problem-solving, project-building and collaboration skills.

Co-curricular clubs keep students active and engaged through new experiences and skills development. It aims at enhancing the social and intellectual skills, moral values, personality development and integrity in students.

At Mayoor, students are encouraged to participate in a range of fun, exciting and diverse activities alongside their academic studies. The presence of various clubs for the students of classes IX and X promote the conduct of SUPW activities with ease and in structured way and enables them to dive into their interests or discover a new passion. These Co-curricular clubs keep students active and engaged through new experiences and skills development are designed and balanced with the academic curriculum in such a way that every student gets to learn beyond subjects.  Interact Club holds testimony to the fact that the insightful pedagogy goes beyond academics and instills in our students a commitment to use one’s knowledge, skills and resources in the service of others and subsequently develop leadership skills while discovering the power of ‘Service Above Self’. 

Programmes like TGELF, MUN, etc. facilitate total learning experiences of individuals not only in the school but in the society as well promoting positive expansions in the educational system. These extracurricular activities help young students develop leadership skills, team integrity and coordination skills.

The school in its continuous endeavour to bring the best and the latest in the field of education to its students organizes competitions like debates, quizzes, group-discussions, etc. to develop communication skills of the students and extend their knowledge as they get other’s outlookthoughts and ideas. Also, these activities hone their public speaking skills and they become more open to interact with people around them.

Sports encourages citizenship, sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, respect, and health and welfare of all students not only during the school years but continuing into adulthood enabling them to learn the 3 P’s that extend beyond the classroom: persistence, patience and practice.  To cater to the all-round development of the students, a comprehensive PE curriculum is followed at Mayoor to enable the students to enjoy and take part in various  physical activities facilitating them to become mentally tough and manifest stronger peer relationships, better attachment with adults, higher self-esteem, a closer sense of family, and participate more in volunteerism. 

Art and Cultural Activities contribute to or enhance the aesthetic, artistic, historical, intellectual or social development of the students. Competitions, fests, workshops, and shows viz. Synergy, BOT, etc. not only nurture a passion for a specific art but inculcates team spirit, leadership skills, cognitive skills and creativity in them.



Assessment is the process of defining, selecting, designing, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and using information to increase students' learning and development.

In accordance with the above thought, at Mayoor, assessment is an ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving student learning. It. involves making our expectations explicit and public; setting appropriate criteria and high standards for learning quality; systematically gathering, analyzing, and interpreting evidence. Feedback which is an integral part of assessment guides students to adapt and adjust their learning strategies leading to introspection and growth.

Here, assessment is a continuous process and a periodic exercise and in coherence with the guidelines mandated by CBSE. The session is divided in 2 terms. The first term has one Periodic Test and Half Yearly Exam and the second term has another Periodic Test and the Annual Exam.