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For Admission in Class XI, Please specify Class IX (Final) Marks and Class X School Pre Board II Marks:

English Mathematics Science Social Science IInd Language Aggregate
Class X (Pre board II) Marks
Class IX (Final) Marks

Particulars of Parents / Guardians:

Father Mother
Educational Qualification:
Mobile No.:
Email Id:
Name of Organization:
Office Address:
Office Tel. No.:
Monthly Income:
Nature of Business:

Particulars of Siblings:

Name Age Studying in School Class

Questions for the parents:

1. Reasons for applying at Mayoor School and source of information/recommendation.
2. What is an ideal school according to you and what are your expectations from the school?
3. Nature of family- Joint Family/ Nuclear/ Single Parent.
4. What would you like us to know about your child's personality?
5. Does the child suffer from any disability or ailment where the school has to be cautious in handling the child?


  • 1. Presence of both the parents along with the child is required for the online interaction.
  • 2. Incomplete and incorrect forms will not be accepted.
  • 3. Submission of the registration form does not guarantee admission.