Mayoor Celebrates Winter Carnival

In a symphony of warmth and exuberance, Mayoor School, Noida, embraced the winter chill with unparalleled fervour during its enchanting Winter Carnival on the bright and sunny Sunday of December 17, 2023. The air was filled with joy and anticipation as the school's expansive grounds transformed into a wonderland of festivities, captivating the hearts of over 7000 attendees.

The carnival featured exhilarating games, delightful rides, and scrumptious food. The venue pulsated with scintillating music,  melodious notes of the school band creating an atmosphere of enchanting rhythms as lively dances unfolded. Stalls from each class with artistic themes added to the carnival spirit that permeated the air with enjoyment and gaiety.

Gratitude flowed as the School Management commended the collective efforts, presenting a generous cheque to SETU, an NGO dedicated to the empowerment of underprivileged children in society. The grand finale unfolded with a Raffle, where lucky winners were bestowed with attractive prizes. Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi thanked one and all, lauding the boundless zest and zeal exhibited by students and teachers alike. A special note of appreciation was reserved for the parents whose unwavering support and cooperation had made the day memorable.