Mayoor School, Noida, hosted the 12th edition of its remarkable Inter-School IT Fest, 'Battle of Titans’ on October 12, 2023. A spectacular tapestry of intellectual prowess and technological finesse unfolded as over 300 students hailing from 40 prestigious institutions, both domestic and international, converged to partake in this grand symphony of innovation.
This fest provided a magnificent platform for these young, brilliant minds to unfurl their wings of creativity and manifest their boundless innovation. With events ranging from the ethereal realm of Digital Doodling to the electrifying challenge of Techno Torpedo, the students showcased their prowess in Creative Code Canvas, Robo Race, and Idea Nova. The battlefield was set, and these young visionaries proved that they were the true Titans of technology.
The esteemed presence of retired bureaucrat, a luminary and a distinguished author, Mr. Anil Swarup, as the Chief Guest added an aura of grandeur to the event. He lauded the noble initiative undertaken by the host school in nurturing the creative faculties, kindling the flames of logical thinking, and honing the art of presentation of these budding tech-savvy individuals. The presence of computer wizards, experts par excellence in the field of technology, as judges, ensured that only the crème de la crème emerged victorious.
Amidst an atmosphere abuzz with jubilation and unbridled enthusiasm, the coveted Rolling Trophy was bestowed upon the deserving champions of Somerville School, Noida.
Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi extended her hearty congratulations to the triumphant winners and participants and motivated these young dreamers to set their sights on the firmament, to labour assiduously, and to possess the courage to translate their aspirations into undeniable realities.