CBSE National Science Exhibition 23-24 @ Day 2

With Sun God smiling brightly, the Mayoor grounds pulsated with an indescribable energy and enthusiasm during the National Science Exhibition's second day.

The extensive participation of young scientists resonated with their curiosity, ingenuity, and the real-world applications across diverse scientific fields. Their commitment to project development was evident through thorough explanations, prototypes, and engaging demonstrations. The event not only highlighted current achievements but also kindled a curiosity that undoubtedly promises to shape the future of scientific exploration and discovery.

Dr. Sanyam Bharadwaj Joint Secretary(Academics), CBSE visited the exhibition and praised the participants for their diligent efforts and creative ideas. 

Mayoorians from all grades excitedly visited the exhibition and were delighted to see the innovation on display. Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi and all distinguished guests went through the exhibition grounds motivating and complimenting the participants.