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January 2022

Interactive Session with Colonel Ketan Prasad

Our flag does not fly high because of the wind; it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.       

Mayoor School, Noida organised an interactive session with Colonel Ketan Prasad, a valiant veteran of the Indian army, for the students of classes VI to IX on 7 January 2022 for edifying them about the inimitable importance of CBSE Veer Gatha Project.

Highlighting the relevance of nationalism in the present-day perspective, Colonel Prasad apprised the young Mayoorians about the life experiences of brave-hearts and their acts of courage and patriotism. The inspiring session motivated the students to realize their duties and responsibilities towards their motherland. In consonance with the theme of the meeting, a few students recited a stimulating self-composed poem on the ‘life of a soldier’. The enriching session also witnessed the resource person addressing the queries raised by the students to their satisfaction.

Reiterating our obligation towards our country, Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi thanked the resource person and urged the students to be responsible citizens for a healthy and prosperous nation.

December 2021

Workshop on Career Counselling for Class X

Mayoor School, Noida organized a workshop on career counselling for the students of class X to provide them with guided support to choose the right stream aligned with their innate abilities.

The resource person, Ms. Jyotsna Bharadwaj, Counselor and Director, Envision India Edu services, apprised the students about the different career options and their future prospects.  The workshop enabled the young minds to dispel the doubts and myths surrounding the unconventional courses and choose a stream according to their aptitude and interest based on the Psychometric test taken by the students. Furthermore, the workshop encompassed an orientation session for the parents to acquaint them with the career development cycle, scope of streams and subjects thus providing them support for positive parenting.

As  part of the counselling workshop, an interactive and informative session was also conducted to provide the students with an insight into the various streams like Commerce, Humanities, Science and Computers.

Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi thanked the resource person for the edifying workshop and whilst quoting lines from Robert Frost's famous poem, advised the students to choose the correct path  judiciously that would lead them to success in future.

Workshop on Competency Based Education and Assessment of Writing

Mayoor School, Noida organised an informative workshop on Competency Based Education and Assessment of writing for the teachers to provide a clear understanding of the topic.

The resource person, trained by British Council in collaboration with CBSE, Ms. Alpa Sharma, started the session with an ice-breaking activity which was followed by an inclusive introduction of CBE. A detailed explanation of learning objectives, learning outcomes, questioning in the classroom, assessment for and of learning was given. Furthermore, important points for planning the learning ladder/ lesson plan to facilitate children to enhance their thinking and speaking skills were expounded. Restating Wiliam’s five formative assessment strategies, the resource person also accentuated the difference between assessment for learning and assessment of learning and how they aid the teacher to achieve learning outcomes.

The second resource person also trained by British Council in collaboration with CBSE, Ms. Jaya Sharma, gave an explanation on Assessment of writing skills and showed various examples to explain the pattern of mistakes in the questions and how it can be corrected. Items that need to be added and avoided while planning assessment for children was discussed. She explained various assessment objectives with examples to show the importance of achieving assessment objective through assessment planned for children which will ultimately help the teachers to achieve learning objectives.

Principal, Ms Alka Awasthi appreciated the efforts of the resource persons and thanked them for the interesting and enriching workshop on the latest policies of education.

November 2021

Workshop on Accountancy for Educators

Mayoor School, Noida hosted a subject enrichment workshop on Accountancy for teachers to apprise them about the novel changes in the question paper pattern of CBSE examination in November.

Renowned educationists and authors of books on Accountancy, Dr. GS Grewal and RK Khosla were the resource persons of the enriching workshop which was attended by more than 100 teachers from various schools of Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad.

The session encompassed a detailed overview about the new topics included in the syllabus and the typology of questions formulated by CBSE. Stratagem and approach to solve higher order thinking skills questions, multiple choice questions, assertion and reason based questions and case study based questions was discussed and dealt with. The interactive workshop also gave an opportunity to the assembled educators to share their ideas on how to crack the exam effectively and tips on time management which was highly appreciated by the resource persons.

Principal of the host school, Ms. Alka Awasthi welcomed the educationists and expressed her heartfelt gratitude to them for the wonderful session that would surely assist the students to fare well in the exam.

October 2021

Mayoor observes World Mental Health Day- Need of The Hour

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.                                                               

In consonance with the objective of the World Mental Health Day, Mayoor School Noida celebrated this day with great zeal and zest. The Psychology department curated a number of interesting and thoughtful activities to raise awareness of mental health issues and mobilize efforts in support of mental health.

The celebration encapsulated a string of activities demonstrated by the students of psychology displaying their expertise and creativity through poems, articles, posters and songs and conveyed messages about mental health and the need to spread awareness about it. A session was held facilitating the enthusiastic students to share their ideas and perceptions about mental health. The students also gave green ribbons, the international symbol for mental health awareness, to the entire faculty of the school accentuating the need to create cognizance for fighting the stigma associated with mental illness, bipolar disorder and depression. An Instagram page, titled Serenity Now, was created by the students which aimed at spreading awareness about the importance of mental health and educating people not to ignore it.

Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi, appreciated the Psychology department for their efforts in spreading awareness about methods for maintaining mental health and encouraged them to continue working towards this noble cause.

Workshop on Lifeskills for Teachers

With an aim to permeate positivity and spread the art of joyful living, Mayoor School, Noida conducted a workshop on Life skills on the beautiful topic based on IKIGAI: The Secret of a Long and Happy Life for the educators of the school on 30 October 2021.

The enriching session conducted by Ms. Ashu Kapoor, an English Teacher and Life Skills’ Facilitator accentuated the skills required to deal with the demands and stress of life. Teachers were encouraged to develop their own set of life skills and use them to equip the youth to face the challenges with fortitude. Expressing gratitude towards the Almighty for His infinite blessings, the session began with a soulful prayer. Coupled with anecdotes and short movies, an engrossing elucidation of the ten major principles of living a life brimming with passion and enthusiasm was presented. The session concluded with the rendition of a melodious song by all the participating teachers. The teachers who partook in the workshop got an opportunity to learn about the various ways and techniques of developing and enhancing life skills for leading a happy and satisfied life. Besides, facilitating the teachers to be more empathetic towards their pupils, the session also aided them to cater to the needs of the children of contemporary times.

Expressing her appreciation for the workshop, Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi reiterated that inculcating life skills among children at a tender age augments their personality for a brighter future.

Mayoorians meet Renowned Physics Professor, Mr. H.C. Verma

Students of Mayoor School, Noida got the privilege of attending an enriching session on Physics conducted by the eminent physics professor Mr. H.C. Verma on 22 October 2021.

The edifying session provided a wonderful opportunity to the enthusiastic students who were escorted by their teachers for witnessing Prof. Verma’s advice and  instructions for comprehending and appreciating the subject well. His presentation on various topics of Physics and his practical approach towards the subject was remarkable and mesmerised the students. A great learning experience, the session gave the budding scientists of Mayoor an insight into the fascinating realm of Science. Professor Verma has promised young physicists of Mayoor many such sessions to enhance their interest and expertise in the subject.

Expounding the fundamental role of Physics in understanding the magnificence of this cosmos, Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi congratulated the students for obtaining the opportunity of interacting with the renowned professor and urged them to keep the flame of inquisitiveness ignited forever.

July 2021

World of Liberal Education

Mayoor School, Noida conducted an enriching and enlightening session for the students of class XI and XII on Liberal Education offered by universities on 7 July 2021.
The resource person Ms Vrinda Tandon, gave an insight to the students about careers and opportunities in Liberal Arts. She familiarised them about the foundation courses and discussed about the major and minor subjects. It was an explanatory session which dispelled doubts of students regarding Liberal arts. 
Principal, Ms Alka Awasthi applauded the inspirational session for its apparent information and motivated the students to opt for Liberal arts as it has a world of opportunities in all business and corporate sectors.

June 2021

ÖKOMANTRA- A Workshop on Sustainable Development and Environment

Sustainable Development is the masterful balance of meeting our needs today without jeopardizing future generations ability to do the same.

The German students of classes IX and X of Mayoor School, Noida were privileged to attend the workshop, Ökomantra, organised by Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi for promoting Sustainable Development and Growth.

The thought-provoking workshop, conducted by Miguel Rezzani and Malgorzata Kupis encompassed significant techniques for the preservation of the sustainability of the environment. The students were sensitized about sustainability and environmental protection and environmental issues like clean water, sanitation and sources of affordable and clean energy that are relevant in our everyday lives were deliberated upon. Expounding the concept of sustainability which includes topics like renewable energy, avoidance of plastic, recycling and fair trade, etc. the resource persons apprised the students how to measure their own ecological footprint and reflect upon their contribution to environmental protection and sustainability. The enriching session also comprised an assortment of activities which provided a great opportunity to the students to enhance their German vocabulary besides augmenting their awareness about Sustainable Development and conservation of Nature.

Applauding the Mayoorians for enthusiastically participating in such an interesting and interactive workshop, Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi echoed the absolute necessity of Sustainable Development in today’s world for a greener and healthier tomorrow.

Mayoor celebrates World Environment Day

One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.        

                                                                                                                                                          - Leo Tolstoy

With an aim to celebrate World Environment Day, observed every year on 5 June, Mayoor School Noida organised a motivating workshop for the students of class IX to generate awareness about the significance of nature and action for the protection of the environment.

Restating the theme for this year’s celebration, Ecosystem Restoration- Reimagine, Recreate, Restore, the resource person, Ms. Ritu Pandey highlighted its global mission to revive billions of hectares, from forests to farmlands, from the top of mountains to the depth of the sea. The session commenced with an opening speech describing the significance of ecosystem and its restoration for a greener planet. An informative and inspiring documentary on Manas National Park, Assam featuring the concept of habitat conservation, was shared accentuating the paramount necessity to reinstate our forests and crucial wildlife habitats. In keeping with the spirit of the day, all the students and teachers pledged to restore and conserve the Environment. The interactive workshop also witnessed enthusiastic students share their views about ecosystem restoration and recite thought-provoking self-composed poems on our relationship with natural ecosystem.

Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi and Vice Principal Ms Sunita Dahiya appreciated the earnest efforts of the students and their educators and encouraged everyone to contribute towards the restoration of our environment.

May 2021

The only Journey is the Journey within.
Workshop for Class XII Students  on Coping with Mental Health

An enriching and effective workshop was conducted on the importance of mental health  for the senior most class of Mayoor School, Noida by the School Counsellor, Dr Kavita Bhargava on 28th May 2021.
The session aimed to accentuate the significance of one's health in today’s world to ensure a productive, collaborative and healthier being in an increasingly competitive world. Highlighting the core qualities of mind, the resource person explained the importance of developing positive personality traits and conduct to equip oneself for dealing effectively with the demands and challenges of modern life. The workshop also underlined that constructive mindset can be accelerated by developing strong mental attributes.

Stating the session to be quite interactive and motivating, Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi thanked the resource person and reiterated the relevance of mental well being in the present  structure.

Mayoorians Connect: 3.0
The key to success is action and the essential in action is perseverance. 
With an aim to facilitate the students with guidance to shape their career with confidence and clarity in this everchanging global dynamics, Mayoor School, Noida organised another illuminating and interactive session on 21 May 2021 for students of Class XI and XII from science stream with outstanding Mayoorians from batch 2020-21 who have successfully attained admissions and scholarships in prestigious courses in elite foreign universities. During this session through digital platform Arunima Srivastava, Puranjay Wadhera and Abhipriya Bansal…shared their arduous journey of realising their dreams to study overseas with their juniors. It was both exciting and overwhelming to see them providing much sought help about courses, universities, colleges, scholarship programmes, documentation process, preliminary tests, employment opportunities etc, to navigate them to their desired programmes. They efficiently answered all queries put up by their juniors and assured constant support to help them find courses that meet their interests.
Reiterating the importance of knowledge sharing and building connections, Principal, Ms Alka Awasthi congratulated the brilliant Mayoorians for their extraordinary accomplishment and wished them greater success in future.

Mayoorians Connect: 2.0

The second in the series of interactions planned for class XI students was held on Saturday 8 May 2021 with ex- students of Mayoor. The senior and the junior Mayoorians connected with each other in the virtual world. Seniors shared their experiences and their mantra of reaching the topmost colleges in India and abroad. Juniors had a lot of questions regarding correct preparation and about ways of dealing with boards and competitive exams simultaneously. 
Ishika Bansal IIT Delhi, Yash Kumar Jha IIT Delhi, Vishesh Anand IIT Kharagpur, Sahil Khurana AIIMS Bhopal, Harshita Sharma Iowa State University US and Jyona Sinha NTU Singapore, enthusiastically interacted with their Juniors . From academics to extra-curricular to competitions to handling stress and expectations, they touched upon all topics of concern and patiently answered all  queries. The session ended with a promise to handhold and the connect  was palpable and visible. 
Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi congratulated the ex- students and blessed them to reach the pinnacle of success.

April 2021

Mayoorians Connect:

Interactive and Illuminating Session with Class XI

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, argument and debate.                                        

With an aim to introduce students to the new streams and the teaching faculty in class XI, Mayoor School, Noida organised an interactive session for the students of class XI of the academic session, 2021-22, on 28 and 29 April 2021.

At the onset of the illuminating session, all the excited Mayoorians present on the digital platform were congratulated on being promoted to class XI and greeted warmly to the Senior Secondary wing of the School. The welcome address was followed by an introduction to the faculties of Science, Commerce and Humanities streams.

The session also witnessed meritorious students of Mayoor - Deeptansh Sharma and Jaiaditya Singh of Science stream, Shivani Lath and Rishika Chowdhary of Commerce stream and Sai Jahnvi Ravichandran of Humanities stream of class XII of academic session 2020-21 along with the  alumni Harshit Gupta, school topper 2019-20, share their cherished moments in the school accentuating the support and cooperation they received incessantly from their teachers in classes XI and XII. It was heartening to hear them guide their Juniors about the Competitive exams and also tips were given to do well in their assessments . A comprehensive insight about the future prospects of the various streams chosen by the students was provided by the teachers.

Reiterating the time-tested quote that hard work is the key to success, Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi motivated the students to work hard with dedication and perseverance during these two last years of their schooling and beautifully sculpt their future.

Career Counselling Workshop for Class XI

Mayoor School, Noida organized an online career counselling session for the students of class XI on Friday, 30th April 2021 to apprise students with a plethora of career options available in the contemporary times. The session was conducted by Ambika Vasudev, a renowned Career Development expert, who highlighted the various subject options offered in class XI. She encouraged the students to pursue their interests and urged them to work sincerely to achieve their goals. She emphasized that one must have in-depth knowledge of the choices lest one might end-up in a career that is not made for one. Students were made aware of the different options in profession and courses they could pursue based on the subject choices they would make. At the end queries raised by the students were addressed by the resource person. The session was immensely enriching and interesting. Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi thanked the resource person and urged students to be very thoughtful in choosing subjects as it will define their future prospects.

Webinar on The Prospects of Commerce Stream

       Commerce changes the fate and genius of nations.
                                                                                                   - Thomas Gray

Mayoor School, Noida hosted a webinar, Kick Start your Dream Success in Commerce Stream, for the students and the teachers of classes XI-XII on 29 April 2021 to apprise them about the vast spectrum of career options available in Commerce.

The resource person, Dr.  Vikas Vijay, introduced the session on a positive note by providing requisite clarity on the benefits of choosing commerce stream and the advantages of studying accounting, economics and business studies. By enumerating the examples of entrepreneurs who have made a niche in commerce and achieved lot of success in their respective careers, Dr. Vijay illustrated the success and financial security this stream provides. He also restated that Commerce stream should be pursued by students who have an aptitude as well as an avid interest in it.  The advancements of technology and the importance of sustainability for expediting the prosperity of the society were emphasised upon. The session was quite interactive and allowed the students to communicate their queries freely.

Describing commerce as a study of trade and economy- the backbone of a nation, Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi thanked the resource person for the edifying session and instructed the students to enhance their thinking- learning approach and explore their potentialities.

February 2021

Workshop for Teachers on Importance of Soft Skills

An enriching and effective workshop was conducted on the importance of Soft Skills for the senior teachers of Mayoor School, Noida by the School Counsellor, Ms. Madhuri Tiwari on 27 February 2021.

The session aimed to accentuate the significance of soft skills in today’s world to ensure a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment - crucial attributes for any organisation in an increasingly competitive world. Highlighting the core qualities of soft skills like inter personal skills, punctuality, empathy, etc., the resource person explained the importance of developing positive personality traits and conduct to equip oneself for dealing effectively with the demands and challenges of modern life. The workshop also underlined that constructive learning in multilingual and multicultural education system can be accelerated by developing strong leadership, delegation, teamwork, and communication abilities.

Stating the session to be quite interactive and motivating, Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi thanked the resource person and reiterated the relevance of soft skills in the present educational structure.

 January 2021

Mayoor Hosts Webinar on Awareness About Healthy Ecosystems

We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Lester Brown

Mayoor School,Noida in association with the prestigious Millennium India Education Foundation (MIEF) organized a webinar on ‘Scientific Awareness on how to keep our Ecosystem Healthy’ for the students of classes IX and XI on12 January 2021 to sensitize and motivate them in promoting healthy ecosystems. The special guest, Dr. Uday Kakroo, Director, MIEF graced the digital session with his benign presence.

Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi appreciated the project initiated by the organistion for creating awareness about healthy ecosystem and encouraged the students to promote sustainability and safeguard the environment.

The resource person, Dr. Dinesh Gautam, assistant Professor Zoology at Hans Raj College, Delhi University, commenced the session by expounding the significance of a healthy ecosystem which has become an absolute necessity in today’s world. Encouraging the young Mayoorians to become science-innovators for biodiversity conservation, agricultural issues, etc., Dr. Gautam suggested them to help people of the neighboring areas of the school and home adopt sustainable livelihood for a healthy life.

The digital workshop aimed at the sensitization of the students towards a greener planet was interspersed with a number of informative videos which captured the attention of the students and teachers and facilitated in comprehending the pertinence of the deliberation. With the help of an illustrative and stimulating PPT, the resource person accentuated the systematic destruction of the different ecosystems and the methods to restore the ailing planet. Reiterating the impact of ecosystem obliteration on the biosphere, he also advocated the practice of the 3 ‘R’s-  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for a better tomorrow.

Vice-Principal, Ms. Sunita Dahiya thanked the resource person for the edifying

webinar and echoed the need of the regeneration of healthy ecosystems for a healthy planet.


November 2020

Counselling Session on Career Orientation

Mayoor School, Noida in association with Anthe hosted an online counselling session on Career Orientation for the science stream students of Classes XI and XII.

The resource person, Ms. Madhvi Rai, shared ideas about the typology of questions and tricks and tips of time management to deal with the high order thinking skills questions for competitive exams. The edifying session also equipped the students with the finer points to enhance their creative skills and trigger the learning domain. The students also shared their areas of interest and asked questions pertaining to their careers which made it quite interactive and interesting.

Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi thanked the resource person for sharing such progressive and constructive ideas and stated that this initiative would assist the students to fare well in their future endeavours.


October 2020

World Mental Health Day
Mayoor school Noida celebrated the World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2020 on the online platform with sincerity and enthusiasm. In these unprecedented times of Covid 19, the objective of the World Mental Health Day Programme was to spread awareness to increase investment in the mental health of individuals.    
Through activities like t-shirt painting, poster making, poem making, cooking and singing the students of psychology showcased their imaginative and creative skills to spread a word about benefits of good mental health. The clouds of myths and misconception about psychology and mental health were also busted by the students.    School counsellor, Mrs. Madhuri Tewari highlighted the importance of managing emotions and dealing with mental illness, rather than escaping it. The address was followed by the cheerful song, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. 
Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi, lauded the effort of students in bringing attention to a subject that is extremely significant in today’s time and age.

August 2020

Mayoor Organises One-To-One Counselling for Class X

In continuation with the Career Orientation programme organized for the students of class X and the result of the psychometric tests and mind mapping  conducted earlier, one-to-one counselling sessions were arranged for the adolescents along with their parents wherein the renowned Counsellor , Ms Jyotsana Bharadwaj, Director, Envision India Eduservices, and her team apprised the students and their parents about the different streams offered in class XI and their prospects and factors affecting the choice of streams, etc.

During these interactive sessions , the students  had an insight about more career options. Also the parents and the children were furnished with the requisite information needed for choosing the right career according to their aptitude and interest based on the Psychometric test taken by the students. The counselling sessions also encompassed discussions on topics like ‘career development cycle’, ‘smart career choices’ and ‘positive parenting’.

Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi thanked the counselling team for the enriching sessions of one to one counselling and reaffirmed the effectiveness of such inclusive sessions in facilitating the enthusiastic young students standing at the crossroads to make the correct career choice. The counselling session was greatly appreciated by the parents who expressed their gratitude to the Principal and the school for such an informative and rewarding workshop.

Orientation Session with Psychometric Test And Mind Mapping

Mayoor School, Noida organized an orientation session with Psychometric testing and Mind Mapping to provide direction to class X students who are on the threshold of deciding the course they wish to pursue in future. This online workshop was held on 11 August 2020. With the changes in the education system and the challenges of the present times, it was needed to make parents and students aware about the way ahead.

Eminent counsellor Ms. Jyotsna Bharadwaj, conducted an online Orientation Session to alleviate doubts of students. She highlighted the benefits of Psychometric Testing and analysis of interest and aptitude. Students and Parents were familiarized with varied options in all streams and vocational courses, they were told about the opportunities in range of professional fields from fashion designing to law and hotel management to hospitality industry, as well as host of new options in event management, animation, music technology, web designing.

She further apprised the students with the schedule for a digitized psychometric testing which will be held for each student from 12th August to 16th August 2020 by sharing a unique link and time window according to the section. One to one counselling of students is scheduled from 19th to 30th August and the report will be mailed to the students. Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi elaborated upon the benefits of such sessions for guiding students and thanked the resource person for an effective workshop.

Workshop on Health And Nutrition During Covid Times

The Interact Club of Mayoor School, Noida organized an online informative workshop on Health and Nutrition during Covid-19 times for the students of classes X and XII on 8 August 2020 to apprise them about the benefits of nutrition and to urge them to follow a healthy lifestyle. The special guest of the day, Rotarian, Ms. Rachna Singh graced the occasion with her benign presence along with the resource person, Ms. Pooja Awasthy, a renowned nutritionist and wellness consultant who acquainted the adolescents with the proper elucidation of Health and Nutrition during the ongoing pandemic.

The youngsters were suggested to include energy giving food, body-building food, vitamins and minerals in their diet and avoid junk and adulterated food for proper growth and development. The health expert also discussed about the causes and effects of the new age lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, etc. The importance of balanced diet, physical exercise and proper sleep for a sound mental and physical health was stressed upon. The negative effects of technology were restated and the students were recommended to use the modern gadgets judiciously at a time when digital world has become an integral part of our lives. The workshop conducted on the virtual platform concluded with an interactive session wherein the parents got an opportunity to clarify their doubts and anxiety for the well-being of their wards.

Principal, Ms. Alka Awasthi thanked the resource person for such an edifying and inclusive session and reiterated the importance of good health and nutrition to cope with the current crisis.


July 2020

Mayoor Hosts Webinar on Covid-19

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Marie Curie

Today the entire humanity is battling and trying to save itself from a powerful and invisible enemy during these trying times, it has become imperative to keep the physical and mental well-being in mind. In accordance with the need of the hour, Mayoor School, Noida in collaboration with Sarvottam International School hosted a live seminar on the topic, ‘Safety in COVID Times’ by inviting Dr Sanjay Sachdeva, senior ENT specialist at Max Hospital, Saket on 5 July 2020 to throw light on the infection, prevention and control of the pandemic.

Principal Ms. Alka Awasthi extended a very warm welcome to Dr Sanjay Sachdeva, esteemed Members of the School Management, students and parents. She also wished everyone on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima. Dr. Sachdeva, the distinguished resource person explained about the newly emergent virus and how it spreads. Expounding the symptoms of Covid-19, the eminent doctor suggested preventive and safety measures to contain the spread of coronavirus and busted a number of myths that surrounds it. Dr. Sachdeva calmly answered all the queries of the attendees with clarity and precision.

Reiterating the noble spirit of the medical professionals, Ms Awasthi expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Dr Sachdeva for the edifying session stating it a sure step towards health and safety and thanked everyone for the overwhelming participation.


June 2020

Date – 16.06.2020

Topic – Hindi Webniar

Representative – Dr. Vinod Prasoon (HOD of Hindi Language – DPS Greater Noida)

The webinar was organized for the benefit of students and teachers in this pandemic situation. The motive of the workshop was to build healthy and effective relationship between students and the teacher as well as making Hindi language easy to learn by our learners. The webinar was conducted by New Saraswati House from 3pm to 5 pm and attended by around 350 educators from across the country, including many from Mayoor School, Noida.

Occasionally the shortage of time, absence of resources, and lack of knowledge about the language results in improper exchange of information which leads to ineffective teaching and learning. Once the teacher and student know the correct usage of the Hindi words like difference between (?? / ?? , ??? / ??? , ?? / ???, ?? / ??), both would benefit: the level of the students’ enthusiasm would grow, and the teacher would be a major influence in the child’s learning.

The speaker laid main emphasis on developing knowledge of matras, pronunciation of the words and its correct usage. He also created his own poems and narrated in a very beautiful manner. He also shared his thoughts about how to make the class interesting for the children like by asking questions, by helping them to make their own rules to learn matras, chitra vardnan by using their imagination, creating poems and mixing it with the music etc.

The webinar was informative and enriching for the teachers to help develop their interest in learning Hindi language in a fun way as well as to become more confident while writing it. The session ended with a question & answer round. All the teachers were quite happy and satisfied with the session.





Education Division organized a webinar on the topic-“SCIENCE /EVS BUILDING SKILLS AT HOME” on 03.06.2020. The resource person Ms. Vaishali Gupta emphasized that a teacher’s  focus should not only be in imparting knowledge to students but also on skill building. She had the view that teaching should be bilingual so that the children can relate everything learnt in the classroom set up to their home setup where they use their mother tongue. This makes the application of learning easier for them. Ms. Vaishali gave a plethora of ideas as to how science can be taught using simple things available at home. She said that your kitchen, balcony, bathroom etc can be perfect science labs. Children should be given situations with problems so that they develop a problem solving attitude and can explore and learn practically.

She concluded the webinar by saying that even if one teacher is able to give one thinker/ scientist to the society, our job is done. All the science teachers of classes four and five attended the webinar and would surely benefit from it.


Rocksport Webinar held on 01 June 2020


A webinar on Are Extra -Curricular Activities Really Extra was organized on 1st June 2020 by Rocksport from 5.00p.m. to7.00 p.m. and was attended by country’s leading educators who ideated and gave their views on the same.

Some of the panellists for the webinar were
* Dr. Poonam Chaubey, Principal, GD Goenka International School, Noida Ext

* Mr. Dilip George, Principal ,Doon International School, Dehradun

* Ms. Mamta Nanda, Principal, Ryan International School, Rohini

* Dr. Richa Prakash, Principal, Allen House Public School, Kanpur
* Dr Sandeepa Sood, Principal , Saffron Public School, Phagwara
* Ms Swapna Nair, Principal, Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden
* Ms. Deepali Nene, Principal, Kohinoor International School, Mumbai
* Ms. Shanti Krishnamurthy, Director, Chinmaya Residential International School, Coimbatore.

Key highlights of discussion:

Extracurricular imparting essential skills
- Understanding and evaluating their benefits for students.
- Does academics alone suffice the need for 21st century skills?
- A place for extra-curricular in the evaluation system.

The panellists spoke about the ways and measures through which the extra activities be incorporated in our education system and can be a part of the curriculum. According to them in a school situation, extra activities are a very much part of the education system. Such activities are segregated into various events like assembly, dance, learning a song etc in which the learning outcomes are always kept in mind. Both the classroom situation and extracurricular activities go hand in hand. There is a very fine line between extra and co-curricular activities.

In 2008,Dr Reeds observed a lot of connection between students and extracurricular activities. Their attendance improves as students are more enthusiastic in these activities . So they are not really extra as the students learn a lot of values( educational, psychological, cultural, civic, recreational)which adds to a child’s personality. It also helps a child later in life. A confident child can take up the real world challenge. Values that he learns are applied in his life. Later when one has stress at work, these serve as a boon as it takes him away from all this.

Other point observed was that ,the overall development takes place more outside the classroom as compared to inside the classroom .A child not only improves communication skills through this but also develops leadership skills. It give wings in the right direction. Right balance and motivation is needed from the educator. “All educators are not parents but all parents are educators”. Involvement of the parent along with the teacher will partner and work together to explore the ability of a child.  For example sports not only gives strength, fitness but the child also associates with his friends, he can understand his fellow beings. If he loses he will introspect which will drive him to  be a winner.

 According to Karl Max ,we are social beings and will not be able to survive without social connection. Extra-curricular activities thus should be renamed as co academic curriculum that is a complete education in itself.  But there needs to be some space between academics and co academics. Now a days  academic content is over loaded and should be reduced so that other things can be incorporated. Everything should be given equal weightage.  At present focus is primarily on scoring high grades to secure a seat in a college as a result of which children are becoming unsociable to meet like-minded friends to engage them fruitfully. Youth should have dynamism. In countries like USA, Australia, UK activities are mingled. We have still not reached that level. Many reforms are required in our country. We should plan our education system like them. In a nutshell we are suppose to inculcate all this in part of our curriculum.

Another point under discussion was whether they should be evaluated or not as every child’s capability is different and should be recognized and appreciated in a different way. A child should be given a chance to explore, enhance his own skills. If the teacher is able to take out the best potential, it is an achievement. They empower children to understand what they will entail in the future. These skills are spontaneously encouraged by them. The extra edge that is groomed in the personality of the child is what makes  a person different- confidence, good leadership, accepting challenge, social connect and most important is team work and collaboration. Children learn through emulation. For all this output role of the school is important. They should provide an excellent platform for this as schooling aims to provide comprehensive and holistic learning. We should try to arrange the happiness quotient and work towards happy classrooms. Happiness is always a state of mind.


May 2020

Webinar - IQ vs EQ (23.5.2020)

Why being brainy isn’t just enough?  With this opening question Ms. Seema Nagar explained clearly how even a person with less IQ but more EQ can also be successful in their life. We just have to deal with our EQ in right manner to do well in the areas of concern.  She further added that there are four dimensions of success

  1. EQ – Emotional quotient
  2. IQ – Intelligence quotient
  3. PQ – Physical quotient
  4. SQ – Spiritual quotient

From these four, EQ plays a vital role in the development of not only child but also an adult.  Children with high EQ are more co-operative and better leaders for tomorrow. In schools now a days we even emphasis on giving more team building task to students or role plays to increase high EQ among them. Factors affecting EQ are

  1. Education
  2. Experience
  3. Environment

A person or even child with a high EQ can handle more complex social situations even with current scenario Covid 19 and builds friendship. 

During Early education we need to teach empathy and self-regulation which will harness the thoughts and feelings to cope up with stress and solve problems. EQ together with IQ will help students to pave a path of success.

Webinar Pearson Episode 1 # New Normal        


Name of the Presenters:

  • Ms.Racheal Brodie
  • Ms.Kate Ancketill
  • Mr.Ger Graus
  • Dr. Abdulla Al Karim

Topic- Episode 1 # New Normal        

Attended by: Ms. Ruma ShuklaMs. Sanyukta SharmaMs. Mahua Srivastava, Ms. Rashmi Nidhi, Ms. Vijeyta Mishra, Ms. Shashi , Ms. Arpana Srivastava, Ms. Jyoti Sharma, Ms. Shweta Srivastava, Ms. Priyanka Sharma, Ms. Reeta Sultan and Ms. Anjli Modi


Mr. Ger Graus was the main presenter and he was asking questions from the other three presenters about the impact of lockdown and Covid -19 on the world.

  • Through this webinar we could understand the situation is going to change now drastically.
  •  People are going to pay more attention on environvent, people, resources etc. People become more open.
  •  They said now the focus will shift from Return On Investment to Return On Involvement.
  •  Now corporates will put their people before profit. Now people will show more social progress.
  • Now the reputation of a company or a brand will be based more on accumulation of memories about that brand, or what they have heard about it from various people.

Take away from this webinar is that we are going to see a drastic change in the mindset of people. People will value the people more than other things.


Webinar - 19.05.20


Topic – Mind Your Mental Health: Improving the mental health of our students in the time of Covid-19

The webinar was organized by Oxford and the talk was carried by Yvette Lee. The purpose of this session was to provide the teachers understanding about  role of teacher in identifying the warning signs in students mental health.

The Highlights Of The Session Were :

  1. The role of a teacher.
  • Teachers do more than teach.
  • They are also de-facto-front -line mental health workers.
  1. How can teachers care for their Mental Health? Examples:
  • Be kind to themselves
  • Maintain a routine
  • Keeping hands busy.
  1. Myth about mental health and mental illness were discussed.
  2. Why the coronavirus is triggering Mental Health issues: mindset switch from ‘living’ to ‘survival’, increased health anxiety, decreased job security, loneliness etc.
  3. Warning signs to look out for in students i.e. Mental health warning signs like anti social behavior, boredom, restlessness etc.
  4. There are different warning signs for different age groups. Teacher should connect with parents and help them contact a professional if child exhibits specific changes in behavior  for more than 2 weeks.
  5.  How to monitor students mental health during COVID-19 was also discussed. Few of the examples are as below:
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Use the standard metrics like: attendance, completing in- class work etc.
  • In virtual learning session look for: ability to make eye contact, body language, vocal tone and speech patterns.
  • Communicate, and encourage students to verbalize their thoughts/ feelings.
  • Adding humor in lessons/ conversation.
  • Use of hopeful and optimistic language.
  1. What  should teachers do after the lockdown ends.
  • Encourage social time, helping each other, good social health, have an open – door policy, spread awareness on mental health and need for it.
  • Identify how to intervene early and appropriately.


  1. Few examples of activities that teachers can do after the lockdown ends:
  • Encourage connections
  • Host a sports/ activity day
  • Teach mindfulness
  • Understanding feelings- colour feelings tracker
  • Stress management and coping skills bingo
  • Encouraging growth mindset and positive self talk.



“Everyone who remembers his/her own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of educational system.”


Webinar Organised  By  Pearson - 12 May 2020

Name of the Presenter: Dr. Ali Sadar, Ms Krishna , Ms Kaveri,Ms

                                                  Rashmi  and Ms Meena.

Topic: Lesson Planning For  Effective online Teaching-Learning.

Introduction: The online teaching and learning are a shift from school system. However rules such as quiet environment and school  type class room environment should be applicable and enforced in online class to which students will quickly get used to and feel happy at the end. Also, before switching to online teaching familiarisation of faculty and students to the platform being adopted is of paramount importance and 3-4 classes can be devoted for the same purpose. Students must be familiarised with tools like chat box, clap, muting themselves and educated to follow things like no-cross talk etc for better online  learning and teaching. The platform selection is very important and once adopted should not be changed unless or until totally unavoidable. Also if a class has large number of students they be divided up into 2-3 groups and separate class be organised for each group. Educationalist Don Draper has well said “Each child brings a unique environment to an online class and you have to deal with each one of them.”

  • The presentation covered the following aspects which are directly helpful in making lesson planning for effective online teaching and learning and interesting both for educators and students.
  • Big Picture of Lesson Planning. Following are important aspects of online classes which needs attention :-
  1. The Environment. The good environment brings teachers and students closer and ready to teach well and learn better. Though this is not the time for perfection yet as long as students are actively reading ,solving some problems and staying connected to the school through online classes, those are a big win!
  2. Motivation.   Very essential to motivate students by way of building a sense of community,make students feel that they can succeed, monitor their progress, through rewards and celebrating their success and relating class to students  lives.
  3. Communication. This is equally important aspect and involves regularly communicating (through discussions, mails and announcements),send messages individually occasionally,prompt feedbacks,address students by their names and devote time to introduce them to platform and technology invoved in on line  classes.
  4. Course Structure.
  1. Things to remember for planning of topics and subtopics. Completion of a book should not be the criterion but Must to know concepts ,Good to know concepts and Good to be familiar with concepts should be borne in mind.
  2. Overall Planning and Preparation. It should involve looking at plans across whole topic/lesson and not one session/class,identify 2-3 objectives that students must know and learn,plan as to how learners will demonstrate learning at the end of a class/session,identy if critical concepts/skills for learning,build extra support/checks to ensure remedial of misconceptions and learning software functionalities.
  1. Communication and Collaboration for an online class.
  1. Identify Home assignments or pre reading topics/tasks.
  2. Communicate /clearly share expectations with parents on their support on learning.
  3. Finalize tools/platform for on line learning/classes.
  4. Freeze the mode of accepting the work from students i.e through whatsapp,email etc.
  5. Share the mode for communicating the progress of students with parents i.e email,whatsapp, on line PTM etc.
  1. Feedback. It should be clear at the end of a session/online class as to what went well and what to improve. Also Common feedback for the entire class can be shared with parents through audio/video/broadcast clips .Individual feedback should be specific and simple.
  • Summary of Suggested Flow for an Online English Class.
  1. Identify topics/subtopics.
  2. Pre-tasks,listing key words,pharases,videos etc.
  3. Vocabulary building.
  4. Reading activity.
  5. Identification,discussion and summerization.
  6. Key grammar concepts.
  7. Key worksheets and assignments.
  8. Application activity.
  9. Assessment for learning.
  10. Feedback.
  • Suggested breakup of an online class.

                                               Grade 1-3(35-40 mins)           Grade 4-5(50-60 mins)


  1. Quick energizer/                                 5mins                       5 mins

          informal chat/recap

  1. Presentation of content/

e-book/videos                        10 mins                   15 mins


  1. Quick energizer/fun activity                    2-3 mins                 5 mins
  2. Presentation of content/

e-book/videos                           10 mins                  15 mins

  1. Summerization/closuser 5 mins                5 mins
  2. Announcements of HW/

Assignment/next day’s

class                                           5 mins                      5 mins


  1. Take Away:
  • Identification of Topics and Sub topics is an essential requirement for planning online classes and these should include “Must to know concepts”, “Good to know concepts” and “Good to be familiar with concepts”.   
  • Familiarization with platform/technology being used for online classes is a must and sufficient time should be devoted to it. The platform for e-classes once selected should not be changed.

Webinar Organised By  Macmillan Education

  1. Date: 05 May 2020
  2. Name of the Presenter: Ms Amrita Rajpal, Ms Fraida Bawani, and Dr Swati Popat Vats.
  3. Topic: Effective and Fun Reading Activities at Home.
  4. Introduction: The above mentioned  presenters were brought on this Webinar’s platform by Ms Vandana of Macmillan Education.Ms Amrita is an expert in early childhood education and running  a Company named Educart  where as Fatima is also an expert on early childhood reading .Also there is early childhood association which is devoted to early child hood reading. Macmillan Education is the first publishers of Alice in the Wonderland and since then have published some of the greatest literary works of age. To begin to read and write for a child is as difficult as climbing on top of Mount Everest for an adult. It is no child’s play but by using right techniques by educators, can easily make it into child’s play. Learning to read is a key to writing and is a science in itself. The intricacies are a must to be known, kept in mind and practiced while on the job by an educator.
  • The presentation covered the following aspects which are directly helpful in making reading and writing for a child smooth, easy and interesting.
  • Identification of missing parts of a picture drawn from child’s perspective increases child’s observation and helps in differentiating words like H and M and M and N. Once a child can identify as to what is missing, it will be easier for him to start learning to write. Teacher should help the child in learning to develop skill which will help him/her to write better. Self correction skill can be improved upon through games /workshop.  Readiness to read is always better. Children get Art of reading while internalise loud reading ,drawing games and activities.
  • Reading involves:
  1. Motor Control . It involves the ability to focus on reading from left to right  ( in case of languages like English, Hindi etc) or right to left(in case of Arabic reading and writing).
  2. Visual Discrimination. It involves the ability to recall from memory the correct picture of an object or letter etc which will help a child to learn to read and write faster.Teachers can  design games such as matching  games, odd man out, joining  dot to dot, look and say and picture games. Shape recognition is important for developing visualisation skill
  3. Audio Discrimination. Reading out aloud is very important. Activities such as action songs, finger puppet stories, rhymes and labelling the names of the scene of a living room in the language being taught. The labelling should be done in lower casing letters and no capital letters are used as it is difficult for a child to identify capital letters. A child should be able to visualise what he/she is reading only then will understand better and faster.
  4. Language. More and more we speak in the language a child is trying to learn better it will be for him/her to learn faster. Also if need be correlate words with a local language/mother tongue so that child can visualise as to what he/she is reading. Visualisation is key to reading and writing readiness. Reading is not just reading, it has to be developed by developing liking for reading.
  • It is the duty of the educator to educate the parents who are a strong link between child and a teacher about the challenges in education,  science behind selecting/reading books, equipment and curriculum field instead of grumbling and saying that they do not understand and support us.
  • Chronolical Awareness is important in learning. Child must know which is the front, back ,upside and downside of a book/magazine prior to starting to read and write.  Break big words into comfortable parts to make it easy for a child to read/write/remember spellings.
  • Follow the acronym “READ” where “R” stands for readiness to read(understand that there is association of words with illustration). “E” stands for engage( children should enjoy reading and develop love for reading. Happy harmones are created leading to happy feeling for reading story books etc.) “A” stands for alphabet sounds and sight words. Lastly but not the least, “D” stands for “do not drill, do not correct or stop the child.
  • The above if followed by educators will lead to Effective and fun Reading.


  1. Take Away:
  • Before a child learns to read , developing motor skills by playing various games i.e odd man out etc. Preparing a child for Reading i.e  Readiness is always better than covering a curriculum.
  • The visualisation games/fun activities lead to developing quick and better reading skills and makes writing also easier.   


Effective Communication Webinar held on 04 May 2020


A webinar on effective communication skills, listening being the key ingredient was organized on 4th May  2020 by COE, Noida from 11am to 12 pm and attended by around 88 educators from across the country, including six from Mayoor School, Noida.

The resource person, Ms. Ashu John, Principal, St.  Mary’s School, Meerut started the webinar with warm up questions. She laid stress on the point that we teachers should follow a child friendly methodology as it impacts the overall growth of a child. Beginning with the concept of communication, the person further added that a teacher should be a good listener too as the term effective communication reveals the fact – SPEAK LESS/LISTEN MORE.

Followed by the introduction, types of listening skills like empathetic, comprehensive, critical, etc were discussed. Today, educators need to be ACTIVE LISTENERS rather than PASSIVE LISTENERS was the main point under discussion and this could be achieved if we be self motivated every time, be in the class or in the staff room.

Steps to develop listening habits in teachers as well in students, also the barriers preventing us to move towards the goal were very well illustrated. The person also urged the participants not to underestimate the power of listening as it paves way for a better interaction with the kids in addressing their problems.  

 The session ended with a motivational thought by DR. Rachel Naomi Remen which states that we could connect to another person by just listening to them rather than speaking continuously. It was a very informative workshop as all the participants learnt new techniques to become active listeners in school.


Webinar held on 3 May 2020


A webinar on ‘Leading Schools through an age of Disruption’ was organized on 3 May 2020 by Mayo College, Ajmer and attended by around 100 educators from the 6 collaboration schools. Mr. Navin Kumar Dixit, Educational Consultant, Collaboration Committee welcomed everyone in the first of a series of such webinars.

The facilitator, Lt. Gen. Surendra H. Kulkarni addressed the gathering.  He spoke about the problems faced during the present crisis and how we can plan for the future. It was followed by short interactions by all the six Principals present, who asked Gen Kulkarni some questions relevant to the present scenario.

According the main speaker, the school system has two characteristic features which is complexity and being complicated. A complicated system includes people or teachers who have individual styles of teaching; resources in a school so that it may be resource rich or deficient vis a vis the number of students on its rolls; the time horizon the school needs to plan for. When planning for the next 5 or 10 years, the school leaders have to keep in mind a variety of factors such as facilities, faculty, curriculum and pedagogy. In fact, the future may include upcoming technology like 5G which then needs to be incorporated in the school system.

A leader needs to divide time judiciously between routine everyday tasks, urgent work like visiting an injured student in the sick bay and important tasks which include thoughts and ideas for planning for the future and steering the school in the right direction. Capacity Building including Teacher Training workshops play a vital role.

Emphasis was laid on downplaying one’s ego since if people accept that one person cannot possibly know everything and at the same time, we realize we can learn from others, it makes everything easier. A leader is always invested with responsibility but can delegate work to others. Schools must pay attention to basic needs and safety on a priority basis. The Principal Ms Alka Awasthi also shared her views on the topic. It was a thought provoking and motivating webinar.



April 2020

Webinar " Introduction to the Bar Modelling Method"

Webinar "Introduction to the Bar Modelling Method" Was hosted by Ms. Royna Ghazi of Macmillan Education International Curriculum. Resource person was Mr. Andrew Jeffery. 

Mr. Andrew started the workshop with few good examples of word problems done at the primary level. He explained different methods to make problem solving easy for children of different age groups with a simple flow chart. He suggested Ten steps of bar modelling to be adopted by all maths teachers. He showed different methods to solve the same word problem with many ways. He explained pre-teaching tasks. It was an interesting workshop and we can implement strategies suggested by him in our classes too. 

Happy Classroom Webinar held on 29 April 2020

A webinar on Happy Classroom was organized on 29th April 2020 by COE NOIDA from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m and attended by around 100 educators from across the country, including 13 teachers from Primary Wing Mayoor School, Noida.

‘The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of every thing they have’

The webinar was started with a short story. A Man in God’s shop, asked for success and happiness, God says, ‘I sell seeds not fruits.’ So we need to focus on nurturing and generating happiness. According to the resource person Ms Monica Chawala Happy Classroom is possible only when the teacher is happy. The teachers were advised to leave all their worries, stress, anxiousness and tensions outside the classroom. A teacher should lend an ear to each and every student and should always be available for his/her help. They must understand the situations and background of a child before reacting or judging him/her. She also said that every teacher should ensure that praising and appreciating students for even their smallest of achievement can work as a catalyst in boosting the moral of a child.

Ms. Monica emphasised that teacher needs to introspect and adopt various creative techniques while dealing with students who create behaviour issues in the classroom. Motivating the students with various incentives to maintain a conducive learning environment and not labelling a child were some of the other key elements of the workshop.

She believed that a teacher must try to instill in them moral values such as gratitude, empathy, positive attitude, acceptance etc.

The activities included in the webinar were inspiring and thought provoking.

Various activities were shared by Ms Monica like Creating a Treasure Trunk For Gratitude, Mood Meter Activity, Pocket Activity in Classroom and The Goodness bank Activity.

She also elaborated on the concept ‘PEERFIT’

  • Parents should be taken into confidence
  • Encouraging the child
  • Efforts should be consistent
  • Record keeping to be maintained systematically.
  • Followup with all stake holders
  • Identify the positive changes and acknowledge and praise them
  • Technology up gradation (creative and innovative)

The webinar was informative and enlightening as it taught the important concept of incorporating happiness and emotions in the class.

Training of Stress Management held on 28 April 2020:

 An online ‘Training of Stress Management’  was addressed  by Mr  Kapil Sharma from 2:00 to 3:00pm and attended by many educators from across the country, including from Mayoor School, Noida.

The facilitator spoke about stress in today’s time faced by conscious or unconscious psychological feeling and  physical condition resulting from positive or negative pressures that overwhelm the adaptive capacities. This may be because of continuous worry due to personal, situational or emotional issues that reach the brain consciously or unconsciously and influence to create a critical and alarming state because of anticipated future events.

Teachers are the nation builders. Stress can be managed by setting goals and accomplishing them by frequently updating in progressive manner.

One should know one’s  real self. Recognise himself/herself, remain aware about the capacities and then set their goals or desires. The thought or tension of accomplishing the goals will remain at the back of the mind as stress, if not able to meet the desired results, it contemplates as to how it can be met in best possible manner within given time frame and the available resources. Evacuate the mind from all apprehensions and rededicate to best possible execution with proper monitoring.

 To overcome or to alleviate stress the facilitator recommended few light exercises like-casual walk, dancing sessions or pranayama. Also, one does not need any special counsellor even a family member, trustworthy person, friend or philosopher can counsel to destress. The facilitator incorporated  Panchakoshas in imparting the ways to deal with the stress It gives a detailed description of the dimensions of human personality or dimension of the self.  

  • Annamaya Kosha - The food or the medicament
  • Pranamaya Kosha - The vital energy or breath
  • Manomaya Kosha - The mind
  • Vijnanamaya Kosha - The intellect
  • Ananadamaya Kosha - The bliss

The session was concluded by deliberating on the concept of Panchkoshas explaining the importance of each kosha in detail and in helping to manage the present-day stress, behaviour of the students by applying the yesteryears concept in present context.

In the end, many  questions were posed  and  answered by the speaker.


OXFORD Webinar held on 28 April 2020

A webinar on Making Sense of Reading was organized on 28 Apr 2020 by the Oxford  University Press from 4.00 to 5.00 p.m and was attended by more than 500 educators from across the country, including  those from Mayoor School, Noida.

The facilitator, Shreya Roy Chaudhary, from Oxford spoke about the skills necessary for reading. such as how to read quickly, summarize the main idea of a text and critically analyze a reading text.

Active readers interact with text-asking questions, making predictions and drawing conclusions. Making Sense  has the tools  we need to teach reading as a thinking process- high interest stories, poems and informational selections with instruction and practice of essential reading.

In order to understand what we are reading, we should have; a purpose to read, prior knowledge of the subject, ability to make connections, find analogies, visualize the subject, make predictions, compare, contrast and question the subject. We should understand the author’s purpose of writing the text, understand the key words and use word attack strategies.

There were a wide variety of questions which were answered. It was an interesting and relevant webinar which the participants enjoyed and will find it useful as a strategic teaching tool.


Emotional Intelligence Webinar Held on 27.04.20

A Webinar on Emotional Intelligence was organized by COE Noida on 27 April 2020 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. The webinar was attended by more than 100 educators across different states. More than 25 teachers of Mayoor School attended the Webinar.

The Facilitator, Mr. Anurodh Chitra spoke about Emotional Intelligence of individuals and how to manage the same. As quoted by Mr. Anurodh Chitra, “Emotional Intelligence of an individual is the difference that makes all the difference”. As elaborated, emotional intelligence can be divided into 4 parts namely: Self Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Management and Social Awareness.

Every individual balances about 27 emotions. It is important to create a balance in these emotions especially controlling the emotion of anger is of great importance in the life of any individual. Relating to a classroom setup Mr. Anurodh Chitra said that even jealousy is important in the life of every students. It often motivates the students to perform better. As teacher we should ensure that we make our students competitive and create a healthy competitive environment for them. Five key elements of emotional Intelligence were also stressed upon during the session.

It is was an interactive and informative session especially in relevance with the uncertainties of the world around us.


ABEA Webinar held on 27 April 2020

A webinar on school leadership in uncertain times was organized on 27 Apr 2020 by the Aditya Birla Education Trust from 5.00 to 6.00 p.m and attended by around 100 educators from across the country, including 20 from Mayoor School, Noida.

The facilitator, Lt. Gen. Surendra Kulkarni, Director, Mayo College, Ajmer spoke about the challenges faced by school leadership at a time when the future looks uncertain and complex. The school ecosystem has to adapt to changing circumstances. Though people often revert to retrospective predictability or hindsight, it is not easy to predict the future.

The natural way leads to chaos hence we have to incorporate the artificial route to bring about order and system. To enable the success of sustainable development goals, schools must keep an eye on trends. According to Peter Drucker, in every organization, the natural order leads to friction, confusion and underperformance however the school leaders intervene to check this trend. The present situation arising out of the pandemic needs crisis management but the main challenge for leaders is long term solutions.

A good leader must compromise his/her ego and praise competent workers. The aim is to create leaders, not just have followers. Leadership implies a vision which is to be communicated to others to make it achievable. The leader should have deep rooted belief in the vision and should have the 5 As, qualities such as anticipation, articulation, agility, adaptability and action.

There were a wide variety of questions which were answered. It was an interesting and relevant webinar which the participants enjoyed.

Making Mathematics Teaching Relevant in the 21st Century

The webinar was conducted by Mr. Abhijeet Mukherjee on April 17th, 2020 via adodeconnect.com. He started with few simple mathematical questions to which the listeners answered, thereafter he explained how teaching mathematics can be beneficial for students by giving real life examples.

He showed a mathematics book in which there were comic strips and conversations which helps the students to connect more to the subject. To follow the prescribed syllabus it is very important because it shows how relevant it is in today’s world.

Here are few points to show relevance –

  • Relate to real life – Topics like place value, money, time and patterns etc are taught because they are related to real life. Time being an abstract concept still means a lot to all of us.
  • Keeping the audience in mind – Addressing the logic behind mathematical operations and also accurate information needs to be reinforced with practical demonstrations. Games and puzzles should be included as they lighten the mood of the class.
  • Encourage analytical and logical thinking – To develop reasoning skills and encouraging students to find out the answers. Giving raw material to the students and helping them to come out with solutions.
  • Focus on application – A number is an abstract concept, therefore reasonableness of figures and answers is very important. For this concept + concrete relation + picture + vocabulary + references can be used.
  • Subject Integration – Mathematics can be integrated with many subjects like English, Music, and Drawing etc.

We should not go beyond the syllabus as your idea of fun might not exactly be theirs  too, your idea of simple might just be scary for the students and lastly not to stretch just to enjoy the journey.

Benefits thereof –

  • Your students will apply concepts learnt better.
  • Creating situations and forming questions will help those solving problems that are much easier.
  • The thinking process will veer away from mental calculations to mental estimates.
  • The transition from Primary to middle and the preparation for secondary will be smoother. 

Collective Lights of Hope Amidst Challenging Times

The light of hope pierced through the darkness of our minds, filling us with positive energy indefinable.
In solidarity with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to switch off all lights at home and light candles or diyas to mark India's fight against the COVID-19 outbreak, the students, parents, teachers, administrative staff and management at Mayoor School, Noida lit candles and diyas for nine minutes at 9 pm on 5 April 2020 to ‘defeat the despair’ brought by the coronavirus pandemic.
The call to challenge the darkness of Corona was celebrated with great enthusiasm ushering in undaunted spirit of positivity to drive away the gloom of fear and uncertainty looming large above us. Mayoorians expressed their gratitude by lighting diyas for some moments of mindfulness and thinking of all Indians standing hand in hand manifesting its collective strength in these testing times.
|| Sa Vidya yaVimuktaye || Education is one that liberates.
“ When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you, they are sent to promote, increase and strengthen you.”
Tasked with empowering millennials, the Indian educational sector has witnessed a stupendous change and continues to evolve at a steady pace. While most of India is at home these days amid nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19, the educators at Mayoor School, Noida, have started embracing the virtual mode of education to keep their students abreast with their academic syllabus.
The school recently organised an online training session, which witnessed participation of over 190 staff members, on how to implement and utilise “Microsoft Teams” in effective online classrooms. The intensively-informative session that was conducted by Ms. Duhita Parmar and Ms. Suman Chawla enlightened the educators about the attributes of the software for constructive learning.
These trying times need innovative methods of teaching and the same was apprised through this seminar, making effective virtual classroom management skills a reality. The educators greatly benefitted from it, as their individual queries were addressed, and were motivated to embrace technology as an empowering tool for themselves, making teaching-learning process fun and more engaging.

February 2020

Mayoor Participates in Annual Teacher’s Workshop at Ajmer

A delegation of four teachers from Mayoor School, Noida attended a Workshop for Senior functionaries and teachers organized by Mayo College General Council at Ajmer along with 14 other teachers from other collaboration schools in India and abroad. The four day workshop aimed at bringing diverse educators together to learn and adopt ways to develop holistic curriculum meeting 21st century skills and quality standards. The programme offered the educators a chance to share, exchange and collaborate with other professionals, quality facilitators and experts to participate in an inquiry-based, hands-on experiential learning programme   to create inter-active classroom teaching and beyond. The programme also included interactions with Heads and Dignitaries of Mayo College which brought forth ideas to initiate conducive learning and blend modernity with rich cultural heritage laid by Mayo College. The Principal,   Ms Alka Awasthi, expressed her gratitude for the brilliant opportunity and platform to discuss and share best school practices and also explore the state of the art education techniques including curriculum and pedagogy.