Celebrating Excellence: Honoring Achievements @Mayoor

Celebrating Excellence: Honoring Achievements @ Mayoor

Mayoor School celebrated the academic prowess of its students in grades V, VI, and VII during the prestigious Prize Distribution Ceremony for the academic year 2023-24. The event, a testament to excellence, showcased not only outstanding academic achievements but also commendable performances in extracurricular activities. Guests of honor, including Mr. Timothy, Mr. Raj Dhingra, and Ms. Arushi( alumni), graced the occasion, imparting words of wisdom and inspiration to the budding talents. Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi lauded the achievers for their dedication and urged them to persist in their pursuit of excellence. The atmosphere was electric as proud parents, grandparents, and guardians cheered on their accomplished wards. Headmistress Ms. Nidhi Kapoor expressed profound gratitude to all stakeholders for their unwavering support and contribution to the success of the event. As the ceremony concluded, it left a sense of optimism for a future filled with even greater achievements and milestones. #MayoorSchool #PrizeDistribution #AchievementUnlocked #AchieversofMayoor