Science Labs 

The basic purpose of Science Labs is to prepare children for life by instilling in them an approach to analyse problems and find solutions on their own. In fact, Science Labs help in developing critical thinking and  bringing forth the ‘Einstein’ in every child.

Computer Labs

Separate Computer Labs in Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle and Senior blocks ensure that every student gets to use the computers in their computer period.  These labs are fully equipped with the latest hardware, software and networking.  

Maths Lab

In accordance with ‘Learning by Doing’, the Maths Lab brings alive the concepts of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry as lessons are supplemented by interesting activities and resources available here. Students find these activities interesting and learning is long lasting.

Digital Learning

Mayoor brings in innovative teaching strategies. Digital learning in Mayoor is child-centred, activity based and participative in nature. Smart Classes make the teaching more interesting, interactive and effective.

Science and Maths Lab(Junior) 

To ignite the minds of our little ones to transform them into young Aryabhattas and Einsteins, we have well equipped Maths and science labs where concept teaching is furthered by a hands-on facility.

German Laboratory

German learning students of Mayoor School get an opportunity to improvise their German Language through GERMAN LABORATORY. It has been inaugurated on 16 July 2015 by Ms Manveen Anand.  She is the project Manager of educational services and schools: “Partners for the Future” at Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan). German learning students of class VI also presented one song “Meine Tante aus Marokko”.

In the German Lab, students will be able to learn this foreign language through new and interactive methods as it is equipped with the latest audio visual technology. It also provides the students with the vital training to meet the demands of global communication and helps them to develop proficiency in German.

The German Lab has been developed to ensure the integration of language, literature, and culture at all levels, as well as to achieve and maintain coherence from level to level, in terms of the development of students’ abilities in the following areas: language proficiency, cultural literacy, and critical and creative engagement. It provides students Training on German Vocabulary and Pronunciation.

In German Lab, we have a smarter way to teach Foreign Language: The SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboard as a Language Learning Tool. A SMART Board interactive whiteboard supports the teaching process of foreign languages in three main ways: it supports interaction and conversation in the classroom; it helps with the presentation of new cultural and linguistic elements, and it promotes the organisational skills of the teacher.