Annual Day 2023

Celebrating Annual Day: Namami Gange

Mayoor School, Noida hosted Annual Day, on July 30, 2023, a celebration of two decades of academic excellence at Siri Fort Auditorium graced by our eminent Chief Guest, Dr. Mahesh Sharma, a respected Member of Parliament, distinguished guest Shri L. Nageswara Rao, former Judge, Supreme Court of India, worthy guests, esteemed Members of School Management, Founder Principal, Founder Teachers, Principal, Parents, alumni & Mayoorians.  
The evening commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the Lamp, followed by "Melodies of the Seasons," an instrumental and vocal rendition, a poignant theatrical production "Aagaaz: Celebrating 20 Years of Mayoor". The riveting presentation evoked nostalgia, evincing the spirit of progress that is at the core of Mayoor School, Noida.
The highlight of the evening was the soul-stirring musical dance-drama titled "Namami Gange: Prerna Strot ki Anant Kahani" Through breathtaking dance sequences and thought-provoking presentation, the students unveiled the timeless significance of the Ganga in Indian mythology, its role in shaping history, and the urgency to preserve its sanctity for future generations. The school exhibited the captivating expressions of our young artists on the day of the event showcasing their talents and vision through diverse forms of art.
The Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi, graced the stage with her welcome address and presented the Annual Report. With eloquence, she acknowledged the school's journey of excellence and emphasized the institution's commitment to fostering holistic growth among its students.
The distinguished Chief Guest, Dr. Mahesh Sharma emphasized the importance of fostering environmental consciousness, drawing parallels with the school's theme of "Namami Gange." The brilliance of the spectacular show by the Mayoorians was highly appreciated by the members of the school Management along with the significant contribution made by the Founder Principal and Teachers as the pillars of Mayoor.
The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Vice Principal, Ms. Sunita Dahiya with immense gratitude to all the stakeholders who contributed to the success of the event. The seamless execution of the programme was a testament to the collective effort that brought the celebration to fruition followed by National Anthem.